The Whole Middle East Is Collasping

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CBS News reports
“A day after suicide bombers attacked a pair of mosques in the Yemeni capital, the U.S. military decided to pull the remainder of its troops out of the rapidly fragmenting nation, CBS News confirmed Saturday.A

A purported affiliate of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or ISIS, claimed responsibility for the bombings, which also wounded 357 people – raising the alarming possibility the extremist group has expanded its presence to Yemen after already setting up a branch in Libya. Earlier this week, the group claimed responsibility for a bloody attack on Western tourists in Tunisia that authorities said was carried out by militants trained in Libya”

After this event, it seems that the entire Middle East is in a state of chaos. ISIS is in a war in Iraq. There is Syria vs ISIS. Shite vs Sunni (forgot about: ISIS). Egypt Vs Muslism Brotherhood. Libya is in shreds.

What is going on there. Is this all due to exclusively due to US imperalism. The answer is “Yes, but”.
The reality is that the Middle East has a huge difficulty in establishing democratic instutitions because the Islamic culture is heavily grounded in authortain governments. For the last 1300 years, the Arab Middle East has been control by a small number of rulers from tribal ruling families to the Ottoman leaders. Despite the Western incursion into the Middle East, it was the West who try to introduce democratic governments to the Middle East.

However, the main problem was the West was not interested in developing home-grown democratic institutions in the Middle East. It was interested in getting regimes that were going to Western industries cheap access to resources and goods at the expense of developing home-grown democratic movements. Instead, the West try to prop up leaders through “democratic methods” to gain control to resources. A home-grown democratic movement might want to collectivize the industry and not let Western oil extractors share in the wealth. Therefore, it was better to follow with the ages-long tradiiton of following

So what is going in Yemen. It is the failure to develop national home-grown democratic movements at the expense of getting rulers that will do exactly what it will say on battiling terrorism. The US’s logic is that terrorists must be prevented at all costs because it would have huge, huge indirect costs to economy based on the psychological fear factor. Therefore, the US is willing to spend billions on buying off leaders to do what it is says so it can control those leaders and bomb terrorists who have remote interest in attacking the “Fortress America” which can not handle a terrorist attack because it would be considered to show American leadership be weak by not protecting the “homeland”.

Instead of eradicating the terrorists, we get what we opposite desire. Instead of trying to deeply understanding Yemani culture and understand the deep rifts between Sunni and Shia, our leadership ignores those division and just bombs random terrorists. The way to eradicate the terrorists is to learn the process of restorative justice and bring the Sunnis and Shias to the table for reconciliation.

It is not sexy as taking a UAV and bombing a few random rag-tag unemployed Arab males who join Al-Queda for sense of adventure and pay check. The best way to be in the Middle East is the country that brings people together and negotiate peace. Like the Good Friday agreement and resolving the conflict in Bosina, the US has recent track record for peacemaking. However, the Bush administration and its warmongering left an entire generation leaders who know nothing about force and hard diplomacy to resolve situtations.

And this is a backdrop why some Yemenis lose their lives because the US just does not understand soft diplomacy and really does not reward it. Yes, enemies like ISIS need to dealt with brute force, but most conflicts are handled through diplomacy and restorative justice. Not through by employing a some video-game jockey who gets paid to do his thrill by running UAV and targets some raghead terrorists that were really disillusioned Arab males

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