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Some Points on Fergueson

Some points on Ferguson made by this blog

Once you realise that Wilson’s story is absurd, and that the argument for self-defence has not been made, it is no longer possible to believe that the jury let the officer off because he defended himself against someone who was attacking him. 
It is at this point that any reasonably observant person should be considering the pattern of racist killing and violence on the part of the US police. 
It is at this point that you should be factoring in the ongoing racial inequities of the criminal justice system, from the beat cops to the prisons. 
It is at this point that the entire architecture of racist exclusions and disadvantage should be brought into the analysis. 
This is systemic, and the systemic name for it is white supremacy. And it matters less precisely what people think they’re doing when they reinforce white supremacy than that they do so.”
I would not state the word “White Sumpremacy” because there are numerous incidents of white people that are homeless get harassed by the cops, tasered, and beated up.  Rather, it is class warfare issue. Yes, it is racial, but if you are poor, homeless, or broke, the cops raise the level of inherent risk when assessing risk for using deadly force.
Instead of doing detailed assessment, the attitude is shoot first and ask questions later. Other methods are better than this.  Even tasering Michael Brown would have been better.  But it is not.  It is shoot and ask questions later.
Since this guy was a black person, the officer unconscious bias was to apply deadly force because the guy look like a thug. Since he looks like a thug, he is a thug.  So I am going to pull a gun and shoot 
Deprogramming these bias will take a generation and a spiritual awakening in people.  Unconscious bias takes a lot of time and effort to cleanse your soul.

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Bitching About Working On Thanksgiving

So you are bitching about working Thanksgiving.  Well, I got the solution to this

US Code Section Chapter 8 Section 220 shall state

All businesses that engage in he sale of goods to the public in relativelsmall quantities for use or consumption rather than for resale that are not to be essential for transportation shall effectively be closed on Fourth Thursday of November and December 25th. All retailer workers who in work in a retail business which is considered to be “essential” by the Department of Labor shall have their wages paid at twice the rate of their contracted wages and for all hours that exceed eight hours, the paid wage shall be two and half times of the normal hourly wage.

Workers who in other industries that are essential by the Department of Labor shall be paid at double their hourly rate and two and half of times their hourly rates for working on Thanksgiving. Any worker that does not work in non essential job shall be required to be given day off by the employer. Violation of this section will result in $1000 fine for each violation of the law. For ten or more violations of this law in single transaction, the CEO/Owner of the company will face up a minimum of thirty days to six months of home confinement and $10,000 fine. Three or more violations of this law with ten or more single violations will result in a felony violation and up to three years in a federal penitentiary and $100,000 fine ”

I just wrote this law. It will never become law. I do not personally believe in this law, but this is a draft model of the federal law that could be submitted to Congress

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It is Not Okay to Yell

I do not like it when people yell at you.  There are times like the military when individuals have the right to yell at you.  A drill instructor is designed to yell at military recruit because the military unit is required to maintain strong discipline and cohesion when placed in a battlefield situation.  When somebody says something that is real offensive,  that can warrant yelling at somebody.  Or when somebody does the same behavior repeatedly over and over again despite being warned.  Then, raising your voice is more effective method manner of communication than just talking calmly to the person.

In this case, the person who yelled at me did not have the right to yell me.  I was on the phone trying to make an important call to a government agency regarding eligibility for a government benefit programs.  The individual believed that I should had been out of the office at the time.  There were ample opportunities to telling that I should not be at the house, but the individuals actions suggested that he really did not care because I was entering into a vocational training program which is suppose to start tomorrow.

I was starting to get a little antsy being around the house all idea anyways. I was trying to head to a twelve-step meeting an.  Instead of asking me what was my plans for the day, he just yelled “get busy” without asking the understanding the context of the situation.   There was an incident when I suggested that I would go to the library and another individual stated that I stay at home.

I try to communicate with the individual that I had a telephone interview with a government benefits agency and that I need to stay at home for that.   Unfortunately, that individual refused to listen and created a great deal of frustration.

The lesson here is that do not yell at people unless you have the proper context to do so.  Yelling at people makes people frustrated, upset, and resent you instead of generating respect.  I try not to yell at people because I know that it is not proper social skills.

I guess this is a reflection how I feel.  I am actually doing what the person wanted me to do or is this not considered to be being busy by going to library and blogging about it.

