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Louis Gomhert thinks that Obama is Some Batman Villia

Representative Louie Gomhert who is always known for saying stupid things has this to say about President Obama

Texas Republican Congressman Louie Gohmert picked a very Louie Gohmert way to end 2016.

Speaking on Fox & Friends on Friday, Gohmert likened President Barack Obama to the Batman villain Ra’s al Ghul for his handling of refugees.

A quick reminder: Ra’s al Ghul, in the movie “Batman Begins,” frees a prison full of dangerous criminals as part of a plan to destroy Gotham. And, just FYI: Ra’s al Ghul is Arabic for “head of the demon.”

Gohmert, known for some far out comments about his political opponents, claims Obama took direction from the Islamic State, who promised to deliver terrorists along with refugees.:

Are the Syrian refugees really criminal or people trying to flee a complex war that was started by the US and multiple actors in the Middle East.  To call them criminals is a baseless act

I do agree that there is plenty of Islamic radicals around but to call most Syrians criminals is an act of bullying in my opinion. .

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Guns: A Personal View Based on CNN Comment on Youtube at Jason Bourne Movie

viewed this quote while watching a CNN video on Matt Damon’s new movie. The commenter states – “So tough yet he doesn’t believe in our 2nd amendment. He can watch the movie by himself.”. The reality struck me that I almost agree with 100% on Matt Damon’s view on guns. However, I was raised in a liberal household in a suburban area with parents who worked in education. My parents did not own guns and were never gun enthusiasts. Therefore, it is much easier for me to for gun control laws than the commenter is. However, I probably need to understand that commenter probably has a conservative view of the world and a strong view of personal liberty where a personal liberty is often defined by the ability to own any firearm that is permitted by law. I might not like that view, but i have to take into perspective that other people put so much emotional attachment into a symbolic ability to own firearms especially high-powered firearms. It is hard for a lot of people to learn that by not owning such high-power weapons that you are actually saving lives and not letting those weapons be sold in the marketplace and eventually to placed in the hands of criminals. Freedom to the own these weapons is more important for having sense of personal liberty and individual ruggedness than any potential impact in saving lives in some mass shooting.
Well, I can understand these people viewpoints but I respectfully disagree with them

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My Two Cents on the Final Resolution on the Clinton E-Mail Scandal

t is clear that Hillary did not have criminal intent today in her actions but her actions shows a clear disregard for security protocols because she felt that the strict classification security proctols were too much of a hassle and she felt that she was above the law. Such does not show criminal intent in the slighest disregard, but clearly shows gross hypocrisy in the face of government security rules. If this is the case by her pattern of leadership, then the government needs to stop classifying so many documents and start to release more information into the public domain so the public can find what is going with the government. If you prefer to work in secrecy and yet do not follow the established security protocols, then the documents that the government should be claimed to be classified should be released into the public domain for scrutiny and transparency. It also shows the level of trust that we should put in the leader. For these reasons, Senator Sanders is the superior candidate because he respects the security protocols and at the same time would maintain open and transparent government. Unfortunately, we have a leader that prefers secrecy and does not obey the existing protocols. At least Bush and Cheney in this area followed the rule of law and ensure that proper protocols were followed with securing classified documents (even though they went way overboard in this area).

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Missouri GOP Thinks It is Good Idea to Pay 13 Weeks of Unemployment

The AP reports

“JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) — Missouri’s Republican-led Senate appears to have enough support to override Democratic Gov. Jay Nixon’s veto of a bill that would enact one of the nation’s strictest limits for unemployment benefits.

Although the legality of the veto override remains in doubt, sponsoring Sen. Mike Kehoe confirmed this past week that he plans to press ahead with the effort, and several senators who were absent when the bill originally passed told The Associated Press that they would support the legislation.

If every senator who originally voted for the bill does so again, the additional votes from the previously absent senators would provide the two-thirds majority needed to successfully override a veto.

The measure would cut the weeks of benefits available for laid-off workers from the current 20, which already ranks as one of the shortest in the nation, to as few as 13, if the statewide unemployment rate remains below 6 percent. Missouri’s jobless rate was 5.8 percent in July.

An unemployment rate of over 9 percent would be needed to receive 20 weeks of benefits under the vetoed bill that links the duration of benefits to the jobless rate.

The bill also would increase the amount that must be in the state’s unemployment fund before the fees are lowered for businesses that contribute to the fund and would add severance pay or termination packages as wages for unemployment aid eligibility purposes”

This is completely heartless bill that does not understand it takes people time to find a job. Even if a person is diligently networking and doing everything right, it still takes time for people to find the right job. Also, people today are economically squeezed to the core and do not have the vast personal savings to save for one to two years employment.

Not everybody lives in house with where they share a room with somebody and has rock bottom rental prices. Not everybody has the ability to obtain special pricing for public transit or qualify for Medicaid benefits because the stupid state government is opposed on conservative.

Even for employers, it creates a more desperate labor market which does help employers weed out bad candidates and let people get time to increase their interview skills and job preparation.

