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Culture Wars

It is time for me to end the with war. The war is a war of vast misunderstandings. I have decide that the culture wars are irrelevant to a belief in Christ. I think there is no bibical basis for the cultural wars. The fall of man does not depend on the earth being 4000 years old. It considers that gays have the rights of civil liberties and gay marriage should be legal if the intent of the constitution was to have marriage regardless of persuasion. Gay sex is a sin but all sex outside of the marriage convenant is sin.

I agree with BM’s of progressive view of culture. There are a lot of differences between me and the community on spiritual issues but I think for the first time in my life that I got it. My belief system is what will keep me sober and be spiritually content. A faith in Christ is critical for spiritually fufillment. However, part of my personal development requires contiunal participation in Burning Man.

What I am alizing is that my path is unique. Everybody spiritual path is different. Each people follows their path to spiritual fufillment. While my spirituality preaches the road is narrow, the world offer many paths to life.

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