The Danger of Losing of Reproductive Freedom Starts In Iowa

I am no fan of abortion. It is something that I prefer not talking about it. I do not openly support it. But, I do believe in access to abortion as a right of choice.

A choice to have control over your body is a critical value to me. I would never, ever under any circumstances would consciously support a woman’s right to terminate a baby that I fathered. I would state that the mother that it’s her job to pop out of the kid and then I would take a responsibility raising the kid. But it’s not my body, and if she decides to abort the child, then it’s her decision and her right to do so.

This is why this law in Iowa is so concerning Iowa past a new law as reported by the AP that would pass the fetal heartbeat law.

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds on Friday signed a law banning most abortions if a fetal heartbeat can be detected, or at around six weeks of pregnancy, marking the strictest abortion regulation in the nation — but setting the state up for a lengthy court fight.

The Republican governor signed the legislation in her formal office at the state Capitol as protesters gathered outside chanting, “My body, my choice!” Reynolds acknowledged that the new law would likely face litigation, but said: “This is bigger than just a law, this is about life, and I’m not going to back down.” Reynolds has previously said she was “proud to be pro-life.”

What concerns is that limits a woman have the freedom of choice to what does she do with her body. And it also is designed to be a test case so that five ultra-conservative Supreme Court justices would state that the law is legal and effectively dealing a Roe Vs Wade as invalid. Than states can start to eliminate abortion on a state by state level.

That is what concerns me. The only positive and I mean that the only positive that the blowback on the GOP would be so large that blue wave in 2020 would come in and crush the GOP in a landslide.

ANd the negative thing about this law is that these laws do not allow for a signifcant increase in the food stamp, universal daycare, and significantly making progress to cover the gender gap. If a woman is going to force to have a kid that she does now want, than these fools should be required to vastly expand the welfare state and education budgets to deal with the kids.

These people make decision based on religious motivations, but then do not foresee the consequences of their decisions. And if they were truely consistent with the biblical message, than they would be ready to expand the social safety net so the consequences of their actions would be properly dealt with in a correct way.

To me, it is an act of both sexual repression and inhumane control that these people pass their law. Little thought is given to the consequences of their actions Expanding the social safety and education spending to accommodate the additional kids. Also, increasing the amount of early child and parental classes to assist struggling new mothers handle the burden of being a single mother.

Otherwise, you will get a bunch of kids that are unruly, undisciplined. and unwanted. The so-called religious revival that is going to make America have wholesome Christian families is never going to happen.

The amount of “righteous Christians” has always been small. The amount of pseudo followers of God that are out there are in the millions. And author of Revelations knew this and he wrote about the seven Churches. Only the Church of Smyrna and Church of Philadelphia were the righetous church.

And righteous Christians would properly follow the instructions of God’s law and would not engage in behavior that would require an abortion. Abortions are designed for the people who have choosen to follow a non-Christian spiritual path and should have that right of choice.
Why would we trust the Christian right who most of their members would be in the members of the other five churches (not Philadelphia or Smyrna) to dictate to the rest of society about freedom of reproductive rights? These are the same people who engage in the same sinful behavior as the Christian conservative preacheers state as the “World” and yet want society to live in some type of twisted version of Ayn Rand Laissez-faire capitalistic society.


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Ty Cobb is Out and Does That Mueller Or Rosestein Are Being Pink Slip

Huffington Post has a story about Ty Cobb (the guy with the handlebar mustache)

“President Donald Trump plans to replace White House lawyer Ty Cobb with Emmet T. Flood, a lawyer who represented former President Bill Clinton during his late-1990s impeachment hearings.

“For several weeks Ty Cobb has been discussing his retirement and last week he let Chief of Staff Kelly know he would retire at the end of the month,” White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said in a statement confirming Cobb’s departure.

Flood’s decision to join the White House was confirmed by his law firm, the Washington-D.C.-based Williams & Connolly LLP.

“We are disappointed to lose him to the White House, but we fully appreciate Emmet’s strong commitment to public service,” said Williams & Connolly LLP Chairman Dane Butswinkas in a statement. “The White House will be fortunate to have his experienced counsel.”

