Here’s something you haven’t heard much around California during the past 14 months: Get out your umbrellas.

Forecasters say significant rain is in the future — both this week and possibly next winter, with computer models showing promising signs of an El Niño, the phenomenon when Pacific Ocean waters warm up, often bringing wet winters to California.

It’s a double dose of positive news for the drought-stricken state. While predicting weather too far into future is still unreliable, this week’s storm system charging in from the Pacific Ocean is a safer bet: The storm is expected to hit the Bay Area on Wednesday afternoon, bringing up to four days of steady rain that meteorologists say should provide a desperately needed soaking.

“It’s pretty promising. All the computer models are in agreement, and that’s a really good sign,” said Duane Dykema, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Monterey. “It looks like we’ll get a series of storms with widespread rainfall.”

Rainfall should vary from 2 to 5 inches across much of the Bay Area and the rest of the state, he said, with 2 to 3 feet of new snow in the Sierra Nevada”

Rain is coming.  But is this freakout events? Or does God have a blessing for California or is God tricking his?  In reality, the global climate is very complex and difficult to predict.

In reality, this is climate change with extreme varations in weather.  But are we willing to pay the price of $8.00 for gasoline to funnel money to reinvest money into fuel economy and massive public transit investment. 

The reality is that possible because the designers of the California dream did not see global climate change as they built the master-plan communities in the 1950s – 1980s.  They did not see the cost of excessive urban sprawl to climate change and did not design adequate housing and public transit system to deal with the sprawl.

This is problem in California and the rest of the yes.

Get used to more drought because it will become reality.  Yes, some people are going to have to move out of state and maybe people are going to have learn to have smaller families.