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Carl Sagan Expalins The Origing of the Universe

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Chris Hedges

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FIghting Depression

Fighting depression is an area that I struggle with.   I feel that I have lost my self-confindence and alcohol has become the perfect substitute for dealing with my lack of self-confidence.  

Alcohol provides only temporary solution that gets you through a day.  But it does not lead to long-term happiness.  It leads to a ruin life and depression

For some reason, I would rather drink through life.  It is a terrible thing to do, but I have to remain numb to my feelings and as long that I have my current job , I am going to drink

It is just this face of life that I have to get depressed about.  Depression means nothing but misery in life and that is how I feel about life is nothing but misery.  Misery generated from a job that I cannot do

So I love you misery! Misery you make good company.

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Porn does not make you any happier

Let’s break it to everybody.  Jacking off feels good.  But it is nothing that you should constantly.  There is a link between porn and depression as discussed below

“Think your real-life relationships are unsatisfying?Well, consider this before you look for love and companionship in the extra-human realm. A study last month by Australian researchers found that men who have cyber sex had “alarmingly high” rates of depression, stress and anxiety.   The study surveyed 1,325 men from the U.S. and Australia who spent an average of 12 hours a week engaged in Internet sex activities, including porn, online chats, and Web cams.The men were then evaluated for mental health. More than a quarter (27 percent) were moderately to severely depressed, 30 percent had high levels of anxiety, and 35 percent were moderately to severely stressed.The most avid cybersex users were also the most severely depressed.  

The researchers caution, to the relief of many, that the correlation doesn’t mean porn causes depression, or that sad people flock to porn.Although, for those in the latter group, previous research has indicated that simulated sex doesn’t cause the same release of stress-relieving”

All of stuff that I watch at Cliphunter is only for temporary relief. I do not spend hours and hours thinking about fantasies of having anal sex with a hot chick.

It is only temporary sexual relief that it is done a few times a week to relief the sexual urges that men  have.  When porn is used on occassion and not viewed for hours on end, it is has a relaxing effect for me.

Some men just do not have social skills to get into relationships or life issues where relationships would make things very difficult to handle.  In my case, I greatly qualify to do this.  I have multiple stressors right now and a relationship is the last thing that I need.

However, if I let myself look at that stuff for hours and hours, I am going to be depressed.  The  feeling of relief that it brings for temporary moment is going to replace with  stress that I do not need.

I urge that porn be watched in moderation and only if you do not have access to the real thing.  It is highly addicting habit that some people just cannot handle.  For myself, I stay away from liquor because it has dangerous effect. Moderate drinking is not an activity that I can enjoy.  On other hand, porn is something that I do in moderation and therefore, I can handle it.

However, there is people out there where porn is like liquor and they should not look at it.  The amount of pleasure recieved will be replaced high level of stress.  An old sponsor told me that watching porn takes away the pleasure of the real thing just a little bit each time that is done.

In conclusion, I need to remember that my coping mechanism allow me to watch it, but for others, it is going to create deviant thoughts and more stress in life that you cna imagine.  Therefore, porn is not everybody and the impact of your porn upon your psyche is something you have to be very careful about doing.


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Major solar storm

Major solar storms happened today!  Wow, the sun is surely a violent place

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An Insanely Hard Quiz

This is an insanely hard quiz  I struck out on my attempts to do it.  And I supposed to be the master of trivia.

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My self-will st…

My self-will stinks.  It stinks to high heaven.  For too long, I have tried to live on self-will, but to learn that my own place in this universe is a low one. My own bottom is a creation from its own self-will. I had thought that the I had the ability to handle life on life term’s. How dare I think that?  The reality is that my self-will had told me that I am full of it. I have to seek out God and find him now.  I cannot walk the path of life without divine assistance any more.  Yeah, I have run the show and look where it got me. In a place and a bind that I cannot recovery without God.  A place that I cry out for pity and the reality is there is none.  None, I deserve what I got, but if there is a God, he is willing to find me to find him. I have given up on trying to find the answers within.  Now, I seek the divine for help.  I have placed myself in a situation that I cannot handle and I cannot deal with. I do not ask for sympathy because I deserve what I got. I run out of answers and now I seek out the one that forgives my past actions

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