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Mayhem in The Court

Don’t do this to a judge

“SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP) – A man convicted of throwing an egg at the governor of Puerto Rico was sentenced Wednesday to a month in prison – with an additional 30 days for tossing insults at the judge.

Roberto Garcia Diaz called the judge a midget and other things as he was being led away after being sentenced to jail for assault. Upon hearing the insults, the judge called everyone back into court and added time for contempt, court spokeswoman Ileana Velazquez said.

Garcia threw an egg at Gov. Luis Fortuno in September as the governor was announcing the creation of jobs related to a marina project. The announcement came shortly after Fortuno said he would cut as many as 30,000 public sector jobs due to the economic crisis.

As he threw the egg, Garcia accused Fortuno of being a hypocrite and of taking jobs away from people”

Even if you get mad at judge, do not do this because you will make CBS 2, KTLA, Fox 11, and ABC 7 news broadcast. You will also get write-up in the AP and many people will read about the story all over the country.

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Utah Mom Accused of Doctoring Photo to Show Girl, 13, Having Sex With Dog

Fox News reports

“A Utah mom allegedly doctored a pornographic photo of a woman having sex with a dog, superimposing into the picture the face of a 13-year-old girl who attends middle school with her daughter.

Danette Stark, 37, appeared in court Monday to face 18 counts of sexual exploitation of a minor. Prosecutors said she created the image, put it into fliers and distributed them at Northwest Middle School in Salt Lake City.

Authorities said surveillance video showed Stark entering the seventh-grade bathroom at the school on the second to the last day of classes. A custodian found the fliers in the bathroom and contacted local authorities, Salt Lake County District Attorney Lohra Miller told

She said Stark admitted to making 30 fliers, but police recovered only 18 of them.

“If anyone sees copies of these they need to turn them over to police immediately,” Miller said. “If they distribute it, make copies or put on the Internet, they are committing a crime of distributing pornography under Utah law. “

Stark allegedly told police that she believed the unidentified girl “wronged” her in some way.

Stark has a daughter who is the same age as the girl. Attorney Steve Russell, who was standing in for her attorney, said he wouldn’t explain the relationship between the two teens, but he told the Deseret News, “I’m sure they know each other.”

The mother has purely depraved mind. I would jail her 2 years for her actions.

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Last night, I went to do some go-carting.   The event was quite fun, but I was too cautious in drive.  Therefore, I finished in last place in the race because I applied the brakes too much and did not want to drive too fast.

In retrospect, driving very fast would resulted in multiple spinnouts and crashes.  I just do not have the coordination to drive very fast on the racetrack and therefore, I have to drive at a slow pace to prevent from crashing and spinning out.

The only thing that would improve my coordination would b e playing video games.   However, video games require time to play and I do not get stimulated by video games very easily.  Prior experience demonstrates that playing more video games will not result in improved coordination. 

The real solution to this coordination problem is occupational thearpy.   However, my coordination is sufficient for day to day tasks such as driving, working on the computer, hiking,and indepedent living.  Therefore, occupational thearpy will provided little margin benefit given the cost of time and money.   To pay several hundred dollars for the purposes of improving my place in a go-kart race or learning how to walk on streams when hiking is not worth the time and effort to obtain the thearpy.  I have accepted that I just not very good at video games, team sports, and other tasks that demand good hand-eye coordination.  

We have to accept our limitations and realize that we are not gifted in certain areas.   Some things are just not worth the money and time required to improve  your skills in thar area.  When you do not use the skill as part of your vocation or a hobby that you are passionate about, you just accept that you are not good at it.  You accept that you are not going to be the best performer on the team and you might be the worst performer in the activity.   However, that should not diminsh your enjoyment of the  activity.  It should be okay to try out new things and realize that you are not going to be  best at them.  It is doing the activity is where the true pleasure comes from and not what place you finish in.  

And that is the attitude that I brought to go-carting experience and that is why I enjoyed the  activity despite finishing in last place.

