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Alabama Cancels High School Sporting Events and It May Future Cancellations for Weekend Trips in Juine reports that the swine flue has made it to Alabama. The people in Alabama are very serious about this swine flu outbreak.

Very serious. Like postponing all high school as reported by ESPN. This thing is really starting get to be quite serious. I do not think this will be another 1918 but it will be quite serious and quite a few deaths will result.

For some reason, I have this fear that several events that I have planned in June such an AA convention in Palm Springs and Elysium might be cancelled because of this pandemic. If Alabama is cancelling high school sporting events, than my fears could be true.

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Worried About The Swine Flu

I am seriously worried about the Swine Flu outbreak that is occuring in Mexico. Before heading to my regular On The Couch AA meeting, I was listening to Brian Suits show last night and he was talking about how serious the potential effects of Swine Flu outbreak

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One of the most difficult concepts for me is the emotional connection with God. Righţ now, worship is primarily achieved through intellectual knowledge of the truth. My heart meditates on the truths through reading zcripture and various devotionals.

Perhaps, it will be very difficult to make an emotional connection because God made me as a logical and analytical person. Or this something that I ask from God in prayer. Maybe, this is something that I had to trust God for as a gift.

In conclusion, this issue of faith and worship to God cannot be done on my power.

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