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Huckabee: having to accept gay marriage is like telling Jews to serve ‘bacon-wrapped shrimp’

The Guardian reports

“e Republican presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee on Sunday said same-sex marriage was like drinking and swearing – a concept appealing to others but not to him as a Christian.

The former Arkansas governor, appearing on CNN, said forcing people opposed to same-sex marriage to accept it was the same as telling Jews they had to serve “bacon-wrapped shrimp in their deli”.

The Republican contenders for the White House: who’s still in the race?

“We’re not going to do that,” he said, adding: “We’re not going to ask a Muslim to serve up, ah, something that is offensive to him, to have dogs in his backyard.

“We’re so sensitive to make sure we don’t offend certain religions, but then we act like Christians can’t have the convictions that they have had for over 2,000 years.”

Huckabee, a former Baptist minister, showed strongly in the 2008 Republican primaries, winning the Iowa caucus. In January, he announced he was quitting his Fox News show in order to explore another run for the presidency in 2016.

“I’d like to think there is room in America for people to disagree instead of screaming and shouting and having to shut their businesses down,” he said, adding: “People can be my friends who have lifestyles that are not necessarily my lifestyle. I don’t shut people out of my circle or out of my life because they have a different point of view.

“I don’t drink alcohol, but gosh – a lot of my friends, maybe most of them, do. You know, I don’t use profanity, but believe me, I’ve got a lot of friends who do. Some people really like classical music and ballet and opera – it’s not my cup of tea.””

I think Huckabee is right as much that I disagree with that. It is civil way put it even though us UUs disagree with him

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Majority of Christians Believe in Christmas Holiday, But I am not one of those.

The Washington Times states

“It is not much reported in the mainstream media, but some significant majorities of Americans back the “historical accuracy” of the Christmas story, as revealed in the Bible’s New Testament. The manger, the guiding star, the virgin birth — most of the public support these occurances according to a new Pew Research Center poll. Eight-of-10, in fact say they believe “Baby Jesus was laid in a manger,” the research states. Some numbers to consider:

81 percent of Americans believe that “Baby Jesus was laid in a manger”; 92 percent of Protestants and Catholics agree.

75 percent of Americans overall believe there were “Wise men, guided by a star, brought gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh”; 89 percent of Protestant and 84 percent of Catholics agree.

74 percent overall believe “an angel announced birth of Jesus to shepherds”; 90 percent of Protestant and 90 percent of Catholics agree.

I am one of those people who were are truly neutral.  I state that I cannot confirm or deny the New Testament account of Christ.  I can choose to believe it to be real that a virgin really conceived the son of God.  Yet. we really do not have accurate historical records to back up it.

It is not that I think that virgin birth is totally inconceivable, but If I am going to lay my off line for something I that really do not believe whole-heartily, why is it worth putting my faith and time into something I doubt.

Most of Americans put more faith in faith than scientific reason and fact.  I am not one of those people.  I do believe it is possible that there is supernatural God.  75% percent of Americans believe that the Wise Men actually existed.   For me, I really do not whether it happened.

An atheist would doubt this. An agnostic like me states that it cannot be proven or disproven.  But a true skeptic stated it probably did not happen.  And I am that in camp unlike 75% of this country.

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Uganda And Anti-Gay Law

Finally, there has been some sanity in Uganda law because the law that sentences gay with HIV to death and life in prison for being gay has been scraped.

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