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The World Cup? I Do Not Care About The World Cup

Hotair states

If you missed it, consider yourself lucky twice over: Not only was the result disappointing but the game was a snooze even by normal soccer standards. Imagine 30 minutes of extra time comprised of (a) Ghana players flopping to the turf with fake injuries to run down the clock after scoring early and (b) an exhausted Team USA desperately trying to put the ball on net but clearly too fatigued to do anything creative with it. The only thing that would have made it worse would have been losing on penalty kicks, soccer’s equivalent of the home-run derby, which, inexplicably, they use to decide world championships. (The last Cup final was decided on PKs, don’t forget). At least our death was clean, my friends. Take comfort in that.
Now the media can put its evergreen “Is soccer finally about to break out in America?” stories back in mothballs for four years, when doubtless we’ll make another thrilling run to the round of 16 and drop a heartbreaker to Luxembourg or something. Exit question: Given that this is the second Cup in a row where we’ve lost to this team, is it time for a national debate on our “soccer gap” with Ghana”

I guess that I have not been in the soccer mania like the rest of the world. I am more concerned about the Dodgers losing streak than whether the US is going to win the World Cup. I really did not put an emotional investment into World Cup and therefore, I really did not have much to lose if the USA lost.

Compared to the World Cup, the emotional investment in the Lakers championship is much greater. If the Lakers lost, it would be collective sense of depression. A sense of morbid depression would enter briefly if the Lakers lost. Unlike the World Cup, the collective feeling would be shared by millions in Southern California. Therefore, feeling the morbid depression is a community experience that one needs to experience to feel part of the group.

My dad did not watch any World Cup games and so there was no sense of collective emotional investment in my family. When the Lakers were playing game seven, there was that sense of collective emotional investment and so one watches the game to be part of the community.

By the way, this is only time that you are going to see my cite a Hotair blog. Hotair is conservative blog and my views, well, are pretty hostile towards conservative views. Therefore, you will not see any Hotair blogs unless the madness of Glen Beck infects me and turns me into a facist zombie.

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Goals For The Two Years

Trying to determine what life will be like in two years is a difficult idea. My goal in two year is to pass the CPA exam and to be live indepedently of my parents. I would probably like to be backpacking and camping on frequent basis.

I really do not see my friends changing. Outside of joining a major service organization, I will probably spend the majority of my time with my friends in AA and Burning Man. I will ahve lots of friends that I see routinely at organized informal gatherings. Such gatherings of friends will be the majority of the events that I attend because I will have two to three meetups actives to engage myself in activity. In addition, I could be also a leader in OC Sierra Club 20s to 30s. By this time, the OC Burner Meetup will have frequent meetups outside the traditional meetups that are scheduled on the Yahoo Group. Right now, I foresee

In terms of relationships with women, I am going to predict that I will have a few close friends that are woman. It will be very difficult to determine whether I get into a serious relationship with somebody. By this time, I will be mentally prepared for a serious relationship but I had to undergo a few years just learning how to go out on casual dates with woman I think that this process will be slow and will take time. Trying to rush into a serious relationship without learning to be close friends will be a receipe for disaster. Therefore, I should start to casual date but do not rush into any serious relationship for the next couple of years until I learn to become a close friends with somebody else and have increased my emotional intelligence. Having better emotional intelligence will allow me to have a better emotional connection with a lover.

I do not see myself changing jobs or moving any place for the near future. I might move to Huntington Beach when I no longer need Project Indepedence but I am going to take this process very slow.

The message is that change should done slowly and not rapidly. Remember, I need to make progress and I am not required to have perfection.

This is the conclusion of my 15 minute writing exercise on what my goals are for the next two years.

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On Steve King

Where was Steve King when Bush was spending like drunken sailor on two wars and thinking that supply-side economics work. Republicans spend like drunken sailors on the war machine and cut tax for the wealthy and than dump it on the Dems to do the clean up job.

