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Man Accused of Masturbating In Manure

The UPI reports that a man in England broke into a bar and masturbated in the manure.   He kept breaking into the farm despire having a restrained order.  He got a nice 20 week trip to jail for this incident.

If I were the judge,  I would sentence him to 40 weeks in jail instead, I suspend 30 weeks of the sentences for a period of a year. The purpose is to get the guy into a mental health treatment and have the guy starting working on intensive psychothearpy while doubling the sentence as a stick to ensure the man stays in treatment.

The offender would have a date in court every two months to show supporting documentation that he is proceeding with treatment.

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Popurl is simply a wet orgasm for link freaks like myself.  Mann, what I have been missing.

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The Good Thing

The good thing is that somebody is else is blogging about Calfornia Prison Crisis and I do not need to be solo dissenting voice from the left with a dedicated blog to it.   Because guess what, I do not have the time for this kind of stuff.

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Wisdom From Meeting

Soberity is my job and my job is to working a spiritual solution to my life. By doing that, everything will fall into place including getting a relationship.

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Tweet of The Day

Tweet of the day.

“u know u having a ghetto thanksgiving when ur uncle who just got out of jail use weed and maujuana as turkey seasoning”

That is pure Ghettofablous

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LA Times: Crazy USC Fan Decides to Vandal UCLA Bruin Statue

Somebody crazy USC fan thought it was a good idea to spray paint the Bruin Statue with the colors of USC. Perhaps, somebody can spray paint the USC mascot some purple and gold.

Personally, I thought that was kind of funny except for a charge of felony vandalism is waiting for this jokster.

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