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Islamic State video shows militants smashing ancient artifacts in Iraq

ISIS does not respect ancient history at all as the AP reports

The Islamic State group released a video on Thursday showing militants using sledgehammers to smash ancient artifacts in Iraq’s northern city of Mosul, describing the relics as idols that must be removed.
The destructions are part of a campaign by the IS extremists who have destroyed a number of shrines — including Muslim holy sites — in order to eliminate what they view as heresy. They are also believed to have sold ancient artifacts on the black market in order to finance their bloody campaign across the region.
The five-minute video shows a group of bearded men inside the Mosul Museum using hammers and drills to destroy several large statues, which are then shown chipped and in pieces. The video then shows a black-clad man at a nearby archaeological site inside Mosul, drilling through and destroying a winged-bull Assyrian protective deity that dates back to the 7th century B.C.
In New York, U.N. spokesman Stephane Dujarric said the U.N.’s cultural agency, UNESCO, is examining the video. “The destruction of cultural heritage is reprehensible and criminal,” Dujarric said, adding that it robs current and future generations of the history of their past.
The video was posted on social media accounts affiliated with the Islamic State group and though it could not be independently verified it appeared authentic, based on AP’s knowledge of the Mosul Museum.
Mosul, Iraq’s second-largest city and the surrounding Nineveh province fell to the militants during their blitz last June after Iraqi security forces melted away

In reality, this shows that ISIS extremely deviates from the norm in terms of its behaviors even among of normal mulisms.  Normal Muslims do not smash ancient artifacts just because they represent things are unislamic,  You do not see the mullahs of Iran smashing ancient Persian monuments.

These are guys are death cult and that all that they are.

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Feds: Mail Soaked With Drugs Was ‘Hit’ With Florida Inmate

Getting high in jail must be bomb. The AP reports

“Postcards arriving at the Broward County Jail in Fort Lauderdale contained more than just drawings.

Federal prosecutors say the postcards were laced with a hallucinogenic drug that has similar effects as LSD. They say inmates paid $10 for a tiny piece of a card, which they put in their mouths to absorb the drug.

The South Florida Sun Sentinel ( ) says two inmates pleaded guilty last week to federal drug charges. Authorities say a third man who was on the outside, 56-year-old William Hahne, has pleaded not guilty to possessing and distributing the drug.

Getting on high in LSD in jail must be the bomb because all you are doing is staring at a concrete block with a bunch of other dudes.  See all of those flashy lights and cool images is better than sitting with bunch of other bored dudes.

Maybe, we should give these to inmates before they decide to have a huge brawl in the county jail.  Maybe some fights will be averted and inmates would not be crazy to fight.

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Interview Issues This Week

Interview Questions that I did not like

1.  Descibe your experience servicing an external/internal customer at  a high level.

2.  If you had two clients requesting work at two jobs at the same time, how would handle it?.  Please note that the deadline are the same and there is no room for extending budgets. ONe varation of the question that I did not like was:  How would handle this situation if you had no prior to time for plan your time to meet the dead.

Other issues:

1. Employer not nailing down interview time for the posiiton (my fault). Caused me not to print out materials for event.

2. Handling written applications when your handwriting is very messy and you do not have the time to fill out the application. And the employer did not send the application prior to interviewing.

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Inmates Get Years and Years in Solitary for Updating Facebook

Thinkprogress  reports

Almost 400 inmates in South Carolina have spent time in solitary confinement for using social media websites, a violation the state Department of Corrections defines as equal to murdering or raping a fellow inmate, according to an Electronic Frontier Foundation investigation.

The digital rights group discovered through a public information request that prison officials have filed more than 400 disciplinary actions against prisoners who were found to be using cellphones smuggled behind bars to access Facebook or who gave their personal account information to friends or family to update their accounts. And since 2012, the South Carolina Department of Corrections has defined “creating and/or assisting with a social networking site” as a Level 1 offense, punishable by solitary confinement or the removal of privileges like phone access or visitation time.

Each time an inmate accesses Facebook is counted as a separate Level 1 violation, which leads to excessive punishments like inmates being put in isolation for years at a time, the report said.

Can somebody please tell me why an inmate is going to get 37 YEARS in Solitary Confinement for just updating a social media site.   Unless the person was explicitly involved in gang activity, the maximum sanction should be 90 days in segregation.

Yeah, the South as some real backward policies when it comes to prison.  I am not saying that California is not any better because we have many problems with inmates in long-term solitary confinement.  Face it New York had engaged in far worse solitary confinement practices which resulted in one person’s death because of overheating from the jail cell.

Still, this needs to brought to the South Carolina Department’s Correction and revising the policy to flat ninety days in administrative segregation and lose of ninety days of good time than the current policy.   If this continues, I would consider the case is an example of cruel and unusual punishment and should be investigated by US Department of Justice

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Huckabee: having to accept gay marriage is like telling Jews to serve ‘bacon-wrapped shrimp’

The Guardian reports

“e Republican presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee on Sunday said same-sex marriage was like drinking and swearing – a concept appealing to others but not to him as a Christian.

The former Arkansas governor, appearing on CNN, said forcing people opposed to same-sex marriage to accept it was the same as telling Jews they had to serve “bacon-wrapped shrimp in their deli”.

The Republican contenders for the White House: who’s still in the race?

“We’re not going to do that,” he said, adding: “We’re not going to ask a Muslim to serve up, ah, something that is offensive to him, to have dogs in his backyard.

“We’re so sensitive to make sure we don’t offend certain religions, but then we act like Christians can’t have the convictions that they have had for over 2,000 years.”

Huckabee, a former Baptist minister, showed strongly in the 2008 Republican primaries, winning the Iowa caucus. In January, he announced he was quitting his Fox News show in order to explore another run for the presidency in 2016.

“I’d like to think there is room in America for people to disagree instead of screaming and shouting and having to shut their businesses down,” he said, adding: “People can be my friends who have lifestyles that are not necessarily my lifestyle. I don’t shut people out of my circle or out of my life because they have a different point of view.

“I don’t drink alcohol, but gosh – a lot of my friends, maybe most of them, do. You know, I don’t use profanity, but believe me, I’ve got a lot of friends who do. Some people really like classical music and ballet and opera – it’s not my cup of tea.””

I think Huckabee is right as much that I disagree with that. It is civil way put it even though us UUs disagree with him

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