Job hunting take times. I know from my experience that it took me two years to find the right job that barely pays me enough to live on but it is good fit where I am at in my career. Yet, I live in shared housing with ten other people and pay rock bottom prices for the bus because I qualify for disablity pricing.

Other people have rents and kids to feed. They do not have the luxury of bus system that runs frequently in a major metropolitian area or have 700 jobs in Craigslist posting each week. Where I lives, jobs are plenty to be found even though it is very expensive to live there. But there are jobs where I live and lots of jobs.

Most people in Missouri live in small towns where one to three employers make up the major part of the workforce. Due to competitve advantages of free trade, jobs have migrated from small-town factories to overseas factories just because that is how global free trade works. And these towns will have very few openings if that.

In my opinion, given the current nature of labor market, people need to have 52 weeks of unemployment pay and up to 99 weeks during the worst of time. In places like Missouri, people need 52 weeks to find a job and not 13 weeks like the GOP producing. The manfacturing jobs that once drove the state are now gone and it just takes longer to find a lower-paying service sector job. Also, people cannot flee to North Dakota to work in the energy sector because those jobs are disappearing.

The idea of “pull your bootstrap” economy does not exist and not everybody to dig ditches at the local Labor Ready for $7.25 an hour. You cannot also migrate to some other part of the country where the economy is booming because the commodity markets are crashing.

The real way is entirely restructing of the economy and blowing up the giantatic trans-national companies for smaller companies and worker-owned companies. However, until that happens, people are going to need to longer-term unemployment insurance and not this cheap 13 weeks unemployment because being unemployed is considered to be character defect. The reality that the GOP does not admit their part in destroying the manfacturing sector and then denies the people the method to collect on long-term unemployment benefits while they retrain at a community college in some other lower-paying service sector position.

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The GOP is Simply Nuts

I got this e-mail and I want to share how insane the Tea Party is. But remember all of this fearmongering is only used to raise funds for right-wing causes.

“This is a situation we’ve been watching closely. We have warned you about it many times. Those who choose to ignore it are in for dire consequences.

Martial Law is coming. I can’t repeat that enough. The signs are everywhere. Just open your eyes and look around!

If you want to be part of the movement to stop Martial Law click here.

The latest move is police becoming increasingly militarized against good citizens who firmly believe in the Constitution. They are even receiving strike force training. It’s shocking!

Look at Spokane, Washington. The sheriff came right out and publicly said they have military vehicles because of Constitutionalists and people with guns.

The Spokane police department is preparing for alleged violence from these Patriots who they are deeming terrorists. That is pure insanity!

When I heard this I was floored! That was not all. This same sheriff recently said,

“I, with the stroke of a pen, can affect your freedom and I can take away your life in certain circumstances your rights.”

It’s an outrage alright…but if fits. Clearly the sheriff of Spokane and Obama share the same poison pen.

Obama has been carefully laying out his plans for Martial Law for several years now from the fake cities and training areas across the country to the gun-grabbing, ammo stockpiling, body bag ordering and now even heavily armored ambulances, labeled “tankbulances.”

There’s one in the Bay Area out in California. Guess where they got the money to do that? Department of Homeland Security. $200,000 bucks.

If you’re thinking, “Well that is understandable, they need something in times or unrest” then here’s something that will make your skin crawl.

That “tankbulance” has 11 gun ports, a roof hatch with a rotating gun turret and a battering ram capable of deploying incapacitating gas.

What has America come to? If you weren’t worried about Martial Law before by God I hope you are now.

You don’t have to sit there and take this or wait for Martial Law to be decreed. There is something you can do even if you feel helpless or overwhelmed. Support us with a donation to our Constitution Fund.

Give your best donation today. Your donation of $25, $50, $75 or any amount you feel comfortable with goes to our fight to stop Martial Law and save our Constitutional rights!

With your donation we can put boots on the ground at key sites all over the United States.

We can blast letters, faxes and emails and make potentially thousands of calls to stop this desecration of the Constitution and the advance of Martial law.

Don’t sit there and do nothing and don’t take the chance of waking up to a nation under Martial law. Obama is purposely creating chaos, deliberately race-baiting and targeting conservatives.

He wants America to go crazy so he can implement Martial Law—bind our hands and feet, gag our mouths, make us prisoners in our own country and render us useless servants.

Is that what you want? I sure don’t and that’s why I vowed when I saw the writing on the wall to fight this with every ounce of energy I have inside me.

Donate today—a few bucks or a few hundred—whatever feels right and is right for you to our Constitution Fund.

We pledge to put people in Washington, protesting out in the streets, demonstrating and marching whenever we can. And we pledge to get out the letters, emails, faxes and phone calls and even blast it out on social media.

Our freedom and our lives are worth it don’t you agree?

God speed and God bless. Together we will win this thing.

