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The Costs of Occupy LA

As much as the Occupy movement brought attention to the corporate malfeasance,  it had an cost to the taxpayer.

The aggregate cost was $2.3 million as reported by the LA Times and that is a drop in the bucket for Los Angeles taxpayer, but since LA is almost bankrupt, it will result in more financial peril.

In budgeting, this is an unexpected contingency cost that the city did not plan to have.  No one expect to the Occupy movement to happen.  No city budget planner could place a line item in the budget for Occupy.  It was a completely spontaneous movement that came out of nowhere.

In the end, the benefit of the Occupy movement for exposing economic injustice exceeded the cost to the city.  A $2.3 million dollar loss for the city was worth what the Occupy movement did.  We have not had a social movement in the last ten years that has successfully pointed  towards the economic injustices to the level that Occupy movement

Less money could have been placed into putting less law enforcement resource to police Occupy.  It did not require the large police presence as it did.

A long-term occupation that would last for months and months would cost the city too much.  There is a point where the Occupy movement moves beyond just an extraordinary expense and becomes a liability to cities precious financial statement.  If Occupy went on for more than a year and cost $10 million dollars, then it would have drawn money away from parks, libraries, and other city resources that needed the funding.  

In conclusion, a one year occupation would have made little sense.  The Occupy movement would had to move its energy to different forms of protest outside of occupying a piece of the lawn in cityhall.

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90 Days In Jail For Sex With A Horse

The Detroit Free Press writes

“Mester, who pleaded guilty in September to attempted sodomy – a felony charge – acknowledged that he needs help.
“I know I have some psychological issues,” he told Tahvonen. “I know my actions are (inexcusable.”
Tahvonen sentenced the 62-year-old Riley Township man to 90 days in jail and five years of probation. He also ordered Mester to pay more than $4,200 in restitution to his neighbor, Cindy Heistand, who runs a horse boarding business on her property.
Heistand said she lost at least one boarder after that boarder saw Mester roaming her horse pasture. Although the boarder didn’t witness anything, the boarder apparently knew that Mester a decade ago had been accused of having sexual intercourse with a pony in Olive Township.
In that case, he pleaded no contest to attempted animal torture and was sentenced to 30 days in jail:

90 days in jail for having sex with a horse. Only sick, perverted person would do such a thing. He needs help and should consider joins a 12-step sexual addiction recovery program.

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Is This Going to Far

Is 13-years young enough for a life sentence.  According to the Reno Gazette Journal, one Nevada judges believes it to be true.    The person got a sentence for 16 to life for “

Washoe District Court Judge Patrick Flanagan sentenced 13-year-old Jose Cruz to a term of life plus 6-15 years for the shooting death of Stephen Gale at the end of a robbery spree in Carson City and Reno.

Cruz, who pleaded guilty earlier to second-degree murder with a deadly weapon, will be eligible for parole after 16 years.

The judge said he could not find any redeeming value in Cruz, calling him a “pathological antisocial miscreant”

In reality, he should given prison until he was 21 years old and let out of prison.  His records should be sealed and he would be to start a life on a fresh break.

Labeling  himsome a pathological antisocial miscreant at the age of 13.  The boy has not formally developed socially and could be significantly influenced by peer pressure and improper role-modeling by adult.

He is too young for a life sentence and imprisonment until the age of 18 or 21 is a far better option.



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