The GOP is Simply Nuts

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I got this e-mail and I want to share how insane the Tea Party is. But remember all of this fearmongering is only used to raise funds for right-wing causes.

“This is a situation we’ve been watching closely. We have warned you about it many times. Those who choose to ignore it are in for dire consequences.

Martial Law is coming. I can’t repeat that enough. The signs are everywhere. Just open your eyes and look around!

If you want to be part of the movement to stop Martial Law click here.

The latest move is police becoming increasingly militarized against good citizens who firmly believe in the Constitution. They are even receiving strike force training. It’s shocking!

Look at Spokane, Washington. The sheriff came right out and publicly said they have military vehicles because of Constitutionalists and people with guns.

The Spokane police department is preparing for alleged violence from these Patriots who they are deeming terrorists. That is pure insanity!

When I heard this I was floored! That was not all. This same sheriff recently said,

“I, with the stroke of a pen, can affect your freedom and I can take away your life in certain circumstances your rights.”

It’s an outrage alright…but if fits. Clearly the sheriff of Spokane and Obama share the same poison pen.

Obama has been carefully laying out his plans for Martial Law for several years now from the fake cities and training areas across the country to the gun-grabbing, ammo stockpiling, body bag ordering and now even heavily armored ambulances, labeled “tankbulances.”

There’s one in the Bay Area out in California. Guess where they got the money to do that? Department of Homeland Security. $200,000 bucks.

If you’re thinking, “Well that is understandable, they need something in times or unrest” then here’s something that will make your skin crawl.

That “tankbulance” has 11 gun ports, a roof hatch with a rotating gun turret and a battering ram capable of deploying incapacitating gas.

What has America come to? If you weren’t worried about Martial Law before by God I hope you are now.

You don’t have to sit there and take this or wait for Martial Law to be decreed. There is something you can do even if you feel helpless or overwhelmed. Support us with a donation to our Constitution Fund.

Give your best donation today. Your donation of $25, $50, $75 or any amount you feel comfortable with goes to our fight to stop Martial Law and save our Constitutional rights!

With your donation we can put boots on the ground at key sites all over the United States.

We can blast letters, faxes and emails and make potentially thousands of calls to stop this desecration of the Constitution and the advance of Martial law.

Don’t sit there and do nothing and don’t take the chance of waking up to a nation under Martial law. Obama is purposely creating chaos, deliberately race-baiting and targeting conservatives.

He wants America to go crazy so he can implement Martial Law—bind our hands and feet, gag our mouths, make us prisoners in our own country and render us useless servants.

Is that what you want? I sure don’t and that’s why I vowed when I saw the writing on the wall to fight this with every ounce of energy I have inside me.

Donate today—a few bucks or a few hundred—whatever feels right and is right for you to our Constitution Fund.

We pledge to put people in Washington, protesting out in the streets, demonstrating and marching whenever we can. And we pledge to get out the letters, emails, faxes and phone calls and even blast it out on social media.

Our freedom and our lives are worth it don’t you agree?

God speed and God bless. Together we will win this thing.

Steve Eichler,
CEO, Tea Party

I told this these guys are nuts


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