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Lindsay Lohan Headed Back To Rehab and Political Litearcy

Perez Hilton writes

She’s just trying to save face!!

Sources say that Lindsay Lohan is serious about recovery (Right, like we haven’t heard that one before) and is planning to return to rehab.

What is this, like her 4th….5th….97th attempt at rehab???

The source says, “She will step up her treatment and do more than what she was previously ordered to do,” adding that she plans to voluntarily check herself in soon.
Isn’t time that we get over this by now as a country?  And the latest scoop is that she did heroin.

Here is the great dilemma.  People like me read about Lindsay Lohan but people like me are very well informed.  I listen to KPFK and I take time to make my self informed so I vote correctly at the ballot box.

But the rest of the population has very little political litearcy.  They could you tell about Lohan’s problem, but do not know the name of the House Majority leader or let’s say the Secretary of Defense (Robert Gates). 

Now, I consider myself guilty of being caught up in the Lindsay Lohan’s stuff, but I also ensure that I have proper political literacy at a state and national level.  The reality is that the American public’s political litearcy needs to be at the same level as our knowledge of celebrity gossip, arcane sports statistics, or obscure bands.  A functioning democracy requires informed electorate and that requires political literacy in order for that functioning democracy to work. 

Unfortunely, I believe one of the major factors towards the decline of the Republic because we know too much about Lindsay Lohan’s or Kim Kardashian lives instead of knowing how government properly works.

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