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Man Accused of Masturbating In Manure

The UPI reports that a man in England broke into a bar and masturbated in the manure.   He kept breaking into the farm despire having a restrained order.  He got a nice 20 week trip to jail for this incident.

If I were the judge,  I would sentence him to 40 weeks in jail instead, I suspend 30 weeks of the sentences for a period of a year. The purpose is to get the guy into a mental health treatment and have the guy starting working on intensive psychothearpy while doubling the sentence as a stick to ensure the man stays in treatment.

The offender would have a date in court every two months to show supporting documentation that he is proceeding with treatment.

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Popurl is simply a wet orgasm for link freaks like myself.  Mann, what I have been missing.

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The Good Thing

The good thing is that somebody is else is blogging about Calfornia Prison Crisis and I do not need to be solo dissenting voice from the left with a dedicated blog to it.   Because guess what, I do not have the time for this kind of stuff.

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Wisdom From Meeting

Soberity is my job and my job is to working a spiritual solution to my life. By doing that, everything will fall into place including getting a relationship.

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Tweet of The Day

Tweet of the day.

“u know u having a ghetto thanksgiving when ur uncle who just got out of jail use weed and maujuana as turkey seasoning”

That is pure Ghettofablous

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LA Times: Crazy USC Fan Decides to Vandal UCLA Bruin Statue

Somebody crazy USC fan thought it was a good idea to spray paint the Bruin Statue with the colors of USC. Perhaps, somebody can spray paint the USC mascot some purple and gold.

Personally, I thought that was kind of funny except for a charge of felony vandalism is waiting for this jokster.

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Quote of the Day

“Today’s society must “Imagine, Reinvent, Reinvest and Reinspire” itself. How will you use your gifts and talentsto focus on ‘giving’ rather than ‘getting’? What does reinventing yourself mean and how do you imagine reinventing yourself?”

John Hope Bryant, founder of Operation HOPE and author of LOVE LEADERSHIP: The New Way to Live in a Fear-BasedWorld

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Ill With A Cold

Sickness! It seems that sickness is something that I have to deal with. A scratchy voice, a minor cough, and stuffy nose hearlds this bout with the cold. At least, it is not a leach like the first round of the cold back in October.

The one thing that I pray is that I do not get the H1N1. Actually, I need to see if there is any flu shot programs to get me vaccinated before Mother Winter comes up with her fiery blasts of coldness.

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Teabaggers Thoughts on Al Gore

Tea Party Person's Thoughts On Al Gore

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