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My anger aganist the Conservative right is growing by the second. This post on Truthdig is fueling my activism ( I am person who believes in fiscal conservatism but I also believe in the concept of social justice and now this make me angry.

Along with the information that I learned about prop six turns me into full-time political activist for one month, I support the Junior Senator from Illinois and must support him as much as I can. I no longer hide in my bunker in Mission Viejo because it is time to get the message out. This fuels my anger and now my passion for change is deep.

I am a DOD auditor so there is limits on what I can do but last time I heard there is free speech and this protected by the Bill of Rights. My goal is protect the American people from graft and abuse from Defense Contractors.

This is no longer but politics but rather protect the freedoms that I cherish and social views that I cherish. Now it gers personal.

As a country, we need to rise up and face the Congress and demand change. But before we demand change, the American people must do extensive research on the issue before demanding change. When a uber-informed public contacts Congresss and we know the issues inside and out, we can demand change and they will listen. But changes requires a significant amount of effort on YOUR part. D.C listens to the citizens that do their homework and know the issue inside and out.

Our Congressman listen to the lobbyist because they know the issue inside and out because they are paid. But if we take the time to learn the issues instead of watching American Idol, then we can demand change

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