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Quote of the Day

We reevaluate our old ideas so we can become acquainted with the new ideas that lead to a new way of life”

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Quote of the Day

We reevaluate our old ideas so we can become acquainted with the new ideas that lead to a new way of life”

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GOP Slows Down The Healthcare Bill

It looks like Grand Old Party has decided to reading Bernie Sanders 767 page amendment to the health care bill in the Senate.  This remind me of what a real filibuster used to be like.  In the old days, if you wanted to a filbuster a bill, you have read from a dictionary or read the bill directly from the floor for a period of time until the other side gave up. 

Now, we have to get 60 votes to start debate.  Does Harry Reid have any spine and make the Republicans do it like the good old days.  The problem is Harry Reid is coward and makes every vote subject to sixty vote rule

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Tiger Woods Get Dumped By Accenture

Looks like Tiger got sacked by another sponsor,    From the AP

“Global consulting firm Accenture Ltd. is ending its sponsorship of Tiger Woods, saying the golfer is “no longer the right representative” after the “circumstances of the last two weeks.”

Accenture’s announcement Sunday marks the company’s first statement since allegations of Woods’ multiple infidelities surfaced in recent weeks. The move makes Accenture the first sponsor to cut ties altogether with Woods since his marital troubles came to light and since his statement Friday that the 33-year-old is taking an indefinite leave from golf to work on his marriage.

The relationship between Woods and Accenture goes back six years, with the New York-based firm in 2006 crediting its “Go on, be a Tiger” campaign with boosted its image significantly. Accenture has used Woods to personify its claimed attributes of integrity and high performance”

This incident makes Tiger looks like a player and sometimes players are looked down in society.  I think has a fear of commiment and cannot make his up mind on the woman that he wants to spend his life with.

Tiger will be better served having short-term flings or relationships than getting into long-term relationship.  He has a flawed personality that needs lot of work.    Tiger needs discuss a long-term strategy of how to learn how to be committed by a master thearpist.  Also, he need discuss issues with ego and the role of humility in a relationship.  Otherwise, Tiger should stay from long-term relationships for the rest of his life.

And finally,  I learn that trying being a player is not worth it.  It is not worth it trying to be the player in life.   I am sure that I can learn how to get the score from Tiger but I sure do not want to take Tiger’s advice on how to stay in a relationship.

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End The War

Olbermann is speaking my thoughts. 

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Another Storm And Another Day

It looks like the storm raging through this area right now. A gray and depressing Friday awaits but we desperate need the rain. 

My only concerns is what the effects on tommorow’s Santa Con but how I do know what the weather is like.  I am not the damn weatherman.

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Here is another Dilbert Cartoon for you Dilbert fans. It seems that you are the people who come to this blog the most


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Analysis of Current Senate Compromise on Health Care

From the LA Times

“The new proposal for breaking the healthcare impasse in the Senate — based on a large expansion of the Medicare program — raised hopes Wednesday among Democrats that the way may be clearing to pass their massive bill by Christmas.

The deal, which emerged late Tuesday night after days of negotiations among a group of 10 Democratic senators, dropped the idea of a government-run insurance program. Moderates saw such a program as the first step toward a government takeover of the insurance system.

But by enlarging Medicare eligibility to Americans 55 and older, from the current 65, the bill has attached itself to an existing government plan, the huge and hugely popular federal health insurance program for seniors. Potentially millions of Americans could sign up for a program that has been embraced by both parties as a safety net for the country’s retirees.

The notion that the Senate healthcare bill might have suddenly expanded its base of political support quickly took hold Wednesday. President Obama endorsed the compromise. Many liberals who had been disappointed in the derailing of a government-run plan, the so-called “public option” that would compete with private insurers, hailed the Medicare expansion idea”

Personally, I am very wishy-wishy on this deal. I favor a strong, public option that has cost containment.  While it offers Medicare to people over the age of 55, it does not do enough for people who are under 55.  It tables the public option in favor of hybrid national plans to be regulated by the government but administered by private corporations or nonprofit.The current plan does not address the rapidly increasingly price of medical costs.  It does not place any serious cost control on the private sector that would a strong public option does.

I  think this deal neeeds further amendments before it completed.  This “compromise” is not what the final bill look like in conference but rather a bill designed to get 60 votes.  Once in conference, the negotiators could decide to use the “public option” in the House Bill and therefore, the public option is included in the final bill. Once the Senate decides to vote on the merged bill, it only takes 50 votes to pass the bill and the Dems have 50 votes in the Senate for a public option.


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Uganda And Anti-Gay Law

Finally, there has been some sanity in Uganda law because the law that sentences gay with HIV to death and life in prison for being gay has been scraped.

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Rachel Maddow Gives The Smackdown to Anti-Gay Activist

Last night, Rachel Maddow put the smackdown on a guy from the Ex-Gay movment  He claimed that he could make her straight. Really, like being is really a choice.  In my opinion, I do not think so.

The guy that she debated is cited as an influence in Uganda as a leading authority that gay people can become straight again and that being is a moral choice.   In the law, it calls for the death penalty if a person is a gay and that has AIDS.

Why does the church waste its time on trying obess on gays?   My reading of the bible is that homosexuality is the same as having sex outside of marriage.  Yet, the church does not place a huge emphasis on that issue as the gay issue.

I consider myself as an agnostic who leans more towards theism than atheism.    Since I do not believe in Christianity, I do not consider that  being gay violates the laws of common morality in America  and this guy full of crap to try to force his views on people that are gay.

I have no problem with a person that truly wants to follow Christianity and wishes to change gay to straight as  amatter of conscious..  What I do not like is  when these people try to force their religious views on people who are gay and who do not wish to convert.

These people should focus their ministry on people who (i) have decided to be conservative Christians, (ii) have made conscious decision to become straight, and (iii) have difficulty in overcoming feelings of homosexuality.  Otherwise, these people need to be ignored and marginalized.

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