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Angry Conservative

I met my fair share of angry conservatives on the web. They have rage
and disgust at Obama for doing such things as trying to regulate the economy and pushing the economic stimulus. I found this guy on Topix that was over the top

“Read Glenn Beck’s “An inconvienent book”
pg 200 the UN passes a resolution UN resolution 1267 that tells the Taliban to hand over Osma bin Laden Oct.1999 during the weak, impotent Bill Clinton administration. Gee, I guess they didn’t listen and look what happened less than two years later. Sept 11th 2001. Clinton also had ten chances to kill Osama bin Laden between May 1998 and May 1999, but chose to do NOTHING! Sandy Berger stole those articles from our national archives and shoved them down hs pants and wasn’t prosicuted for doing so.
You liberals are stupid Obama Kool-aid drinkers that’s for sure. You morons have been hoodwinked and bambozled by the liberal media and by the (TIC) teleprompter in Chief who is a lying hoax of a liberal fool.
Tripling our debt in just 60 days is way worse than Bush doubling it in 8 years. What has Obama got to show for it? NOTHING~! Any money in your pockets? NO!
6 billion dollars wasted down the pisser on Chrysler. For what? Your kids and grandkids will be stuck with Obama’s massive debt in the tens of trillions of dollars and they won’t let you forget it, you immoral, Godless socialist liberal bastards.
You liberals think you know it all, but you don’t know SHIT!
You’d like to lock up Americans instead of the radical Muslims, who killed 3,000 innocent Americans and almost sank a US navy destroyer that killed 17 sailors, you sick, sick liberal SOB’s.
They even had to tell Muslim terrorists Abu Zubaydah that the caterpillar they put in his cell wasn’t poisonous. Oh brother. We did that kind of things as kids and as fraternity pranks and the liberals call it torture and want American HEROES to stand trial and go to jail for it? You evil, nasty liberal scum.
Not Obama’s 787 BILLION dollar ‘porklus’ bill with 8,100 EARMARKS in it.
That’s now excuse for Obama spending 3.6 trillion dolar in just 60 ays and wasted billion more on big auto the banks and other bailouts.
At least we got a stimlus check for $60o per person and Obama has given me shit.
By 2019 Obama deficit will be 23.5 TRILLION dollars, way more than our entie GDP, you senile socialist fool.
Like the Swine flu pandemic, you old goat. Like the proof about shots NOT causing autism and flu shots not causing everyone to DIE like you said. You moron.
Bush left us with 5 MILLION course of tamifu ad Relunza, ths helping out the (TOPUS)Telepromter of the United States again. The lousy bum.
Gov Paterson the liberal socialist is making you pay more for your wine and beer, you drunken dirty bastard. You must love that. lol You sad, moronic loser. Pay for those malt liquor drinking porch monkeys and start ‘spreading the wealth’ you cheap socialist prick. Didn’t Hans get VP Joe Biden’s memo not to fly. lol What an asswipe.
Liberals are all dumbasses.
Jack Kemp RIP”

Reminds me of somebody. It is called an angry, resentful Archie Bunker. And the US is still has lots and lots of those folks aroud

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Right-Wing Hysteria

Yesterday, I was watching Countdown and there was a discussion that the right-wing is going nuts.  The guys at the Corner at the National Review are calm and rational right now.  The National Review is a intellectual conservative journal that I read sometimes.

  However, this blog is over the top and even makes Glen Beck and Bill O’Reilly look rational.   Here is the excerpt

“Another traitorous attack on behalf of the seditious administration. The military is the enemy. He needs to demonize America’s much loved military. Destroy their reputation. It’s what the leftists do. It’s how they destroy the enemy. DISINFORMATION (Soviets were brilliant at this, as are the current EU statist thugs and their tools).

The Mohammedan president is going to gin up his constituency across the world while deploying our troops in a nonsensical military strategy in Afghanistan. Do you see what he is doing? He is going to decimate the military. The left did this in the 60s. They demonized the war and our troops along with it. This time, they demonized this war, but it did not work in besmirching our beloved soldiers. So now they have to make them look bad.

