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UKIP Embraces ALEC.

It looks like our old friends at UKIP are friends with ALEC

Ukip MEPs are actively supporting an American right-wing corporate lobbying body which its critics say denies climate change.

Three of Nigel Farage’s MEPs, including its energy spokesperson Roger Helmer, have added their names to a letter signed by over 200 US state lawmakers and organised by the American Legislative Exchange Council (Alec).

This is not a body most political parties in Britain would be keen to associate with. It is a powerful lobbying group sponsored by corporate interests and is a favourite of Tea Party types. It bankrolls climate change sceptics and promotes a ‘model’ climate change bill will suggests global warming is “possibly beneficial” to the planet.

Alec encourages climate change deniers to “educate” lawmakers by claiming there is no scientific consensus on the issue. Its most recent meeting in Dallas saw one of its speakers deliver a presentation dismissing the International Panel on Climate Change as being “not a credible source of man-made economics”. Its incoming national chair, the Texan Republican Phil King, has said: “I think the global warming theory is bad science.”

For me, that is an instant green light to vote against that voter.  For one, anybody that supports ALEC’s agenda is supporting an anti-capitalist agenda (which is ironic), but one that is designed to preserve the self-interest of tiny minority of companies and not ensuring that health of the market in the long-term.  ALEC’s true agenda will result in (i) destruction of consumer demand through income inequality and (ii) engaging in behavior that promotes the moral hazard of climate change ie the lack of incentive to guard against risk where one is protected from its consequences.

What a bunch of bozos who nothing about market economics 101.  A vote for the UKIP is a vote against protecting the integrity of our market economy and therefore, voting these bozos is voting against common sense.

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