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More Bloodshed in Mexico

The Baja California . What a beautiful portion of stretch of country. But the long road to a failed state begins. CNN reports stated a man had boiled more than 300 bodies in a pool of acid.

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Too many video games

The local TV news tonight reports that a study was just released that discussed that people who play too many video games have poor relationships.

I gave up video games a long time ago. Now, my problem is that I became a RSS and news junkie. I suffer from the same issue as the video game junkie. The one benefit is that I do know what is actually is going on world instead being the High Guildmaster on Worlds of Warcraft.

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Farewell to Mr. Bush and His Legacy of Deceit and Deception

To me, this describes what the Bush legacy. I could write long post, essay, or give you video links. My feelings are best described through the words of Keith Olbermann. Mr. Bush, this you are legacy. A legacy of lie, deceit, and pure impotency in the running of our country. And if I had my way, you go in front of parole board after serving three years begging a parole board for release. From being the leader of the free world to the asking a parole board for early release is the ultimate act of humilitati

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Bars are difficult

So some hot girls came up to me. I tried to make some conservation with them. Navigating the bar scene is actually far easier being sober.

What makes a bar scene difficult is the amount of “noise” in a bar. In my case, all social skills are learned by intellect because I have autism. Bars are the worst place to meet people, too confusing to under for me to read all of the verbals and nonverbals, and I do not drink by choice. I love to party but bars are a place that I avoid unless I am going with close friends. It seems that I do not get tempted to relapse.

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Turning to Spirituality to Deal With Selfishness

A few minutes ago, my mom called me selfish. She called me selfish because I got too frustrated on life’s little issues. One of things that I have to learn is that I cannot rely on myself anymore.

Reliance on myself and my power has resulted in a trip to rehab and requires me to work the steps. A lot of people in a 12-step program has their concept of God that is not derived from any particular faith.

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The Impact of The Recession and How Wall Street Turn Into Junkie and The Way Out

I read an article on CNN about how severe the impact of the recession on America. People that once had $100,000 jobs were trying to scrap for $7 an hour jobs at Kohls. People that were caught into maelstorm that was created by powers that were beyond on their powers.

The simple fact for this recession is greed and the lack of the accountablity in financial industry drove this woman to the unemployment. To use an AA analogy, Merrill Lynch and all of the other investment banks did not want a sponsor. A sponsor to guide them and provide direction to them. And the sponsor was a lazy sponsor. Instead of encouraging strong corporate governance and creating incentives to rewarded proper due dilgance, the investment banking industry became addictied to risk.

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Salary Caps

Salaries Caps eliminate true greatness. Salary caps eliminates the great teams. You love the 49ers and Aikman’s Dallas Cowboys. With a salary cap, you are not going to get a 1970s Steelers or a 1990s 49ers.

Guess who wins? The hot teams. In the good old days, the team chemistry was awesome. People stayed with the same teams for years.

Salary caps are like socialism. It moves everything to the middle. It prevents greatness and dynasties.

Now, all that remains is “hot” teams. The “hot” teams go all the way and win the Superbowl. With the legends, you had titanic games between teams were dynasties. In the good old days, a “hot” team would eventually get burned by one of dynasty

No more 70s-era Cowboys, Steelers, or 49ers. No more Raiders when the Raiders were the Raiders. Those days are done with.

And because we do not have the “great” teams anymore is going to make the Superbowl into the “Snoozebowl”

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