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Car Camps for Homeless Peoples

It is important that we start to pressure our local politicans to provide better services for the homeless.  As the economic crises worsen, more and more people are becoming homeless.   Even people that held high-paying jobs are at risk of becoming homeless.

For example, cities should start to follow in the direction of Seattle,  This is excerpt of an article on local Seattle TV station

“A new effort is in progress in Ballard to create car camps for people who live in their vehicles, reported KIRO 7 Eyewitness News.


In Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood, it’s common to see people such as Tom Nickels living in RVs and other vehicles under the Ballard Bridge.


Nickels said his RV is the only way he can afford to live in Ballard and considers himself lucky.


“Having a vehicle with a hard roof when it’s raining is a pretty nice feeling,” said Nickels.


KIRO 7 Eyewitness News reporter George Howell found people living in their vehicles all over Ballard.


Some light fires and use barbecues to cook on.


Some business owners said the mobile living arrangement causes problems.


“Within half a block (of my business) there is a crack dealer, people who throw excrement out of the front door and walk in and out of it, and when it gets too stinky they move half a block,” said business owner Doug Harris”

People that complain about crime need to understand that this nation is severe economic distress and people need a place to live.  Homeless services like car camps can allow people to have a place to live and also a place to create community and fellowship when they life circumstances are bleak

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