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Sarah Palin

After watching several videos of Sarah Palin this week, I consider the woman to be inept to be the successor of the next president. While she is excellent cheerleader for McCain and speak well on the stump, she lacks the proper policy knowledge to be the successor to McCain.

Right now, the world is in crises and Ms. Palin lacks the knowledge of foreign affairs and domestic policy to lead this country. We need leaders that have ready sit down with the Congress to draft innovative and visionary reforms to ensure our nation will prosper in the next decade.

Ms. Palin has so far not impressed that she is up to the task. She need put on a stellar debate performance to demonstrate the American people that she has talent and knowledge to become the leader of the Free World in the case where McCain had to step down or died in office.

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The End of the Word

The End of World! At if at least your on Wall Street. Are you we starting to Wall Street fatcats dive out skyscrapers. The voice and doom gloom began. (source:,3566,430021,00.html)

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What is Up with Sarah Palin

She does sound like bumbling, stumbling fool.

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My anger aganist the Conservative right is growing by the second. This post on Truthdig is fueling my activism ( I am person who believes in fiscal conservatism but I also believe in the concept of social justice and now this make me angry.

Along with the information that I learned about prop six turns me into full-time political activist for one month, I support the Junior Senator from Illinois and must support him as much as I can. I no longer hide in my bunker in Mission Viejo because it is time to get the message out. This fuels my anger and now my passion for change is deep.

I am a DOD auditor so there is limits on what I can do but last time I heard there is free speech and this protected by the Bill of Rights. My goal is protect the American people from graft and abuse from Defense Contractors.

This is no longer but politics but rather protect the freedoms that I cherish and social views that I cherish. Now it gers personal.

As a country, we need to rise up and face the Congress and demand change. But before we demand change, the American people must do extensive research on the issue before demanding change. When a uber-informed public contacts Congresss and we know the issues inside and out, we can demand change and they will listen. But changes requires a significant amount of effort on YOUR part. D.C listens to the citizens that do their homework and know the issue inside and out.

Our Congressman listen to the lobbyist because they know the issue inside and out because they are paid. But if we take the time to learn the issues instead of watching American Idol, then we can demand change

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Sarah Palin Wine

When I was scrolling through my self-created newswire on Yahoo News, I found there is an actual wine that you can drink called Syrah Palin.   No Kidding.  It is real.

I wonder how the taste of the wine is.  But I bet my local drug store Long’s does not carry the brand.

Source (

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Go to Jail Because of Second Life

I read once that a woman travelled across state lines to try to kidnap another man that she had a virtual relationship in Second Life. This woman has seriously screwed up in her head to try to kidnap somebody who is represented by pixels.

The person must be real lonely inside and shy not to try establish relationships in the real world. The woman had an inadequate social network that did not provide sufficent friendships and therefore was force to rely on a computer to find friends.

Exterme social isolation can result in behavior like this because the person gets too attached to virtual world and virtual relationship instead of real world relationships. The person in real life that she was “dating” in Second Life might be a person that she would not get along in real life.

Second life is important for people like me that have Autism and can be used to improve social relationships when there is sufficient social interaction with real-life people. Because I attend social events about one or twice a week and also eat lunch sometimes with my coworkers, I have ample time to develop my social skills and I am n. Second Life is a lab to try new social strategies in a virtual world so my real-life social interactions will improve.

However, for this woman, it resulted in her getting a mugshot and trip to the local county jail. And let me tell you, you are not going to learn proper social skills in a county jail.   And yes, you get a wear an orange jumpsuit and eat all of that rotten jail food just because you were obessed with a thing was made of pixels.

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Scary Times on the Market

Investing in this market is downright scary. During lunch, several coworkers informed me that they are trying to invest in the market. Right now, I feel that is the best option is hide the money under the couch instead of trying to put a dollar in the stock market.

People are afraid to invest and are timid right now. Nobody want to lose their most precious assets to some market meltdown. In CNBC article that I read, I saw a byline for another article stating that S&P 500 can goes down by another 40%. That is scary.

People’s retirements are being eaten by the stock market debacle and we still have the social security meltdown that we will be facing in a few years? What to do? I have no idea. I am not a politician so I guess that I will have to keep fingers cross

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Jesus and the Second Coming of Sarah Palin

According to the Gawker , Sarah Palin believes that she is going to see Jesus in her lifetime I just skeptical about the idea that Sara Palin is going to see Jesus in her lifetime. Yes, the gospels do preach that God could back at anytime but in my opinion, the odd are remote. If God exists, than God knows the exact time and hour when he will come back

However, I believe she believes in dispensationalism which is the idea that there is seven distinct ages in the history of salvation. One of the biggest tenants is that man has enter the “last days” with the reestablishment of Isreal. Proper dispensationalists do not put any specific date or time when Christ comes back but believe that he will return after a seven year period is completed.

Personally, I do not think it is biblically correct but that is just my humble opinion of this theology. I also do not consider her view to be crazy because it is within the mainstream of Christian theology.

People outside of Christian circles might label her as “crazy”. The conception of people with dispensationalism as crazy is because they use their view of Christian endtimes to make specific foreign and domestic policy positions. If the people who believed in dispensationalism did not use the theology as basis for making foreign policy decisions, than the general society will not show the level of contempt for people who hold these theology.

It is important for progressive Dems to critique the basis of the subject people’s foreign policy vie but not the person’s view of theology. We should tolerance to anybody from conservative Islams to conservative Christians. People have the right of freedom of religion and the right to express the religious views. However, there is a point when religious doctrine intereferes with a person’s ability to rational and logical opinions about foreign and domestic policy.

In conclusion, we should not criticize Ms. Palin’s religious beliefs and the expression of her religious belief. When the religious doctrine of Ms. Palin’s view interferes with her judgement to make rational and logical views of foreign and domestic policy, than it is job of media and progressives to properly critique those views.

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If you know the OC is the Red County, it is. The OC Register predicts up to 15,000 people to show up for a Sarah Palin rally”.

We have an obscure government from one of the smallest states in the nation and yet she can draw up to 15,000 people for her to show up. If you played Dungeons and Dragons1, she have a score of 16-17 for charisma because if you can draw that many people, you have to be really charismatic


1 – In Dungeons and Dragons, each character is assigned different attributes. The lowest number for an attribute is 3 and the highest is 18.

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Never Propose to a Girl at Walmart

There was some fool who proposed at Wal-Mart? Of all places.    If there was an article of ten worst place to propose to a Girl, Walmart would be in the top ten.  Maybe he should took at this before proposing for marriage..

If you want to do some place, a beach or the shoreline at a local lake is far more romantic place than Wal-Mart and it will not cost any money.

To all the guys out of there.  The lesson is do not pop the question at a Walmart.

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