My Two Cents on the Final Resolution on the Clinton E-Mail Scandal

July 6, 2016 at 4:56 am Leave a comment

t is clear that Hillary did not have criminal intent today in her actions but her actions shows a clear disregard for security protocols because she felt that the strict classification security proctols were too much of a hassle and she felt that she was above the law. Such does not show criminal intent in the slighest disregard, but clearly shows gross hypocrisy in the face of government security rules. If this is the case by her pattern of leadership, then the government needs to stop classifying so many documents and start to release more information into the public domain so the public can find what is going with the government. If you prefer to work in secrecy and yet do not follow the established security protocols, then the documents that the government should be claimed to be classified should be released into the public domain for scrutiny and transparency. It also shows the level of trust that we should put in the leader. For these reasons, Senator Sanders is the superior candidate because he respects the security protocols and at the same time would maintain open and transparent government. Unfortunately, we have a leader that prefers secrecy and does not obey the existing protocols. At least Bush and Cheney in this area followed the rule of law and ensure that proper protocols were followed with securing classified documents (even though they went way overboard in this area).


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