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Moving Out of the Golden State

So I hear people are packing up their bags moving from CA to pursue cheaper cost of living in other places. It makes total sense if you have family somewhere else but otherwise, I would find it quite perplexing to move to a place where you have no connections. Sometimes, it makes me feel “Why I am not doing that?”. Why I am not moving to a place that is more conservative culturally and socially in exchange for a lower cost of living and where I can have a house and a big dog? The problem is that I have zero family in other places (except for Phoenix) and no friends. And that I manage eek out enough to rebuild my savings again by living in a low-cost situation in Garden Grove, CA. I think a big reason is that I have already accepted that the fact that I will not have my own apartment and that I will take public transit (even if I get a car). and that lowers my the cost of living which turns me into a net saver than a debtor. Motivation to stay is also done out of fear of the unknown and not willing to take huge risks for something with ambiguous outcomes is probably another huge reason not to move,

In conclusion, I am not moving out of the Golden State any time soon.

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