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Thoughts On Sarah Palin

The Weekly Standard had a post stating that somebody wrote a book on Sarah Palin being persecuted by the mainstream media.   My opinion is that Sarah Palin has not been persecuted but rather fairly criticized on character defects within her personality and a worldview that does not properly address the massive problems of that America has today such as the consequences of American imperialism, climate change, and massive inequity in society.

If the Republicans use her as a cheerleader or spokesperson for conservative causes, I conclude that is proper role for her.  However, I do not respect her for being an expert on foreign and domestic policy and I think that she has very limited credentials in the areas of foreign and domestic policy.   When she opens her mouth on policy matters,  it just seems to be fodder for late-night TV shows and Olbermann’s “Worst Person in the World”.  But I am a progressive liberal and so my comments on Palin  would be probably considered to be biased.

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Shut Your Trap

Here is another Republican Congressman that decided to open his mouth (

“Liberals hate real Americans that work and achieve and believe in God.”

Why would you make a stupid remark like that? What motivates such ignorance? This man has directly insulted me. I like real americans that work hard and I am friends with several conservative Christians.

This one of the clearest example of moronic stereotyping that I have seen in this election. This guy should be not be reelected because this remark shows that he has poor judgment.

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