These people are just irresponsible and cannot be trusted with the nation’s economic future.

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Fearing Change

Change is something that can be uncomfortable. The quote from the AA Grapevine really shows why change is necessary

Let us never fear needed change.
Certainly we have to discriminate between
changes for worse and changes for better.
But once a need becomes clearly apparent
in an individual, in a group,
it has long since been found out
that we cannot stand still and look the other way.
The essence of all growth is a willingness
to change for the better
and then an unremitting willingness
to shoulder whatever responsibility this entails

Life is not some static experience. It is something that is fluid and changes all of the time. That is why I should learn not to have fear of change. Fear of change can lead to endless nights of toss and turning late at night. Worry does not lead serenity and does not lead positive action.

If I do not fear change, than I take the positive action to change. Changing means a more happier and positive life.

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Musings On Being Alone on Sunday Afternoon

The one thing that I hate about sunny weather is that I feel guilty for being on the computer. It feels that I have constantly be out in the sunshine enjoying life. I think that I have fear that if I venture alone for hours that I will feel lonely in a large crowd of people. The computer act as a security blanket and I hide on it so I can escape from the lonely feelings.

Maybe, I should start to work for my employers on my own time just to escape these feelings. Trying to call somebody does not work all of the time.

Yet, I feel the house is a prison. A place where I can hide for reality and yet I want out. I want to venture out of there but I have to face the loneliness. I guess these ideas are ideas for fodder to do.

Even doing work rids of the lonely feeling. Taking to the computer to a coffee shop. Taking the dog to the park or for a long walk.

Maybe, I should help out of the rehab that I went to. Talk to the guys in recovery especially the newcomers.

It seems that there is a lot of thing to do but you have to drive 15 to 20 miles to do something. Living in suburban OC is a nice place to live but it can leave one quite isolated because there is rows and rows of track homes around.

Once you drive about 15 miles to 22 miles, you can be in San Clemente, Laguna Beach, watching foreign films in Irvine theater, or walking around in Balboa Park.
Outside of shopping or other activities, Mission Viejo and Lake Forest have little to offer.

I guess what the lesson that I can learn from today is that I need to schedule out my Saturday and Sundays in better detail. I am going to start a hooping meetup that meets once a month to get rid of the boredom.

The boredom will only last two and half of months. By September, it will the NFL season and my boredom will disappear because there is endless amount of college and NFL football.
the air condition feels so good.

As discussed yesterday’s post, I should be grateful that I live in Southern California and not live in Arkansas. Because it is has been really hot in Arkansas last few week. And Arkansas does not have natural beauty that we have in California.

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Why I Like Living In California

Southern California

Arkansas Weather

I pick Southern California any day and remember, Arkansas has humidity.  This is why we should feel grateful to live in California.

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100 dead cats found in Wis. freezer

From the AP

“June 18, 2010 (BLACK RIVER FALLS, Wis.) — Social services has removed three children from a home in Jackson County where 100 dead cats were found in a nonfunctioning freezer.
Sheriff Duane Waldera says filthy conditions and feces from another 17 live cats caused deputies to determine the house was unlivable.
Gabriella Bernabei says authorities are targeting her and her boyfriend because of their Wiccan religious beliefs. Bernabei says the cats were kept in the garage freezer because she planned to bury them. She says she was properly storing the carcasses until she could get to the burials.
The live cats were taken to the Jackson County Animal Shelter. Animal control officer Barb Pfaff says some were too sick to save”

This case of pure animal cruelty and not about religious freedom. This person neglected to take care of 100 cats and properly fed them. Cases like this need to be example of what happens when you engage in animal cruelty. If I were the judge, I would sentenced her to 270 days in the county jail with two years of supervised release after the sentenced would be discharged.

Cats are beautiful animals and do not deserve to be treated like this. Cats are designed to be our companions and not something to be exploited for religious rites.

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