So what is the end of game of this? Yesterday, the goons in the House of Representative as reported by The Hill think it is a great idea to draft articles of impeachment. So, I believe the Emmett Flood’s job is to find a way to develop a strong legal reasoning from the impeachment articles and use that to fire Mueller or Rosenstein for cause.

That is their end game. Otherwise, Trump is going to sink in a millstone of his own creation because he was too dumb to understand what collusion meant or too dumb to understand what obstruction of justice.

Does that mean what Trump did was equal to Watergate? No, it was not. Watergate was far worse, but if the GOP impeached Clinton for lying about a sexual act and than Trump can be impeached for low-level felony of obstruction of justice (like something you would to go to prison for a year and a day) or low-level collusion with a foreign government (again something with a sentence less than three years in the federal pentitary). What Trump did does not meet the standard of Watergate (Watergate was far worse if you read about it) or lying about the Iraq War like Bush did or committing war crimes like conspiracy to commit torture like Dick Cheney did (those are far more serious crimes that would have sent Cheney and potentially Bush to the Hague for war crimes trials). He also violate the ennoulments clauses (which is not a felony and is civil offensive) but still could qualify as a impeachable offensive (which is alone far worse than Clinton’s famous quote “I did not have sexual relationship with that woman”

So Trump goal is to eliminate Mueller so he does not have to go through an impeachment vote in the House and than get acquitted in the Senate. Trump with then be the third President to be impeached and will remain in office. But it still a tar in his record that he probably would want to avoid. The endgame is not to be the third President to be impeached but not removed from office. And that is why he hired Emmet Flood. But if the money laudering stuff is found to be true, than Trump needs to go immediately. You cannot have a sitting President who laundered illegal money from Russian mobsters. That will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back and Mr. Flood will also work hard to prevent Mueller to find evidence of that. And that is why Mueller could getting be a pink slip soon.

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Infowars make an editorial mistake

Infowars made a journalistic blunder on the OC Riverbed Mess (Infowars is Alex Jones news website)

Infowars reports

Video footage of a homeless encampment in Orange County, California, has gone ultra-viral after a Facebook page operated by former law enforcement posted stunning scenes of the sanctuary state’s rapid descent into a dystopian “shit hole.”

Retired Orange County Deputy Sheriffsreleased the video on Facebook, where it racked up nearly five million views and 104,000 shares in little more than a day.

In the caption, the page’s administrators placed blame for the shocking breakdown of law and order on Orange County Sheriff-Coroner Sandra Hutchens and Undersheriff Don Barnes, with a tongue-in-cheek reference to controversial – yet unsubstantiated – “sh*thole” comments attributed to President Donald Trump

Memo to Infowars: the OC Sheriff is going to evict the homeless people off the riverbed on January 22, 2018. The OC Register and the local TV news report this. This article made a major fact of omission and should have reported this. They should run a correction to include this. But of course, we know that journalistic integrity is not valued by Infowars and therefore people who read the infowars piece are not getting the complete story or a detailed backstory of what caused the riverbed problem.

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Trump and Racism

Today, I just do not understand news accounts of Donald Trump calling
himself “least racist person. A man who bred contempt towards black
and brown people his whole life calls him “the least racist person” is
an anthema.
This is also the same guy who coined the term “stable genius”. I
believe that I can measure Trump’s stupidy in the selection of idioms
that he uses. “Stable Genius” strikes me as a nonsensical idiom.
Also, Trump calling himself “the least racist person” is the biggest
joke of all time.
I just saw a picture of Trump posting a full page ad in the late 1980s
over the five black men who were acquitted of a brutal rape in Central
Park. Trump wanted sent them those guys upstate and probably put them
back in the electric chair like the days of old in the South.
The way that he treated the poor Puerto Ricans in time of utter
despair with his refusal to do anything about the infrastructure
problem is also alarming. The “least racist person” and “stable
genius” who would go out of their way to fix the problem.
It also is telling that a person who contempt towards black and brown
people is when he decide to golfing on the very day that a man who
both the right and left revere for his stand on his civil rights.
Trump could have gone to Miami and made a showing at some
Miami-related civil rights celebration and than take the rest of the
afternoon off to go golfing. Perfectly fine. But this president
failed to do even the most basic tasks to demonstrate the he cares
about race.
So this “least racist person” is another tall tale invented by Trump.
If Trump were Pinocoho, I would not want to imagine how long his nose
would be.

