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Is Ron Artest On The Wagon

This something that true alcoholics.


“”I used to drink Hennessy … at halftime,” Artest said in an interview with the Sporting News, which is publishing the story in its Dec. 7 issue. “I [kept it] in my locker. I’d just walk to the liquor store and get it”

Only problem drinkers or true blue alcoholics do stuff like that. I hope that Mr. Artest cuts back on drinking or betteing yet, he should abstain from drinking.

I do not the Lakers to lose a game because one of the stars decides to get drunk at half time. To me, if he did that means that his life to
be unmanageable and he has earned a free seat for life in the rooms telling me his story.

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The Ducks Did It

I read in USA Today that the Ducks beat the Shark. I am going to wonder if LA is going to have both the Stanley Cup and the NBA Finals. And for my friends Mike and Matt, my team is still alive and your team is not

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Terrell Owens

It looks like that Terrell Owens is headed to the Bills. My friend Mike nows has to live with the consequences of having the Homewrecker on his team. At least the SD Super Chargers did not sign Terrell Owens. Cuz I do not want the Homewrecker on my Chargers.

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Salary Caps

Salaries Caps eliminate true greatness. Salary caps eliminates the great teams. You love the 49ers and Aikman’s Dallas Cowboys. With a salary cap, you are not going to get a 1970s Steelers or a 1990s 49ers.

Guess who wins? The hot teams. In the good old days, the team chemistry was awesome. People stayed with the same teams for years.

Salary caps are like socialism. It moves everything to the middle. It prevents greatness and dynasties.

Now, all that remains is “hot” teams. The “hot” teams go all the way and win the Superbowl. With the legends, you had titanic games between teams were dynasties. In the good old days, a “hot” team would eventually get burned by one of dynasty

No more 70s-era Cowboys, Steelers, or 49ers. No more Raiders when the Raiders were the Raiders. Those days are done with.

And because we do not have the “great” teams anymore is going to make the Superbowl into the “Snoozebowl”

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