Save our boys from a jihad sympathizing president. I said this in a previous thread — Obama wants trials. Obama wants to divert attention from his coup on the Constitution. Dear leader wants to control the images, the news you hear. He needs to distract the American people while he destroys America. They do not want tea parties, they do not want cognizance. They do not want you to think about what they are doing. Show trials. It is very much like terrorists who start a fire to distract first responders, so they can set off a bomb somewhere else.

Obama and his traitors will “start a fire” and hypnotize the American people with torture! cruelty! and put Bushchimphitler policy on trial with a special prosecutor, of course, while they overthrow the constitution, capitalism, freedom of speech, and enact gun control. That is what is happen”

This guy needs to sit down with a shrink and explain his delusional paranoia to a master psychologist.   They have a delusional belief that Obama is going to take their guns and do all kinds of other horrible things.   I just do not understand why these people have to resort to delusional beliefs just becaues a Dem won and he is a black man.

Do you have any explainations?  Right now, I am loss for words over this paranoia.

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Rick Warren

I just sick of people wasting their time complaining about the Rick Warren problem on the internet. Don’t people have a better thing to do with their time.

Worrying about Rick Warren will not change America. Find something else better to do with your time.

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It is Over

Finally, the general election is done with! None it is time to move on with life.

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The Limbaugh Effect

I wonder how of my friends are going to fall for “Limbaugh effect” especially my conservative Christian friends which I have lots of. The Limbaugh effect are Republicans who don’t it known they are voting for Obama.

I should do a Facebook poll to test my 101 friends to determine the impact of the “Limbaugh effect”. However, I do not think that I have time to put it together.

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Phonebank for Obama? Forget the Election is over with

The Obama people are just bombarded on my cell phone to help them out. Seriously, why I do want to waste four hours to campaign for Obama or fours day in Las Vegas. Orginally, I thought it would be a closer election until the economy tanked.

Now, the election is virtually over with you and I am focus on the propositions in California than worrying who is going to win for President. If somebody asked to phonebank aganist vote “No” on Prop Six or Prop Nine ( but I do not need call people in another states for four hours.

I was supposed to Vegas this weekend campaign but I only wanted to go for this weekend. Since it was Halloween in Vegas, I thought it will be fun to party on the strip and see all of the funny people dressed up. I would be in my playa formal outfit and than I would be helping out the campaign on all day Saturday. On Saturday night, I would play a few games of craps at the Slot’s of Fun and than go home. But no, they want to do work there for all four days and I had to work Monday or Tuesday so I declined.

But I get to go to two Halloween Parties instead,

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Obama and Ayers

Here is a excerpt from a blog from Boarshead (,

bama is one of those “teflon” people that nothing sticks to. Radical, leftist past? Bill Ayers? Jeremiah Wright? Franklin Raines? The Action Wire? Legal bullying in Missouri? Some how, none of that matters at all. Maybe it’s because Obama’s been so successful at generating an image of himself as the sort of person who really wouldn’t get his hands dirty, and image is so much more powerful than fact. Or it could be the media not going hardball on those things. I don’t know, but either way, he’s made of teflon, so much so that even BHTers are praising him for being above the fray.

He’s the ultimate chameleon. Bill Clinton was quite gifted at saying whatever the people in front of him wanted to hear, and I see this same knack for public rhetoric in Obama.

I am not going to delve into his post except I do want to critique his point on Ayers and Wright. The conservatives are overblowing the connection between Ayers and Wright. People like that paint the image that Obama is some type of socialist based on these connections.

People who use the subject reasoning have a poor case. Mr. Wright and Mr. Ayers are not policy advisiers and have little to do with how Obama shapes his policy position. Criticism of he choose as his advisers is much stronger arguement but to suggest that Obama is a some radical just because he associates with Mr. Ayers and Mr. Wright is a weak position and voters who believe in the subject line of reasoning are decieved by conservatives. I consider this to be Republican propaganda and therefore, should not be used as a reason for voting aganist Obama.

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