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Ted Cruz Proves That He Is Shill for Big Telecom Companies

Ted Cruz proves once again that he is just a shill for big telecommunication companies

“Obama’s comments Monday inflamed an issue that pits liberal advocates of tougher regulation to protect consumers against conservatives who view net neutrality rules as an unnecessary intrusion of heavy-handed government regulation on the Internet.

Net neutrality supporters welcomed Obama’s strong statement of support.

“Thank you, Mr. President,” said former FCC Commissioner Michael Copps, now a special advisor to government watchdog Common Cause. “And thanks to the millions of Americans who helped make this happen.”

But broadband providers said Obama’s proposals risked harming the Internet. And Republicans, who have fought adamantly against net neutrality rules, slammed the president for urging stronger government regulation.

” ‘Net Neutrality’ is Obamacare for the Internet; the Internet should not operate at the speed of government,” tweeted Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas).

In May, the FCC voted to begin a formal rule-making process to consider regulations on Internet traffic after previous net-neutrality rules were largely struck down by a federal court.

The rules proposed by Wheeler, whom Obama appointed last year, could allow preferential treatment for some companies willing to pay broadband providers for faster content delivery.

The FCC asked the public for comments and was inundated with opposition to such a move. Consumer groups and net-neutrality advocates have pushed the FCC not to allow such preferential treatment, which they have likened to Internet toll roads.

Supporters of tough net-neutrality rules want the FCC to reclassify broadband providers to make them subject to regulation similar to that of telephone companies under Title 2 of the Telecommunications Act”

Mr. Cruz should realize that big government helps invest in building broadband as reported by the New York Times way back in 2009

the paradises of broadband — Japan, South Korea and Sweden — nearly everyone can surf far faster and far cheaper than anyone in the United States. What is their secret sauce and how can we get some?

The short answer is that broadband deployment in those countries was spurred by a combination of heavy government involvement, subsidies and lower corporate profits that may be tough for the economic and political system in the United States to accept. Those countries have also tried to encourage demand for broadband by paying schools, hospitals and other institutions to use high-speed Internet services.

Sweden has built one of the fastest and most widely deployed broadband networks in Europe because its government granted tax breaks for infrastructure investments, directly subsidized rural deployment, and, perhaps most significantly, required state-owned municipal utilities to create local backbone networks, reducing the cost for the local telephone company to provide service.

Japan let telecommunications companies write down about one-third of their investment in broadband the first year, rather than the usual policy, which requires them to spread the deductions over 22 years. The Japanese government also subsidized low-cost loans for broadband construction and paid for part of the wiring of rural areas.

“The return to fiber takes time,” said Dave Burstein, the editor of the DSL Prime newsletter, in an e-mail message. “Governments can invest thinking 10 and 20 years, but few companies can. So putting the expensive part (ditch-digging) under the government in some form has good logic. Then you have the companies compete at an upper layer where the investment required is not so intimidating.”

In many countries, especially in Asia, government assistance has gone hand in hand with an expectation that private companies will accept lower profit margins in order to assist in achieving the national broadband goals.

“The South Korean government expects its private companies to drive the investment in broadband infrastructure with government support in the form of loans and tax subsidies as their incentive,” wrote the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation in a report last year.

There are only a handful of major projects worldwide to build fiber lines to homes that don’t involve significant government aid of some sort, Mr. Burstein said, including Verizon’s FiOS and Iliad’s fiber network in some large French cities.”

So Mr. Cruz has no real clue about how the real world works when its come to the economics of building broadband network.  Sorry, Mr. Cruz, you are a smart guy but not on this issue.  Please do your homework before calling net neutrality the “Obamacare of Technology”

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Meditation on Fear

I really this meditation of FEAR from NA book “Just for Today

“For many of us, fear was a constant factor in our lives before we came to Narcotics Anonymous. We used because we were afraid to feel emotional or physical pain. Our fear of people and situations gave us a convenient excuse to use drugs. A few of us were so afraid of everything that we were unable even to leave our homes without using first.

As we stay clean, we replace our fear with a belief in the fellowship, the steps, and a Higher Power. As this belief grows, our faith in the miracle of recovery begins to color all aspects of our lives. We start to see ourselves differently. We realize we are spiritual beings, and we strive to live by spiritual principles.

