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Even Michael Savages Knows That We Are in Oligchary

From the Washington Times

“Indefatigable talk radio host Michael Savage is adding some noteworthy reinvention to his format after 2014 finally gives way to 2015. “Politics has always been the bread and butter of my show. I’m the one who has been promoting “borders, language and culture” for 20 years. But we all know we live in a one-party system that’s basically an oligarchy. To hear about politics every day is boring. I’ll continue to talk about the news when we need to talk about it. Next year, though, I’m moving into diverse lifestyle topics as well,” says the veteran commentator and author, who is heard nationwide by about 7 million listeners.

Wake up the smell of the coffee. This is what the left and Thom Hartmann have been talking about for years

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Wingnuts From World Net Daily Make Teeth Creeth Cringe

So I was looking for an article on Facism and I found this zinger on World Net Daily

“n politics, one faction – the left – has become habitually mendacious. That habit of disregard for the objective truth is costly and dangerous. Costly because error is expensive and persistent error is persistently expensive. Dangerous because the left is the totalitarian faction, and it arrogantly demands and enforces abject deference not to what is true but to what is “politically correct,” whether or not it is true.

The great lie of fascism – a hard-left movement now all but wiped out – was that the Jews were not human. The great lie of communism – still unfortunately going strong over the counter in the world’s most populous nation and under the counter almost everywhere else – is that all who disagree with the party line are not human and may be slaughtered at will. These two great lies led to at least 100 million deaths in the 20th century.

The great lie of hard-left totalitarianism’s new face – environmentalist extremism – is that those who question how much warming we shall cause by converting one part in 2500 of the air from oxygen to plant food in the next 100 years are anti-human and should be executed.

With increasing frequency, the so-called “greens” are demanding show trials for the likes of me on grounds of “high crimes against humanity,” as a now-retired NASA communist used to put it. “Kill them, kill them all!” is their cry.

Common to all the manifestations of leftist totalitarianism is an utter disregard for the very concept of objective truth.

Mr. Obama says the birth certificate on the White House website is genuine. It is obviously false. Mr Obama says global warming is happening faster than expected. It has not happened at all for 18 years and two months. Mr Obama says you can keep your existing doctor if you want. No, you can’t. Mr Obama said he would cut the national debt. He has more than doubled it in just seven years.

When I wrote a series of columns about the medical dangers of homosexuality a few weeks back, there were shrieks of rage from one faction – the left. They tried to say my facts and figures were false. Yet every fact and every figure was not only true but carefully referenced. Why, then, the knee-jerk reaction? Because the facts did not fit the party line, and the party line must prevail.

Mr. Obama’s plan to get the power-hungry EPA to make laws to wreck the nation’s electricity generating system is unconstitutional because Article 1, Section 1 of the Constitution reserves all legislative power to Congress, and because Congress has expressly forbidden the EPA to regulate power plants in the manner it now proposes. That is the truth. But the left cares nothing for the truth. Their absolute disregard for absolute truth has made a mockery of democracy and the Constitution.

If you read the contents of article, you know this is a bunch of BS. I do not need to explain it for the writer proves himself to be a real wingnut. Of course World Net Daily is World Net Daily which bunch of wingnuts.

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UKIP Embraces ALEC.

It looks like our old friends at UKIP are friends with ALEC

Ukip MEPs are actively supporting an American right-wing corporate lobbying body which its critics say denies climate change.

Three of Nigel Farage’s MEPs, including its energy spokesperson Roger Helmer, have added their names to a letter signed by over 200 US state lawmakers and organised by the American Legislative Exchange Council (Alec).

This is not a body most political parties in Britain would be keen to associate with. It is a powerful lobbying group sponsored by corporate interests and is a favourite of Tea Party types. It bankrolls climate change sceptics and promotes a ‘model’ climate change bill will suggests global warming is “possibly beneficial” to the planet.

Alec encourages climate change deniers to “educate” lawmakers by claiming there is no scientific consensus on the issue. Its most recent meeting in Dallas saw one of its speakers deliver a presentation dismissing the International Panel on Climate Change as being “not a credible source of man-made economics”. Its incoming national chair, the Texan Republican Phil King, has said: “I think the global warming theory is bad science.”

For me, that is an instant green light to vote against that voter.  For one, anybody that supports ALEC’s agenda is supporting an anti-capitalist agenda (which is ironic), but one that is designed to preserve the self-interest of tiny minority of companies and not ensuring that health of the market in the long-term.  ALEC’s true agenda will result in (i) destruction of consumer demand through income inequality and (ii) engaging in behavior that promotes the moral hazard of climate change ie the lack of incentive to guard against risk where one is protected from its consequences.

What a bunch of bozos who nothing about market economics 101.  A vote for the UKIP is a vote against protecting the integrity of our market economy and therefore, voting these bozos is voting against common sense.

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Dealing Life in Recovery

Right now, I feel that my life is headed into place of limbo.  Like that type of limbo. Limbo is defined as state of an uncertain period of awaiting a decision or resolution; an intermediate state or condition..  My life is limbo because my next career moves are in the unknown

For the last one and half months, I had enrolled my in a vocational training program.  The vocational training program is supposed to teach me soft skills.  Where this program leads me is the great unknown.  For the last several months, I have been looking, looking, and looking for the right opportunity.  Few opportunities arose.  Temporary jobs have been offered and I am awaiting the results of my CTEC test and work with local tax preparer.