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Moving Out of the Golden State

So I hear people are packing up their bags moving from CA to pursue cheaper cost of living in other places. It makes total sense if you have family somewhere else but otherwise, I would find it quite perplexing to move to a place where you have no connections. Sometimes, it makes me feel “Why I am not doing that?”. Why I am not moving to a place that is more conservative culturally and socially in exchange for a lower cost of living and where I can have a house and a big dog? The problem is that I have zero family in other places (except for Phoenix) and no friends. And that I manage eek out enough to rebuild my savings again by living in a low-cost situation in Garden Grove, CA. I think a big reason is that I have already accepted that the fact that I will not have my own apartment and that I will take public transit (even if I get a car). and that lowers my the cost of living which turns me into a net saver than a debtor. Motivation to stay is also done out of fear of the unknown and not willing to take huge risks for something with ambiguous outcomes is probably another huge reason not to move,

In conclusion, I am not moving out of the Golden State any time soon.

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Superficial Relationships

One thing that I noticed at the convention is my desire to be around people.  But I would rather remain quiet. I think the real problem is that I do not develop a strategy to try to take steps to increase my friendships.  I always do not be labeled as a pest or hang-oner.  I have no problem saying hello or having a shallow conversations.  
Yet, deeper friendships are harder.  Like at the NA convention tonight.  Given the number of people that I know in the OC area, I should have gotten an ride.  But my relationship with all 100+ plus people that I know would be considered to be shallow and superfuicial.  This is done partly by me by being distance and not getting people’s telephone number because I would rather be absorbed on social media during my 2.5 hours commute to Pasadena. (The only reason why I have not moved is that one of my roommates is like a second mother to me and you just cannot replace that with a random roommate on a Craigslist, I 
I am also finding out that these people in OC that I count on to be my friends are much shallower relationships compared to the Burner relationships.  With the Burner group, at least, those relationships are signficantly deeper and have extended over time.  
Part of the problem is my stubborness to get a car. Part of it is that I reluantance to take the risk to call these people and engage in a conversation.  
Maybe, I do not understand friendships that well and how they form. I just take that process for granted.  Any relationship that I have built over time comes through face to face contact at a group event and than it is based on how much time that I have seen you.   I just would rather hide in social media than engage in uncomfortable conversation with somebody on the phone.  Even in the cases when I am on the phone, I usually time the conversation to the length based on how comfortable that I am with the individual.
Now face-to-face, I do much better.   I have been able to engage very well on one on one conversation a lot better with people recently.  But it is still the ten pound phone and desire to hide on social media than face that uncomfortable conversation and interrupting somebody especially when I am busy.
The reality is that I should have zero-tolerance with my bullshit excuses about calling people and realize  that social connections is most likely how I am going to land my next job.
At least at this event, I just need to connect with people and let the magic happen even though these are supefucial relationships. Moving to LA would force me to change everything because it is between me and the bottle if I do not make friends up there.  Living in OC allows me comfortable to hide and be alone because I can rely on that roommate, or my sponsor, or my mom when the times bad.  I do not need to turn these supefuical relationships in NA to find friends, but up in LA, that no longer becomes a choice.   
The superfucial relationships will continue to happen in OC due to very lengthy commute that I have.  My commute and need for exercise prevents me from attending a lot of the meetings that I would normally go during the week. Also, another committment prevents me go to another meeting where I could maintain my commute and still have close connections to few friends that live down there.
Unfortunately, neither scenarios are going to happen and I am ultimately going to face the CPA exam again. There is no way that I am going to advance professionally until that exam is passed.  I like the company that I work form but I cannot remain there forever with my skillset and the CPA only validates that.
Anyways, I guess I just listen to the speaker tonight and let go and let live.

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COmputer Problems

I have a computer problem again! Oh Cool

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