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Sobering Thoughts on ISIS

Personally, I want ISIS headed crush to the ground by the military.  I think there absolute bane of evil in the Middle East.  While I despise ISIS like any GOP patriot, I severely digress from the GOP orthodoxy especially on what causes ISIS.  As OP-Ed news piece puts it like this

“uestion: when President Obama’s issues orders to launch Predator or Reaper drones in Pakistan, Somalia or Yemen, which then take a terrible toll on innocent civilians, how many new potential recruits for ISIS, Al-Qaeda or Daesh are generated? We don’t know for sure but it’s becoming evident that the more drones Mr. Obama launches the more the ranks of new terrorist recruits swell.
You would think that Mr. Obama would realize this and, perhaps, he does. But I doubt if he comprehends that his particular strategy of fighting “suspected” terrorists is turning into a classic example of what is called the “law of diminishing returns”, my special interpretation of which is; as these attacks are relentlessly pursued, they lose their effectiveness and, instead, produce highly negative results.
So as the recruitment of new terrorists gains momentum does this president meet with his military advisers to address the fact that these actions are, in fact, backfiring and causing blowback; and that a scaling back would be in order? Doesn’t he even begin to comprehend that, as citizens of those countries see members of their families and their friends being incinerated, they are infuriated and this is motivating many of them to seek revenge? Apparently not, because as this situation worsens, this president drones on and on.
Might he have seen this report about the young Somalians living in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area of Minnesota who have joined ISIS in Iraq and Syria? It’s amazing to read stories like this from news outlets that talk about such ISIS sympathizers in the U.S. but they never point out that the main reason this is happening is because they want revenge for the deaths of innocent people in their countries of origin.
There are more and more ominous signs that America’s many enemies in the world are now closely bonding together in pursuing the same objective, i.e., to fight America. We’ve heard many accounts of how new recruits are coming from nations all over the world to join ISIS. Now here’s a report that indicates that Boko Haram, the Nigerian based terror organization, has pledged allegiance to ISIS.
Some in America might wonder if Mr. Obama ever feels remorseful about the hundreds of innocent civilians that have been killed by these deadly drones. There’s no evidence that he does and, in fact, during the White House Correspondent’s Association Dinner in 2010, President Obama made this crude joke that many, upon hearing it, felt that it showed a disregard for human life. Seeing the Jonas Brothers sitting in the audience at the dinner, Obama joked: “Sasha and Malia are huge fans, but boys, don’t get any ideas. Two words for you: predator drones. You will never see it coming.” You got that right, Mr. President; just like those hundreds of innocent civilians who “never saw it coming either.
If one closely watches what is going on with this government it becomes quite apparent that this president is under the control of the military establishment; that it is in charge and calling the shots. We have seen the renewal of bombing in Iraq and now Syria; we keep hearing high level military officials talking about putting “Boots on the ground” and more talk of slowing down withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan.”

In reality, ISIS is getting very popular because it is only force of capable dealing with US overreach in the region.  In effect, US overreach created ISIS and we are fighting the monster that we created.  The GOP will not admit that we created ISIS, while I believe that we created it and so it our fight to eradicate it out the region.

However, we also have to remember for the future about the severe consequences of an overreaching foreign policy.  Few leaders can say “American Exceptionalism” and “American overreach: in the same breathe. It is perhaps time to state that while our country is an exceptional country, we also have xterm tendency to overreach into other  countries affairs and that meddling creates nightmarish dictatorships and disrupts home-grown democratic movements.

For us, it is weakness because we have to remember that other cultures do not have the same values that America has or they might, but they have different cultural contexts to express it.  American leaders fail to understand this and they want to import free-market captialist values to societies that did not value individualism and competitiveness nature that America does.  What ultimately happens is that we create nightmarish dictatorship and endless wars because we fail to understand cultural contexts.  And ISIS is the direct result of that.  The direct result of L. Paul Bremmer’s failed vision for Iraq and not understanding the cultural contexts reason.

And now we are responsible with crushing the nightmare that we unleashed on the Middle East.  And we do not know if we are going to win this battle.

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