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Difficulties Studying

I am supposed to be studying for the CPA exam right now, but my mind is too preoccupied with an interview.  In my mind, I am preordained for this job.  I feel that the job is mine. That I deserve this job.

Yet, the real barrier for this job is public transportation. It is not the current commute.  It is when the OCTA decides to reduce coverage in South Orange County to improve conditions up in North County. I prefer more coverage where I live in right now, but if I get a job in South County than the interests of peak-time commute in my part of my county no longer interests me.

This tension about this is preventing me from studying tonight.  Normally, tonight is a designated study night but when your mind is completely elsewhere, you just forget the test.  My mind is focused on that job.  For some reason, I want this job.  Yes, I have to take the bus for two hours, but I want this job.  It is more important than one night of studying for that stupid exam.  I need income and not some stupid exam is going to promise me a $100,000 controller job in the future.  Therefore, my mind is preoccupied and not studying righy now.

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Paul Manafort is Out

Paul Manafort is out.  Was it because of Russia or because Trump wants to be Trump.  I think it is a combination of both.  I think the Donald gets a huge emotional release when he is onstage and in front of those crowds.  He just loves to get unhinged and says whatever on his mind.  And Paul Manafort wanted a more disciplined message and less unhinged. Well, the Donald felt that being unhinged is more important for emotional satisfaction than following a rigid and disciplined message.  So bye bye Paul Manafot

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Mike Pence

I read today that Mike Pence is a creationist. Is there something wrong about having a VP candidate that believes that God created the earth through “special creation”. For me, I do not have a problem as long the person denies scientific theory especially on the age of the earth or the universe. The bigger question to me is whether person denies climate change outright and believe that BS from the fossil fuel industry. If somebody is a seven-day creationist but believes that man-made climate change is an imminent threat to human survival will have more creditability with me. The person who believes in evolution, but spews the BS from the fossil fuel company has less credibility than the creationist.

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Donald Trump Says That Obama Invaded Afghanistan

KTLA reports

Donald Trump’s spokeswoman leveled false accusations against President Obama on Saturday, saying he started the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan.

When asked on CNN about Trump saying Obama was the “founder” of Islamic State, spokeswoman Katrina Pierson delivered a lengthy response in which she proclaimed it was Obama who “went into Afghanistan,” where U.S. troops had begun fighting in 2001 under former President George W. Bush”

Donald Trump does not have any self-restraint.  Instead of attacking the folly of empire, the Donald results to making false accusations.  The Donald could have made expanded remarks suggesting that Obama’s policies in Afghanistan resulted in a disaster. That the drone policy did not accomplish its intended goal.  That Hillary foreign policy was a failure.

The Donald could use his brashness to attack Obama’s policies  When he is on message correctly, he can be very humorous when he attacks bad policies of the Obama administration.

Instead, he resorts to foolish accusations that made him a fool in the public eyes.  No wonder why the GOP is embarrassed.

If Ted Cruz was out there, these mistakes would not be made.  Ted Cruz would have attacked Hillary Clinton in the correct manner.  What a farce of an election do we have?




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Coping with Anxiety

I just do not understand why I feel so depressed. I have two telephone interviews tomorrow and yet I feel like a failure because I failed to win a second interview. It drives me really nuts right now with my confidence level. I do not want to deal with the feelings but I just cannot drink them away. Drinking makes these feelings only worse. I know that. This feeling is making me feel really bad about myself.

Do I know the answer to this problem? No, I do not. I am just going to let the feelings process and deal with them stoically. Not showing emotion is the answer. I just want to be Vulcan right now. The ability to repress emotion and not let stress and anxiety get to you would be a virtue that I would love to have.

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Written Applications

One annoyance that I have with companies is when I fill out a written application. Seriously. My handwriting absolutely just stinks. There is nothing that I can do it about it. I never knew how managed complete college but I did.

Today, I had to fill out an application at the car dealership. I did nothing wrong. Followed my interview script to the tee. However, the employer stated to me that they were going to provide me with a written application . And I did fill out with all of the normal red flags with my application (most of them I can explain away). But, there was nothing I could do about it. I could have gone to the dealership, got a copy of the application, and went back to Staples to scan the application. Once in PDF format, I could easily fill out. But it did not happen. So there goes that job out the drain.

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Election Fatigue

It just seems the media is chock full of negative news.  It seems the wave of bickering partisan news has hit all time low.  For me, Donald Trump has created a huge headache that I do not.  I love to follow politics especially when it gets into the wonkiness of policy details.

This election is different.  The wonkiness is gone.  Instead, we get endless shitshow of Trump attacks and gaffes.  Nobody is addressing the solutions to our problems.  The reality is that we face a huge host of problems that required demonstrated leadership.  We do not need nihilist capitalism to solve our problems.

The reality is that this election could result in huge gains for the Democrats and finally, reforms can be made.  On other hands, the GOP could win their congressional majorities back and it is standstill gridlock.

What drives my headaches is deviousness right now.  The discord created by Alex Jones or Rush Limbaugh in the media.  The Facebook posts that I see  from certain conservative friends just drives me up the wall.

I am in the middle of very difficult and emotional search for a job.  The media circus going on right now has made it harder.  I have difficulty in just shutting off the media and doing something else.  I admit that watching the circus is addicting but it also comes with a high price of emotional fatigue.  The serenity is that it will be over in three months with hopefully a Democratic sweep of both races (don’t count on it) and the first women President in history (I would have preferred Bernie, but I cannot what I choose in life). But for right now, it is an emotional drainer of a election.


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