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The important thing is never to stop questioning.” – Albert Einstein

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After working hard to try rid myself of my resentment towards conservatives ideas, recent actions by conservative politicans had fueled my resentment and now my bitter anger has returned with a vengeance. In recovery, resentment is the number one offender and a deep political resentment ruins serenity and my inner peace. And yet, that resentment is deep in my soul and hard to let go even though I would like it to disappear.

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I am Diet Coke Drinker And My Habit Will Kill Me

I drinks lots and lots of soda. I like the taste of soda. Especially diet soda. I probably drink to two to four diet sodas a day. While my waist might be not growing, it could result in other problems. Like cancer. And I guess my habit might have to end as reported by Grist

“Modern-day commercial colas (both diet and regular) get their characteristic dark hue from something manufacturers call “caramel color.” On Wednesday, the Center for Science in the Public Interest formally petitioned the FDA to ban the chemicals that fall under that ambiguous label, on the grounds that they’ve been shown to be carcinogenic.

Wait, the FDA is allowing a cancer-causing substance to be used widely by the food industry and consumed by millions of people daily, without warning?

Evidently so. Indeed, to illustrate the difficulty our regulatory institutions face in trying to protect the public health against intense industry pressure to do nothing, I can think of no finer example than a simple can of diet cola.

As I pointed out in two recent posts, the sweetener in most commercial diet sodas is aspartame, a substance that won FDA approval under dodgy circumstances and continues to be dogged by studies that find it carcinogenic.

Moreover, the container soda typically comes in is itself deeply problematic. Nearly all cans used by the U.S. beverage industry contain bisphenol A, commonly known as BPA. Here’s how Scientific American describes it: “In recent years dozens of scientists around the globe have linked BPA to myriad health effects in rodents: mammary and prostate cancer, genital defects in males, early onset of puberty in females, obesity, and even behavior problems such as attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder”

I asked a friend while he did not drink Diet Soda and he told me that it was not healthy.  I thought he was lying.  Now, it might be time to replace the diet soda with water.


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Wind Caves

Here is a  picture of a wind caves.    The wind caves are located in Fish Creek portion of the park.    The wind caves are formed by the force of the wind and are the result of wind erosion.  The wind in this area can frequently speeds of over 40 mph and given enough time, the wind erosion blasts into the rocks and forms wind caves.

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Canyon Sin Nombre

Here is a picture of a slot canyon at the Canyon Sin Nombre.  The canyon was formed from occasional flash floods that hit the area from time to time.  The rocks in the area are about one to three million years old.  At that time,  the area covered by freshwater lakes and the rocks that are deposited in the canyon are from the lake.  The rocks show that the area shows that the area received significantly more rain and had a wider range of plants and animals that what exists today.

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The Savagery Of The Iranian Death Machine

It seems that Iran has death killing spree this year. Lots and lots of people that would have received minor criminal punishment in the United States instead are going to gallows. Now, Fox News publishes a story that a man developing pornography websites was killed today by hanging. His crime was just developing pornography websites for consenting adults over the age of 18.

Even China has strict laws against pornography as reported by Interpol, does not give the death penalty for distribution of adult pornography. The worst Chinese child pornographer receives a life without parole sentence which is similar to the penalty in the United States.

Iran uses religion as method for strict control of citizenry. The Iranian clerics are not really serving the religion of Islam, but rather to maintain and hold on to power. True faith is liberty and freedom from sin and does not involve control of others. The Iranian people are being denied the chance to practice their Islamic faith with true religious freedom. Instead, they are being suppressed by power-hungry clerics who are paranoid and fearful of their own populace. Like any state that uses the excessive use of the death penalty, the Iranians use it to strike fear into people.

Iran might not be pursuing a nuclear program, but it a nation where power is based on fear and control. They are so fearful of liberty, that they are willing to go any lengths to prevent freedom by executing a man whose mere crime was to develop pornography website.

In the United States, this a freedom that we take for granted. We should feel grateful that our country allows to have freedom to look at erotica and also grants us the freedom to practice our faith. True liberty is a gift from God (if he does exists) and he gives us the freedom not to look it so that we can make conscious contact with him. Let us now be grateful for the freedom that we do have today.

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Bye Bye Mubark

It looks it is bye bye for Mubark. According to Fox News , it looks like that Mubark has been shown the door and has decided to leave office by September 2011. Mubark cannot deal with 250,000 people chanting down with “Down With Mubrak” and he knew it was time to go.

Will this result in a freely democratic Egypt? Or this going to result in half-measures? The main problem that Egypt is how to develop democratic institutions that are not corrupt. Just because you change the government does not mean that you are going to root out corruption.

The country still has massive issues with poverty and corruption. Poverty and corruption cannot be rooted out overnight. It takes years and years to root out the corruption institutions and replace them with the well-run institutions.

The people in Egypt need to elect good leadership will implement reforms at a moderate pace. Reforms should drastic, but introduce over time to ensure that the reforms are properly designed and operationally effective. Trying to set-up democratic institutions that exist in Western European countries takes many, many year. The Egyptian people should demand change, but show patience to ensure that the leadership has the time to design the proper instutitions of democratic governance.

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