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Why I Do Not Want to Date Woman That Want to Be Like Angelina Jolie or Octomom

I guess Angelina Jolie has decided to have kid number seven.   She has a fetish for  kids just like OctoMom. However, unlike OctoMom, Jolie can afford to have seven kids. She commands several millions of dollars for each film produced but not as much as Jennifer Anniston does.

When it comes for the dating scene, I better keep a good eye that I do not try to date Angelina Jolie or Octomom (except for one woman which is the exception).  They might look like goddesses but they want lots of bundles of joy.   Trying to care myself is difficult but trying to take care of four to eight kids on a GS-12 salary is a nightmare that I do not ever want.  In addition, how could an high-functioning autistic man has the disposition to provide all of the love and attention that the kids needs.  It will never happen in my lifetime but fate might prove me wrong.

So if you are a woman that dreams of becoming Angelina Jolie or Octomom, please do not answer any of my e-mail on Match or PlentyofFish.  Just don’t.

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Jacko Near Death

The AP reports that Michael Jackson is ailing from a rare lung disorder. Jackson suffers from a Alpha 1-antitryspin defienency, which can be fatal. He currently has gastrointestinal bleeding and his vision in one eye is almost 95 percent.

So my bet for this year is Jacko is going to make the celebrity Death Pool for 2009.

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