The Carnival of GOP Convention Follies

The Daily Kos reports 

The theme of tonight’s convention festivities, on the final day of what even a Fox pundit moaned was “the worst convention I’ve ever seen,” is Make America One Again. Tonight, according to the program, will be focused on “what unites us, not what divides us. Donald Trump will move our country beyond the divisive identity politics that have been holding us back by restoring leadership, building trust, and focusing on our shared love of country …”

That part was worthy of quoting verbatim. When the crowd tonight chants lock her up, please note that they do so in the spirit of uniting us all. When Rep. Steve King spends yet another evening telling reporters that no, he sincerely meant that only white people have contributed to civilization in any way worth remembering, he is only trying to distance the party from identity politics. Tonight’s theme is that at some point after Republicans have jailed their ideological enemies, passed laws re-barring gay Americans from acquiring certain services, further purged state voter rolls, declared non-Christians to be enemies of the state, deported all the Mexicans, and at long last gotten rid of the president who “set back race relations” a decade by standing up on stage continually being black at them, Donald Trump will unite America”

The irony is that all of the “White Identity” people support this view are really subjecting themselves to another four years of oligarchic economic tyranny. All of the white identity and Christian right rhetoric is because these people do not want to face the music.

They do not want to face that the economy is a rigged game that will get worse if the Donald and his people are elected. They do not want not face that climate is getting hotter and have no sense of any future self-preservation for future generations because they do not want to deal with climate change. In reality, they are denying a better quality of life instead of voting for self-preservation and protecting what little they have in wealth.

All of this social conservative will not make the country better. It will not delay the hand of God’s judgment just because we had a “pious” Christian Republican platform. God does not grant to his grace on a bunch of white identity Christians who pretend that there are pious at the same time of ignoring the sins of preserving the environment for future generations (because guess what Jesus might wait another 500 years to come back) and ending a rigged game for the poor.

In conclusion, the GOP platform is a rigged game for the elites and lets the Christian right get the table scraps so that they do not have to face the tax man or the EPA. In my administration, an embolden EPA and IRS would have a field day with these guys.





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Donald Trump’s Bad Idea for Civil Service Reform

Donald Trump has some bad idea for civil service reform as explained by the New York Magazine.  Donald Trumps wants to

“Then reporters asked Republican primary voters why they planned to vote for Donald Trump, one of the most common replies was that the billionaire couldn’t “be bought.” Liberals and conservatives may disagree about exactly which special interests control the American government (at times, Trump has suggested that Syrian refugees have their own K Street lobbyists), but both sides are concerned about the donor class’s influence over policy.

But, as with so many other aspects of Trump’s appeal, the idea that his wealth will insulate his administration from the temptations of cronyism is a transparent con. Many populist politicians are opposed to the revolving door between the public and private sectors, which threatens the independence of regulators. And Trump is no exception — except, instead of locking the revolving door, he’d like to take a sledge hammer to it.

In a new audio recording obtained by Reuters, Chris Christie tells dozens of Republican donors that Trump plans to “let businesspeople serve in government part time without having to give up their jobs in the private sector.” In Trump’s America, progressives won’t have to worry about former banking executives regulating their old colleagues — active CEOs will be doing that for their current ones.”

If this true, there is no Bernie or Bust. I am voting for Hillary because there is no way that I am going to vote for somebody is going to rip apart the current civil service system. Even George W. Bush with the NSPS was better than this guy towards career civil service. To hell with Donald Trump


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My Two Cents on the Final Resolution on the Clinton E-Mail Scandal

t is clear that Hillary did not have criminal intent today in her actions but her actions shows a clear disregard for security protocols because she felt that the strict classification security proctols were too much of a hassle and she felt that she was above the law. Such does not show criminal intent in the slighest disregard, but clearly shows gross hypocrisy in the face of government security rules. If this is the case by her pattern of leadership, then the government needs to stop classifying so many documents and start to release more information into the public domain so the public can find what is going with the government. If you prefer to work in secrecy and yet do not follow the established security protocols, then the documents that the government should be claimed to be classified should be released into the public domain for scrutiny and transparency. It also shows the level of trust that we should put in the leader. For these reasons, Senator Sanders is the superior candidate because he respects the security protocols and at the same time would maintain open and transparent government. Unfortunately, we have a leader that prefers secrecy and does not obey the existing protocols. At least Bush and Cheney in this area followed the rule of law and ensure that proper protocols were followed with securing classified documents (even though they went way overboard in this area).

