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Want to live in the LBC

Here is the deal

eply to: [?]
Date: 2008-10-31, 11:56AM PDT

Unit w/stove, fridge, hardwood floors,on-site laundry, pool. Located close to Shoreline Village, Arts District, Downtown nightlife, very close to CSLUB, Brooks College, Golf Course, Freeways, Shopping. NO PETS. 1 year lease.
Contact De Souza Property Management for more info or to view the unit: 562-498-0082. Check our website for a complete list of vacancies:

1101 Ocean Blvd. at Orange & Ocean   google map yahoo map

  • Location: Long Beach
  • it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

Cheaping House exists in the SO Cal. Move to the LBC to get the deals

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Phonebank for Obama? Forget the Election is over with

The Obama people are just bombarded on my cell phone to help them out. Seriously, why I do want to waste four hours to campaign for Obama or fours day in Las Vegas. Orginally, I thought it would be a closer election until the economy tanked.

Now, the election is virtually over with you and I am focus on the propositions in California than worrying who is going to win for President. If somebody asked to phonebank aganist vote “No” on Prop Six or Prop Nine ( but I do not need call people in another states for four hours.

I was supposed to Vegas this weekend campaign but I only wanted to go for this weekend. Since it was Halloween in Vegas, I thought it will be fun to party on the strip and see all of the funny people dressed up. I would be in my playa formal outfit and than I would be helping out the campaign on all day Saturday. On Saturday night, I would play a few games of craps at the Slot’s of Fun and than go home. But no, they want to do work there for all four days and I had to work Monday or Tuesday so I declined.

But I get to go to two Halloween Parties instead,

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Facebook and Bosses

The BBC reports that social networking at work are not merely time-wasters.  These social networks can be used for the purposes of internal networking, collobration, and research in the workplace.  People use social networking devices like Facebook to interact with people and that is some people form the basis of their social relationship.  In addition, social networking creates a open and democratic workplace culture.

These tools can be used as a retention tool to keep talented employees from moving on to green pastures.  It also be a tool in creating a strong community spirit and can increase workplace morale.  The only downside of using the tool is that it become a method for spreading gossip, false rumors, and drains productivity.  That is downside of using Facebook in the workplace.

Remember, use it wisely and use it productively

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Nationalize Medicial Pot

The Associated Press reports that Michigan has a medicial pot law on the ballot.  There are many, many states that have these laws on the books.   However, when these law have their real teeth is a federal law that allows for medical pot,

I have yet to see a national movement for making the feds change the law.  However, by having a national law or an executive order from the Obama administration that prevents DEA raids on these places will really now allow the spirit and intent of these laws to be realize.

It is urgen that we contact our Congressman and Senators for a campaign to legalize medical pot on a nationwide basis.  I love to start the campaign but due to the fact I work in a sensitive federal job, I will not work or gift time to this effort.  However, I do have the right as a citizen to publish my opinions on these issues

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Dennis Miller

About Autism blogs reports that Dennis Miller decided another offense remarks but autistic people.   Dennis Miller should review his material before saying offensive remarks.

Dennis Miller is not in the class of Michael Savage who is right-wing whacko.  In my opinion, he allowed to satire and make fun of autistic people but only for the part of comedy.  If it beyond light satire and gets into the area of ridicule and mockery, than Dennis Miller should be called out on this issue.

Dennis Miller should read some books on the subject to learn more about the nature of the disorder and how impacts peoples so he does not repeat the same mistake again.    He might have the right to claim ignorance but now since you have made the offensive remark, it is time for education and study of autism on his part

We need to stress education and informing people about this disorder. I have it (at a borderline-level) and while I understand that it was a gaffe made by Miller, he needs know self-educate himself about this issue and make a formal apology after doing some research on the issue

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Worries About Money Prevent Sleep

CNN reports that most Americans not enough adequate sleep due to money issues.  The article states

Keeping up with the rising cost of living and credit card debt were top concerns preventing people from falling asleep, according to the results from ComPsych Corporation, which surveyed employees of companies it serves. Thirty percent of respondents reported worrying about the cost of living while 29 percent cited credit-card debt.

The problem why issue is occuring is because Americans did not properly budget their finances during the good times.   To have financial stability, it is important that we learn how to use budget our money and allocate enough money to savings. 

Being frugal is an excellent way to cut costs and have less stress.   You might have less material possessions or cannot go to the expensive concerts or trips but you will have a peace of mind.  And peace of mind helps you sleep better.

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Ted Stevens is going to Jail

If the Democrats are getting 60 seats, one the major reasons is because Senator Ted Stevens is going to the Big House,  The New York Times reports that he got convicted on all seven charges which carries a maximum sentence of five years.   The Republicans do not have the time to fill the seat with another challenger and so Alaska will have one of its seat turn blue.  Finally, this indictments just shows the legacy of corruption in the Republican party.   The Democrats do have William Jefferson and Kwame Kilpartrick but the scandals of corruption are far more on the Republican side than the Democratic side.

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