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Why the GOP Denies Climate Change

Alternet  has says it perfectly

“Why am I pessimistic about a shift in Republican attitudes before it’s too late? The immensity of climate change demands assertive federal action — there’s no way the free market and piecemeal local and state regulations will bring U.S. emissions down by a meaningful measure on their own. Oil, coal and gas companies won’t leave trillions of dollars in the ground [11] out of the goodness of their hearts; infrastructure transformation won’t happen without incentives. For Republicans, it’s still better to deny reality than to acknowledge the full implications of what lies head. Because what lies ahead poses a major existential dilemma [12] for the GOP’s ideology: acknowledging climate change in its terrifying proportions means accepting government intervention on a massive scale — or a future of mass suffering”

The primary reason why the GOP denies climate changes because it is very threat to their ideology.  Admitting the truth would be like an addict admitting that they are addicting and then seeking help to deal with problem.

Rather than understanding that the existence of climate change is the dagger that kills the heart to our cherised capitalist society, we decided to ignore it because it involves the government interfering with the capitalists making money.

Instead of being concerned about their heirs and their legacy, they are concerned with short-term wealth and fossil fuel consumption  It is incredibly difficult thing to accept for some people, but it is something that we must accept.

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Turning 37

It was supposed to be a birthday today.  But rather it was rather ordinary day in life.  I turned 37 today and really did not acknowledge that I am 37 years old today.  I did my morning recovery readings and went for a run.


When I got home today, I just decided to get up and go to the Chili Cookoff.  I went through, enjoyed the day, but rather I just sat there and did not acknowledge that I was 37 years old.


I played with the dogs and I tasted delicious chili.  But yet I did not acknowledge that I was 37 years old.

I took the bus home and went to a meeting.  I didn’t even I acknowledge to the meeting that I was 37 years old today.


The day is almost over and has passed. No acknowledgment of my birthday today by housemates.  That is how I designed it.


My life sucks right now. I am unemployed and have no job.  Yet, I keep plugging life and ignore the fact that I am 37 years old.

The lesson of the story is when you get over 35 years old, you stop counting your birthdays.  You just do not care anymore.


Thank you for everybody that stated Happy Birthday today.  I am sure when I turn 40 it will matter, but not right now.

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