The Word adventurous

I feel that adventurous is word missing in my vocabulary. I often like it to play it safe and conservatively in life. Of course, the sober implies somebody who is

Politically it means that I do not like dismantle social welfare programs or make drastic cuts for programs that prove to work or engage in foreign wars and interventions that we have no business being into. It also means that I do not like risky things like making huge tax cuts or other things.

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Malloy on Refugee Crises

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Another Maniac Burns Puppy Alive

Another psychopathic criminal decides to burn a pupply alive. From the AP
“SACRAMENTO — A judge has sentenced a Northern California man to three years and eight months in state prison for burning his weeks-old Chihuahua dog alive.

The Sacramento Bee reports a judge Friday sentenced 21-year-old Willie Bee Turner, of Oakland, for animal cruelty causing death, animal cruelty and arson for setting ablaze the puppy he named Angel Star.

Prosecutors say Turner set fire to the Chihuahua-mix puppy in January 2015 after getting angry when the dog defecated in his friend’s Sacramento apartment.”

Another psychopath is out there causing problems. You have serious mental health problems for setting a dog on fire

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Puppy Molesters Deserve A Strike

KTLA reports

“A brutally mutilated puppy recently rescued in Modesto is fighting for his life after being diagnosed with the highly contagious canine virus Parvo, KTLA sister station KTXL reported Saturday.

The American pit bull terrier, named Vitus, was found by a couple earlier in the week who saw the dog chained outside a business and profusely bleeding, according to a GoFundMe page.

The puppy’s ears had been cut off without sedation, pain medication or antibiotics, Dr. Amanpreet Basra of American Pet Clinic in Ceres, where the dog is being treated, told the television station.

“It is believed that the perpetrator was inside getting another pair of scissors to finish his mutilation job,” a post on the fundraising page read. “The good Samaritans scooped him up while the ‘owner’ told them to leave the dog alone and went back inside the store.”:

My solution is a make that offense a strike. Three strikes and your out. Life sentence for these fools.

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The Donald Wants to Impose 45% Tariffs on Trad

So the Donald thinks it is good idea for us to make 45% tariffs with China.  Reuters reports

“Chinese Finance Minister Lou Jiwei criticized Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump, calling him “an irrational type” due to the candidate’s proposal that tariffs on imported Chinese goods be increased to up to 45 percent.

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal published on Sunday, Lou said, “Trump is an irrational type. If he were to do this, that would be in violation of the rules set by the World Trade Organization.”

Lou said that if the United States put Trump’s proposal into effect, it “would not be entitled to its position as the world’s major power. The U.S. needs to recognize that the U.S. and China are mutually dependent on each other. Our economic cycles are intertwined.”

He acknowledged that rhetoric in a U.S. presidential campaign can become heated”

45% tarriffs is that exactly the type of speech that would inflame military conflicts.  Never mind the issues in the South China sea which might significant issue. Or TPP which is another thing.  But this is open ticket for a hot war with the Chinese.   A hot war that we do not need, do not want, or more money going to defense contractors so they continue to justify their existence in a world that is requires more global cooperation than ever.

If a Donald takes a foreign relations class or a macroeconmic class, the Donald would get a F period.


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Open Carry At The GOP Convention

Now this is scary. Open carry at the Republic Convention. My god what this country come to. From WND

“(Cleveland Scene) For all the ink spilled on the upcoming GOP visit to Cleveland and the attendant worries about Cleveland’s ability to deal with protesters in general and the sometimes violent nature of interactions between some Republican supporters and protesters around the country so far this year, sometimes it feels like the city isn’t fully prepared for what is actually coming down the pike.

Which brings us to this petition on, from Americans for Responsible Open Carry, which demands that THE POWERS THAT BE force Quicken Loans Arena to temporarily set aside its ban on weapons inside the arena so that folks can enjoy the Trumpian majesty of the convention while bearing arms.

Are these people manics. Someone is going to die at one of these GOP rallies. Seriously.

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Hogan Vs Gawker

One of the things that I have been miffed at last few days is Hulk Hogan Vs Gawker.  I am not defending what Gawker did.  Gawker is now forced to pay $115.00 per Newser

NEWSER) – Former professional wrestler Hulk Hogan was awarded $115 million by a jury Friday in his lawsuit against Gawker, which published a sex tape featuring the Hulkster in 2012, the AP reports. It’s $15 million more than he was asking. According to Ars Technica, which points out punitive damages could still be added to the total, the loss in court could be a “life-threatening event” for Gawker, which has around 250 employees. Gawker published a video of Hogan having sex with the wife of his friend Todd Clem—aka Bubba the Love Sponge—made at Clem’s insistence. Clem had recorded the encounter, possibly without Hogan’s knowledge. Hogan cried when the jury revealed its findings after nearly six hours of deliberations, CNN reports.”

To me, this sounds like get rich scheme by Hogan because Hogan needs the money because the source of his money (wrestling) is drying up.  Take and seizing Gawker’s assets sounds like a nice way to retire as a multi-millionaire and not worry about making money.  Instead of getting $10 million dollar award which is the appropriate, Hogan gets to destroy a news organization.

I do not understand the jury’s rationale unless they believe that Hogan’s future earnings is so damaged by this video that Hogan will become bankrupt.  But sleeping with somebody else wife and doing sleazy things should not be rewarded as way to make millions and millions of dollars.

What I am also concerned is that Hogan getting such large judgement also that the lawyers can take a portion of the cut.  Not only Hogan is going to have a large payday, but also his lawyers.  This smells like a scheme by Hogan and his lawyers to get rich and have a large payday.

This is the 1% against the 1% and because Hogan gambled by having high-priced lawyers and won. That gamble was like winning the big jackpot at the casino except this jackpot is the jackpot of sleaze.

Many people would love to have that legal representation and have that type of payday.  Their grievances are far more legitimate than Hogan’s claim, but yet they cannot get access to a federal court because they do not have the money and resources to get that the court.  Instead, they are forced into arbitration and have to deal with rigged system.

In conclusion, I consider this Hogan judgement to be excessive, a get-rich quick scheme, and shows how the justice system is rigged for the 1%.





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