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Sponsor tells me to reverse directions on panel

So I was told that I could have no panels (that is where I speak to people in mental health inpatient facilities) by myself. I was told today by my sponsor that it was vain of me to deny the right of others to speak on the three panels that I have. He stated that I need to go out of my way including up to calling people randomly off a list of approved speakers to speak with me. The main panel that I do is done in such way that I can get either home quickly by 8:30 PM or get to my regularly scheduled AA meeting by 8:15 PM. He emphasized the importance that I really need to get people to speak with me even though I have the sole ability to do the panel alone and I usually get done early so the patients can get back their rec time. The main reason is why I do not get people is that the bulk of my speakers that I know are either busy with their own panels or live down in the Costa Mesa when my panels are all the way in Orange. Also, I was critiqued to carry the panel alone just based on my public speaking skills. Most people get people to do panels because they do not have the public speaking skills like I do or have a lot of friends who will do the panel with them. In my case, most of the people in Santa Ana area which would be my designated speakers are already busy. Oh well, I guess I just do what he says even though I do not like it.

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The Consequences of the Past

I saw some pictures of wedding of some friends and I stated “Why cannot be there?” But then I stated to myself. I did not have the vacation time that I would probably used for Wasteland Weekend or Decom. And even I knew the people and saw them quite a bit, I just did not spend the one on one time with them like certain other people. I threw about five good years down the drain by the consequences of constant relapse in 2011 and 2012 and it took me three years to recover from it now. A lot of friendship time was lost in those years and my ability to see people has decrease dramatically during that time. It is the essence of the long-term damage that addiction does to you and how it impacts relationships. I have to take the responsibility of what happened during 2011 and 2012 and the lost time that I could used by building relationships with others instead of trying to rebuild my own life because of my own mistakes. I also have spent a lot less time working on social skills instead of focusing on my recovery and rebuilding my career. But in the essence of things, it has resulted in tangible results in my own life. So I can be grateful for things that I have and the life that I live today.

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My own Thoughts on Why I am not a Conservative

I just had a though that if I am frugal with my own money than why I would not want the government to be frugal with other’s people money. Therefore, I should oppose want taxes and want lower government spending. But yet, I want high taxes and moderately high spending (as long the debt level is sustainable). I guess that is desire to have a government-imposed social safety net such as (food stamps and unemployment insurance that last up to 73 weeks if you cannot land job and investment in infrastruture such as public transit and roads without potholes (I cannot stand broken roads with potholes) . I also cannot stand casino capitalism without a passion and want those sectors heavily regulated. In the end, it is probably my lack of high risk tolerance for failure that prefers a well-funded government that has a social safety net than have more money to bet on running own business or making money off high-risk investments even that I do possess the level of understanding to require to play in high-stakes investments. I also have a lower tolerance for income inequality than other people do so therefore, it is hard for me to support policies that would allow others to have a chance at making at higher level of wealth without having more regulations or pay higher taxes that would impede their ability to do so.

I should be a conservative but I have made a logical case why I am big government liberal instead of a conservative that favors conservative causes

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The Word adventurous

I feel that adventurous is word missing in my vocabulary. I often like it to play it safe and conservatively in life. Of course, the sober implies somebody who is

Politically it means that I do not like dismantle social welfare programs or make drastic cuts for programs that prove to work or engage in foreign wars and interventions that we have no business being into. It also means that I do not like risky things like making huge tax cuts or other things.

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