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Oil Camp Being Turned Into Migrant Detention Center

Earth First Journal reports

“In other news from the “this system cannot be reformed” front, a South Texas man camp that serviced an oil field is being converted to the US’s largest family detention center.

In the wake of the Senate report emerging from the CIA’s torture program taking place in Abu Ghraib and other “black sites,” it is important to contemplate the terrible treatment faced by migrants in the detention center complex around the US.

Migrants are placed in overcrowded cells in unmarked detention centers placed throughout the country, often run by private corporations with little to no accountability whatsoever. There are frequent reports of sexual assault, hunger, and disappearance, as very little paper trail follows people as they are transferred around the complex and eventually deported.

On the other side of things, “man camps,” which are temporary residential areas for workers, are notorious centers of sexual assault, drug abuse, and general patriarchal abuse.

The new facility will hold some 2,400 people—almost twice as many as the existing three detention facilities combined. The company running the center is Corrections Corporation of America, which was sued successfully by the ACLU in 2007 for overcrowding, and was accused in 2011 of fostering sexual assault against Central American women inmates.”

Please tell my why do we need more detention centers for nonviolent people. Either accelerate the deportation process, or better yet, just let them stay here when there is no risk of violent crime.

And there should no way that these detention centers should be run by a private corporation. It should be run by the US government and not a corporation who sole goal is to lock up people in order to enrich rich shareholders

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