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Oil Prices to Spike Again

It is looks like oil is going to spike up again   Wall St. greed will cause another massive speculative bubble in energy prices.  This will cause havoc with an economy that is trying to pull itself out of recovery and start a pattern of slow, but sustainable long-growth growth.

One of the important opportunties right now is to play the market, but you have to play the market correctly.  It takes precise calculation of the speculative bubble and, the concept of that the traders and not you are causing the bubble.  You are just along on the ride to make a quick profit (let’s say a return of 10%-20%) and than sell.  For example, I would buy now and wait for oil to get to $105-$110 and sell.  It might be get up $130 but then crashed as the hedge funds start to bet against oil

The Wall Street traders full of greed and use risk like a crack addict creating wild speculative bubbles that make long-term sustainable growth almost impossible to do.    This should be ample opportunity to demonstrate that the goons on the street need to regulated and supervised like little children because they cannot be trusted like adults.

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Kill Over Hot Sauce. Go to Jail for 33 Years

The AP reports

KANSAS CITY, Mo.—A Kansas City man has been sentenced to 33 years in prison for killing a man during a melee that erupted when someone threw a bottle of hot sauce.

The Kansas City Star reports that 29-year-old Jarvis T. Williams was sentenced Thursday for his convictions on second-degree murder, three counts of assault and four counts of armed criminal action”

What a loser.  You through a life and earn a ticket to a prison.  My friend, Scott, served some time in the Missouri Department of Corrections.  And I am not go to bail your ass out of prison as part of my step-based parole process.



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