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Trump is Bad for Business

Fortune writes

“No chief executives at Fortune 100 companies have donated to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign through August, according to a new report.

According to a Wall Street Journal analysis of campaign donations, this is a drastic difference compared to the 2012 election, when the Journal reports that nearly a third of Fortune 100 CEOs supported the then Republican nominee Mitt Romney”

Simply, the Donald is bad business bet. He is bad business bet because he is a washed-up CEO. Mitt Romney was a successful business person and had ethics despite his conservative business leanings. Why would anybody vote for failed CEO whose businesses went belly-up many times?

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Jill Stein’s gambling Donald Trump won’t go rogue. But I disagree.

The Hill writes

“Recently, Green Party Candidate and physician Jill Stein attempted to placate her existing supporters and potential converts alike worried that her candidacy is beginning to echo the spoiler campaign of Ralph Nader in 2000. Speaking of the possibility of a Trump Presidency, Stein made the stunning claim that Donald Trump, despite the unbridled awfulness of his agenda, would actually be the “less dangerous” choice for President compared to rival Hillary Clinton, because he doesn’t know how to work the levers of government and would be held in check by Congress.

Let’s ignore for a moment the fact that Trump knows how to manipulate the levers of politics at least well enough to become a candidate for President on a major party ticket. Can anyone name an example of a time in history when a xenophobic demagogue leading a populist movement has seen their power diminished upon winning national office? Because that’s not typically how that particular story ends.

What Dr. Stein claims requires a level of selective hearing and confirmation bias that beggars believe. It requires her to ignore the fact President Trump would take office at the head of a party in control of not only the White House, but the Senate, the House, and with the ability to begin immediately stacking the Supreme Court with like-minded appointees. A party, it shouldn’t have to be noted, which has already capitulated to Trump, building even his most extreme and ludicrous policy proposals like the border wall into their official platform.”

I am very scared of what Donald Trump would do to this country.   Mr. Stein needs to understand that the Donald is kleptocrat of Nth Degree. And I certainly cannot stand Mike Pence’s dominant

I do not like Hillary Clinton but she is not a kleptocrat.  You cannot trust a bonafide kleptocrat to run this country and have access to nuclear missiles.

We already have one country that is run like kleptocracy and it is called Venezuela.  If the Donald wins, this country could turn into a third world country. I truly value economic stability even if it is economic stagnation because I how to deal with the situation.  Trump creates too many surprises and too many uncertainties.

Sorry, Jill Stein but I cannot vote for your as a  candidate. I do not want to be stuck be unemployed for two years because Drumpf wins the Presidency.








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Donald Trump and Greenland Ice

I saw the headlines and NeverHillary voters are putting out their posts while they are voting for a third party, but this headline cares me to crap — “Greenland Ice Loss 40 Trillion Pounds Bigger Than Thought

If Donald Trump gets elected, nothing will be done about this. Nothing. Period.  Thom Hartmann in his blog writes

“climate change rapidly spirals out of control, big business is preparing for the inevitable.

According to a new study from the environmental organization CDP, at least 1,300 corporations, including Goldman Sachs, Disney, and Microsoft, either have an internal carbon pricing plan or are about to put one in place.

The thinking here is simple.

At some point or another (and hopefully sooner rather than later) we, as a civilization, are going to have to institute a carbon tax on all fossil fuel emissions.

It’s the most practical way to stop climate change, and it’s only way to recoup the costs of all the damage Big Oil, Big Coal, and Big Gas have done and continue to do to our planet.”

How, we can afford to elect Trump given the monstrosity of this problem?  One of Trump’s biggest supporters, Alex Jones, denies the reality that man-made climate is to blame for the loss 40 trillion of Greenland Sheet Ice.  Such dangerous ignorance has tremendous consequences.

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Olbermann goes After Trump

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Syrian army says U.S.-led coalition jets bombed it in support of Islamic State

Reuters reports

BEIRUT (Reuters) – Syria’s army general command said warplanes from the U.S.-led coalition bombed a Syrian army position at Jebel Tharda near Deir al-Zor airport on Saturday, paving the way for Islamic State fighters to overun it.

The air strike killed Syrian soldiers and was “conclusive evidence” that the U.S. and its allies support the jihadist group, the Syrian army said in a statement, noting that the strike was “dangerous and blatant aggression”.

The U.S.-led coalition has been conducting air strikes against Islamic State since September 2014. In December Damascus accused the coalition of striking an army camp near Deir al-Zor, but Washington said it was done by Russian jets.

A strike list issued by the U.S. on Saturday said it had carried out a strike at Deir al-Zor against five Islamic State supply routes, as well as strikes near Raqqa and elsewhere in Syria”

Is there anything that we do not right? Anything?  Maybe, the US should not in the business of war period.  It is called an endless war and it is a cabal.  Maybe, having of a Department of Peace working side by side with the Department of Defense would make a military engagements a lot more of profitable.  I do support war but a Department of Defense can prevent stupid uses of war.





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Union Leaders Back Hillary, But Ranks Favor Trump

Newsmax writes ( AFL-CIO is mailing pamphlets, making calls, knocking on doors and visiting job sites as it usually does in presidential elections, reaching out to its one million members and retirees to cajole those who are undecided and motivate those inclined to back Hillary Clinton to get out and vote on Nov. 8.

One thing union leaders aren’t doing is expending a lot of energy trying to win back members drawn to Donald Trump’s populist, anti-trade message.

“It’s not effective,’’ President Rick Bloomingdale said. “He said it himself: ‘I could shoot somebody on 5th Avenue, and I’d still get votes.’ And that’s where those folks are.’’

Because we did not elect Bernie Sanders as Presidential nominee. Bernie would actually do what the union members want except for action for the illegal immigrant. The Donald would take action on that but would do nothing to preserve pensions, health cares, and wages. The Donald and Bernie would ban offshoring (the problem is the Donald nominated Mike Pence as the VP so that implementing that plan is going to be hard because Mike Pence is an offshorer.)

Hillary is too cozy with both sides. Better for menial deals but not the type of bold actions where it forces the corporation to haircut on the profits and traps any measure for offshoring or attempts at excessive automation. It the candidate that blocks the excessive automation that forces the corporation to negotiate directly with the unions and give into the unions demands.

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On Netflix and Cable ISPS

I read today that Netflix wants data caps eliminated. I disagree that data caps should be eliminated for mobile especially on people want to use upwards of 20 GB of data. On cable-based ISPs, I believe that caps should be eliminated and customers should pay purely on speed as an incentive for companies to make a return on their investment for the capital projects related to building high-speed internet lines. But to put a cap on people’s data usage. You gotta to kidding me. This is why we need municipal broadband to compete against these companies if the municipality can prove that it provide a successful return on investment to the cities. With municipal broadband, there would be less incentive for these companies to put data caps because of more competition. It is the nature in a lot of industries in the capitalist system to constantly merge in order to buy out the competition. In this case, the cable industry had consolidated to the point where only a few companies exist and therefore, the government has constantly regulate their butt because outsized corporations have to heavily regulate by the government. If the Sherman Anti-trust act was actually enforced, we could block a lot of these mergers and the industry might still have some regional competitors that would allow incentive the industry not to place data caps


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