The application of spiritual principles helps eliminate fear from our lives. By refraining from treating other people in harmful or unlawful ways, we find we needn’t fear how we will be treated in return. As we practice love, compassion, understanding, and patience in our relationships with others, we are treated in turn with respect and consideration. We realize these positive changes result from allowing our Higher Power to work through us. We come to believe-not to think, but to believe-that our Higher Power wants only the best for us. No matter what the circumstances, we find we can walk in faith instead of fear”

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ISIS Is a Bunch of Monsters and Saddam is Better than ISIS

ISIS proves again that it is a monster as reported by CNN

“Erbil, Iraq (CNN) — Jana was a 19-year-old in her final year of high school, with dreams of becoming a doctor. Then, ISIS came to her village last August, and her world collapsed.
She described to me in chilling detail, how the jihadis first demanded that members of her Yazidi religious minority convert to Islam. Then they stripped villagers of their jewelry, money and cellphones. They separated the men from the women.
A United Nations report explained what happened next. ISIS “gathered all the males older than 10 years of age at the local school, took them outside the village by pick-up trucks, and shot them.”
Among those believed dead were Jana’s father and eldest brother.
Meet America’s new ally against ISIS ISIS to reporter: ‘you would be tortured’ Former U.S. soldier battles ISIS Is an enemy of ISIS a friend of America?
A different fate lay in store for the women.
Jana described how girls like herself were separated from older women, then bussed to the city of Mosul.
There they were put in a big three-story house with hundreds of other young women. The men of ISIS came periodically, and chose up to three and four girls at a time to take home with them”

Again, this proves that we have created a monster in the Middle Easr?   I wonder if rule under Saddam Hussein or ISIS would be better.  That would be a tough question to answer.  I would take life under Saddam than a bunch of religious fanatics in my opinion.

That is just me.  The war that Iraq that killed 4000 created ISIS.  What a waste of lives did we create with that war.

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Another Reason Not to Elect Greg Abbott

Greg Abbott should not be elected after reading this post in the Guardian

Texas is preparing to execute a mentally ill man who dressed as a cowboy at his trial and attempted to subpoena Jesus Christ, John F Kennedy and the Pope.

On Wednesday, a day after Miguel Paredes became the 10th – and at the time it was thought final – Texas prisoner to be put to death this year, the state gave Scott Panetti an execution date of 3 December. The 56-year-old shot his parents-in-law to death in 1992 in front of his estranged wife and their three-year-old daughter.

Long and complex legal battles have taken place since he was convicted in 1995 as a succession of courts have ruled Panetti is competent to be executed even though there is no question that he is mentally ill and suffers from paranoid delusions.

A schizophrenic man who had been hospitalised 14 times before the murders of Joe and Amanda Alvarado in the Texas Hill Country, he insisted he represent himself at trial, where his only defence was insanity. He said that during the crime he was under the control of a hallucination he called “Sarge”. He wore a purple cowboy suit, rambled incoherently, fell asleep and made a threatening gesture at the jury. Court documents show his standby attorney described Panetti as “bizarre”, “scary” and “trance-like” and that the trial was a “judicial farce”.

The jury convicted him of capital murder and sentenced him to death. The Wisconsin native later filed a federal appeal arguing that he had been incompetent both to stand trial and to represent himself:

I am sorry, but executing anybody who claims to Jesus Christ is clearly ill is clearly disregards of the appropiate use of the death penalty.  The death penalty are for sadistic, pathological killer like the Eric Fein who just killed that police officer in Pennsylvania.

Executing this guy is liking try to execute Cyril who Ryan O’Reily brother in Oz.  Cyril was a mentally challenged inmate who killed another inmate.  The problem was that Cyril belong to psychological ward under the strict supervision of a psychiatrist to monitor inmates on the use of meds.  Unfortunately, for Cyril, the prison did not do that and eventually died in execution.  The show greatly exaggerates the quickness on how fast the court moves in this case

In reality, this guy does not deserve the death penalty.  He should be locked away in a restricted unit where offenders with psychological issues are watched and monitored.

And Greg Abbott is exactly the type of governor who is let inmates who should not be executed be executed.  So this is another reason why to vote against Greg Abbot for governor.

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