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Martin Luther King, Vietnam War, and Poverty

This is one of the darkest moments in our history, the Vietnam War.   We have lots of videos of Martin Luther King as the civil rights leader.  What is most forgotten about Martin Luther King was that he was an outspoken critic of the Vietnam War.

History tell us that one of the greatest follies in American history was the Vietnam War and Martin Luther King, in this video,  makes  a passionate case to get out of  Vietnam.

He also talks about the “other America”.  Millions of people of walking and looking for jobs that do not exist.  They live in substandard living conditions and the schools are inadequate.

Here is a video that shows Martin Luther King speaking out aganist poverty

Poverty and war go together.   Poverty trancends all races and sexes.  I read news accounts that state that income inequity as all time high and this means that poverty abounds in an era of massive unemployment.   In some ways, unemployment plagues our economy a  a higher  level  than it did during the era of Martin Luther King.

Martin Luther Kings message against war and poverty still resonates today.  Let’s remember his legacy and let our political leadership  accountable to ensure that our social safety net is not further unwound.

That is what Dr. Martin Luther King talking about today.   And that is what he means me  for  today.

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On Politics And Anger

Dwelling on politics is the one thing that makes me angry. And I have a white hot temper especially when it comes to dealing with political issues. Reading the news sometimes makes me very angry.

However, I have to remind myself constantly that deep resentment towards politicians only leads down the road towards unhappiness and futility. For me, harboring a deep resentment can be toxic especially a political one can be toxic. That deep anger sheds me away from the sunlight of the spirit.

It squanders my time because I spend so much time to trying to read about it. I feel constant pressure that I have to become some kind of community organizer that organizes people to stand up the plutocrats and their servants, the Republican party.

At the end of the day, it is better to admit that the country is a plutocracy, and not a democracy. It is better to admit to the fact that the rich rule this country than try to become something that is beyond my power. Resentment makes me miserably ineffective and it often spoils my day.

Other people can turn their wrath into action, but I have to surrender to the concept that there is little that I can do this on issue. I have certain limitations that limit for pursuing my dreams of trying to bring social justice to this land. It is time for me to realize that the grouch and the sudden rage is not for me.

Normal people have the luxury of being angry, but I do not. The reality is that I need in a state of serenity most of time. I need to accept the reality that surrounds me and accept things that I cannot change. Acceptance means letting go of anger and focusing on things that I can control. It means that I laugh and smile at life, even though my circumstances could be grim and depressing.

If I really want to change things, I have to learn acceptance and have serenity. Serenity, and not anger will allow to cope with the difficult times.

Anger is not going to make other side go away. It is nonviolent resistance that has worked in the past. And people that are constant state of serenity are ones who can allow nonviolent resistance to work. Therefore, social justice is achieved by those are at peace with themselves and the world.

For my recovery, deep-seated resentment is not my friend. It is an emotion that I should not entertain. Calmness and peace are the tools for recovery.

In conclusion, I ask my higher power to rid me of resentment and fill me with serenity. That I have calmness and peace and not anger and rage. Resentment will lead me down the path of deep-seated misery and I now have the freedom not to pursue that path.
And I need to accept that there is little that I can do at this time given my limitations.

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And I Though That I Was Bad

I thought was the messiest person around.  In a letter to advice columnist at the Omaha World-Herald, somebody else is messier than me and it is the wife.  Here is an excerpt from the letter

Dear Annie: Our daughter-in-law, “Mary,” takes little pride in her appearance and is a terrible housekeeper. She works part time, so she could surely take care of the household chores.

We have seen the clothes thrown everywhere, crumbs on the floor, unwashed dishes, dust and dirt. There are several cats that jump on tables and countertops, and the litter box is rarely emptied, so the place stinks. Worse, Mary is a hoarder.

Mary’s mother may not be aware of the living conditions because she stays with other relatives when she visits and never goes into Mary’s house. I think she would be appalled. Now that there is a baby, we are concerned for his well-being.

Our relationship with Mary is unfortunately strained. She would not appreciate our concern and interprets any show of support as meddling. We have talked to our son, who acknowledges Mary’s shortcomings but overlooks them. He works full time and contributes as much as time will allow to the household chores.

The last thing we want to do is cause trouble, but we are so worried about our grandson. Should we continue to keep quiet and look the other way”

The wife seems not to take any action to develop better cleaning habits for her house.  Like the woman described in the letter, I have bad habits that make my living space to be consistently messy.

In my case, it is my resolution to be habitually neat as stated in a prior post. My living space might not be the most tidiest in the world, but I want make it to presentable to other people.

If there was a betting pool for a divorce, I would wager a small bet.  I am going to bet that the person marriage will fail due to “irreconcilable differences” between the wife and her husband.  And “the irreconcilable difference” will be her lack of being tidy in her living space.

I never want to date a neat freak, but I would not date somebody like this wife.  She would encourage the worst of my habits and I need somebody that wants me to keep a tidy living space.


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New Year’s Resolutions

My New’s Year Resolution are listed below:

1.  My first New Year’s resolution is to work on becoming habitually neat.  Habitually neat means that I frequently check my surroundings from items that are on the floor and picking thems up.  It also means that I check my desk three times a day for trash or loose papers that needed to be shreded.  In addition, my car would be checked once a day for trash and trash would be disposed of.

2. My second New Year’s resolution is to learn to make my more meals at home and therefore eating less TV dinners and going out to dinner.

3. Limit myself to eating out once a week for lunch or dinner unless I have multiple social engagements with friends that involve eating out.

4.  On weekend’s afternoon, spend one to two hours in activity other than spending on the Internet.  The subject task could be walking around the mall, reading a book, or watching a movie/TV show.

5.  Try to learn one thing a day about relationships through movies, culture, the news, or  by observing other people’s  interactions.

A more exhaustive list could be made, but I want to stick to the five goals that I listed above because these are ones that I am going to place the most focus on.  The subject goals are easily achieveable and would go a long way to improve the quality of my life.

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