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David Barton’s Governing model does not work

WallBuilders (David Barton’s site) stated this – “Today, only 14% of Christians read the Bible daily, so most Americans have no knowledge of the most basic teachings of the Bible; and as Biblical knowledge declines, so does the strength and effectiveness of American institutions. Biblical knowledge is key to American longevity and prosperity.”. The problem with Mr. Barton’s quote is that does the bible support the current model of neoliberalism free-market capitalism that prevalent today. My answer is Mr. Barton is that in my opinion, the bible endorses a strong social democratic model where the church has considerable freedom to provide social welfare but also bolstered by the state that offers a generous welfare package as well. I totally understand that social conservatism is part of the religious beliefs that the bible advocates but it does not advocate for a neoliberalism state or state based on minarchism that would goverened on theocratic model that Mr. Barton’s believes in. I have strong bible knowledge and my view especially on the economic model vastly disagrees with Mr. Barton’s view. I am also very skeptical of the semi- theocratic model that Mr. Barton advocates for.

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Moron gets 160 years in Jail For High Speed Denver Chase


This guy gets for 160 years in jail.  Give me a break.



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