Yet, the sense of a permanent position eludes me.  Working full-time for any employer for more than six months eludes me. I might have to start at the bottom again.  It is not starting at the bottom that worries me, but the pending sense of the economic crises that makes me worry.  So what I am worried about is that the global economic system is headed towards a massive depression and all of this hard word will poof and disappear.\

Yet that fear looms in many people today.  But trying to prevent a massive economic crises that is the fault of the worlds elite is something we cannot prevent. Or could prevent if we had the willpower to launch a massive protest movement that the US has never seen.  But us in the US just do not have that abillity.

So the best thing is to take one day at a time as they state in recovery literture.

Which is sometimes painful when you are worrying about the future and a  sense a limbo does not offer hope.  But limbo is something that the steps and programs teaches you to deal with.

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Why Low Tax Are Not the Answer to Protect the Social Safety Net

Well, the American Prospect makes an excellent point about why the GOP hates Taxes

“ut the real source of the conservative support for tax cuts is moral, not practical. They believe that taxes are inherently immoral — the government stealing from you the fruits of your labor (or inheritance or wise investments, as the case may be) to enact its nefarious schemes. Taxes should therefore be as low as possible. Conservatives also tend to believe that progressive taxation is doubly immoral, since it takes more from the most virtuous among us.”

The reality is that an ideal libertarian society is that the rich are the ones who are the one who make the decision about private .  But as we can see, the private version of social safety net has failed miserably especially in the day and age when the wealthy are not virtuous people or give their money to causes that do not really duplicate what the government social safety net does or create an alternative, more efficient private social safety net.

Usually a church is the best person for a private social safety net, but, a church and religious institutions work well in tandem with a basic governmental social safety.  Therefore, the goal of the private social safety net program is to plug in the holes that the public sector cannot fill.  The argument that the a bunch of wealthy millionaires and billionaires can recreate the current US social safety net is a bunch of hogwash.  The wealthy can ultimately pick the winners and losers in the social safety net instead of providing an equitable social safety

So that is why we need to have income taxes that are moderate to high to ensure that the public social safety nets are properly funded, but taxes should not to be to high so that the wealthy donor or religious institutions can plug the holes that the public sector cannot properly fund.

It seems that the modern GOP does not get this and all they want to give money to a bunch of wealthy people who are at the end of the day cannot or would not replace the public social safety tax.  Therefore, the cutting taxes are the “moral thing to do” is completely dead wrong.

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Why We Do Need To Give Egypt More Helicopters

Reuters report
“(Reuters) – Egypt received 10 Apache helicopters from the United States in the past week, security sources said on Saturday, a sign of easing tensions between the long-time allies confronting Islamist extremism across the region.

The United States originally announced in April that it had decided to lift its hold on the delivery of the attack helicopters, imposed last year after the military toppled elected president Mohamed Mursi and cracked down hard on his Muslim Brotherhood supporters.

The Pentagon said in September that the United States would deliver the helicopters, built by Boeing Co., to support Cairo’s counter-terrorism efforts.

Egypt is fighting an Islamist insurgency targeting mostly security personnel and based mainly in the lawless Sinai Peninsula bordering Israel and the Gaza Strip.

The most powerful militant group there, Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis, swore allegiance last month to Islamic State, the al-Qaeda offshoot that swept across northern Iraq and Syria earlier this year and now faces U.S.-led air strikes.

Egypt has created a one-kilometer buffer zone along the border with Gaza by clearing houses and trees and destroying subterranean tunnels it says militants use to smuggle arms from Islamist-controlled Gaza.:

Why do we need to give them more helicopters when they have such a bad record on human rights. Even Morsi had a better record on human rights than these guys did.

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Majority of Christians Believe in Christmas Holiday, But I am not one of those.

The Washington Times states

“It is not much reported in the mainstream media, but some significant majorities of Americans back the “historical accuracy” of the Christmas story, as revealed in the Bible’s New Testament. The manger, the guiding star, the virgin birth — most of the public support these occurances according to a new Pew Research Center poll. Eight-of-10, in fact say they believe “Baby Jesus was laid in a manger,” the research states. Some numbers to consider:

81 percent of Americans believe that “Baby Jesus was laid in a manger”; 92 percent of Protestants and Catholics agree.

75 percent of Americans overall believe there were “Wise men, guided by a star, brought gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh”; 89 percent of Protestant and 84 percent of Catholics agree.

74 percent overall believe “an angel announced birth of Jesus to shepherds”; 90 percent of Protestant and 90 percent of Catholics agree.

I am one of those people who were are truly neutral.  I state that I cannot confirm or deny the New Testament account of Christ.  I can choose to believe it to be real that a virgin really conceived the son of God.  Yet. we really do not have accurate historical records to back up it.

It is not that I think that virgin birth is totally inconceivable, but If I am going to lay my off line for something I that really do not believe whole-heartily, why is it worth putting my faith and time into something I doubt.

Most of Americans put more faith in faith than scientific reason and fact.  I am not one of those people.  I do believe it is possible that there is supernatural God.  75% percent of Americans believe that the Wise Men actually existed.   For me, I really do not whether it happened.

An atheist would doubt this. An agnostic like me states that it cannot be proven or disproven.  But a true skeptic stated it probably did not happen.  And I am that in camp unlike 75% of this country.

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