Steve Eichler,
CEO, Tea Party

I told this these guys are nuts

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The Whole Middle East Is Collasping

CBS News reports
“A day after suicide bombers attacked a pair of mosques in the Yemeni capital, the U.S. military decided to pull the remainder of its troops out of the rapidly fragmenting nation, CBS News confirmed Saturday.A

A purported affiliate of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or ISIS, claimed responsibility for the bombings, which also wounded 357 people – raising the alarming possibility the extremist group has expanded its presence to Yemen after already setting up a branch in Libya. Earlier this week, the group claimed responsibility for a bloody attack on Western tourists in Tunisia that authorities said was carried out by militants trained in Libya”

After this event, it seems that the entire Middle East is in a state of chaos. ISIS is in a war in Iraq. There is Syria vs ISIS. Shite vs Sunni (forgot about: ISIS). Egypt Vs Muslism Brotherhood. Libya is in shreds.

What is going on there. Is this all due to exclusively due to US imperalism. The answer is “Yes, but”.
The reality is that the Middle East has a huge difficulty in establishing democratic instutitions because the Islamic culture is heavily grounded in authortain governments. For the last 1300 years, the Arab Middle East has been control by a small number of rulers from tribal ruling families to the Ottoman leaders. Despite the Western incursion into the Middle East, it was the West who try to introduce democratic governments to the Middle East.

However, the main problem was the West was not interested in developing home-grown democratic institutions in the Middle East. It was interested in getting regimes that were going to Western industries cheap access to resources and goods at the expense of developing home-grown democratic movements. Instead, the West try to prop up leaders through “democratic methods” to gain control to resources. A home-grown democratic movement might want to collectivize the industry and not let Western oil extractors share in the wealth. Therefore, it was better to follow with the ages-long tradiiton of following

So what is going in Yemen. It is the failure to develop national home-grown democratic movements at the expense of getting rulers that will do exactly what it will say on battiling terrorism. The US’s logic is that terrorists must be prevented at all costs because it would have huge, huge indirect costs to economy based on the psychological fear factor. Therefore, the US is willing to spend billions on buying off leaders to do what it is says so it can control those leaders and bomb terrorists who have remote interest in attacking the “Fortress America” which can not handle a terrorist attack because it would be considered to show American leadership be weak by not protecting the “homeland”.

Instead of eradicating the terrorists, we get what we opposite desire. Instead of trying to deeply understanding Yemani culture and understand the deep rifts between Sunni and Shia, our leadership ignores those division and just bombs random terrorists. The way to eradicate the terrorists is to learn the process of restorative justice and bring the Sunnis and Shias to the table for reconciliation.

It is not sexy as taking a UAV and bombing a few random rag-tag unemployed Arab males who join Al-Queda for sense of adventure and pay check. The best way to be in the Middle East is the country that brings people together and negotiate peace. Like the Good Friday agreement and resolving the conflict in Bosina, the US has recent track record for peacemaking. However, the Bush administration and its warmongering left an entire generation leaders who know nothing about force and hard diplomacy to resolve situtations.

And this is a backdrop why some Yemenis lose their lives because the US just does not understand soft diplomacy and really does not reward it. Yes, enemies like ISIS need to dealt with brute force, but most conflicts are handled through diplomacy and restorative justice. Not through by employing a some video-game jockey who gets paid to do his thrill by running UAV and targets some raghead terrorists that were really disillusioned Arab males

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Ted Cruz Is For the Billionaires and Millionaries

Ted Cruz’s only interested in pleasing the millionaires and billionaires. According to the AP
Unlimited political cash would give rank-and-file conservative activists greater sway in picking their representatives, including the president, White Househopeful Ted Cruz told New Hampshire voters on Sunday.
Cruz, a first-term senator who represents Texas, said deep-pocketed donors should have the same rights to write giant campaign checks as voters have to put signs in their front yards. Both, Cruz said, were an example of political speech, and he added that “money absolutely can be speech.”
“I believe everyone here has a right to speak out on politics as effectively as possible,” Cruz said told a voter who asked him about the role of the super-rich in politics.
Cruz, making his first trip to New Hampshire this year, was using a two-day visit to this early voting state to lay the groundwork for an expected presidential campaign. Three of the seven questions he took during a town hall-style meeting were statements encouraging him to run for president.
Cruz steadfastly insisted he was not yet a presidential candidate and said he was merely considering it. “I am looking at it very seriously,” he said a day after making a campaign-style trip to South Carolina, another early nominating state.
After the session, one activist gave Cruz a blank check and told him to write it for whatever amount he needed.
My response to Mr. Cruz. No it does not. It does not help your average conservative upper-middle class conservative activist. On many issues, the opinions of conservative activists that represent the upper-middle class differ from the wealthy millionaires and billionaires. They cannot outpace the donation rate of the Koch Brothers and their ilk. Hard limits on both hard and soft money would go long away to prevent this.
While strict campaign contributions primarily would help the left, it would also let the average conservative voter have more influence over the candidates.
The GOP club of donors has ever shrunk throughout of the years leaving the average voter isolated from the rich and the powerful.

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