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Obama and Ayers

Here is a excerpt from a blog from Boarshead (,

bama is one of those “teflon” people that nothing sticks to. Radical, leftist past? Bill Ayers? Jeremiah Wright? Franklin Raines? The Action Wire? Legal bullying in Missouri? Some how, none of that matters at all. Maybe it’s because Obama’s been so successful at generating an image of himself as the sort of person who really wouldn’t get his hands dirty, and image is so much more powerful than fact. Or it could be the media not going hardball on those things. I don’t know, but either way, he’s made of teflon, so much so that even BHTers are praising him for being above the fray.

He’s the ultimate chameleon. Bill Clinton was quite gifted at saying whatever the people in front of him wanted to hear, and I see this same knack for public rhetoric in Obama.

I am not going to delve into his post except I do want to critique his point on Ayers and Wright. The conservatives are overblowing the connection between Ayers and Wright. People like that paint the image that Obama is some type of socialist based on these connections.

People who use the subject reasoning have a poor case. Mr. Wright and Mr. Ayers are not policy advisiers and have little to do with how Obama shapes his policy position. Criticism of he choose as his advisers is much stronger arguement but to suggest that Obama is a some radical just because he associates with Mr. Ayers and Mr. Wright is a weak position and voters who believe in the subject line of reasoning are decieved by conservatives. I consider this to be Republican propaganda and therefore, should not be used as a reason for voting aganist Obama.

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