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WInning Lottery Ticket Found In Maryland

It looks like the winning ticket was found in Maryland.   Right now, there is only one person that is getting the big bucks and jackpot/  I did not buy a ticket so I did not have a chance of winning. 

My parents also did not win the jackpot so my chances at the swanky downlown high-rise condo in Long Beach remain a pipe dream.

(Via CBS News)

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Al Gore To Olbermann — “You Are Fired”

if you have not heard it today, Keith Olbermann was fired today by Current TV.  Personally, I really did not notice Keith Olbermann was still on.  I get most of my news off MSNBC because Cox Communications only gets MSNBC.   

I am perfectly happy with the  line up of MSNBC and I have gotten over the fact that Olbermann is no longer there.  The reality is that MSNBC fired Olbermann not because of his liberal views, but rather over personality issue.  Ed Schultz and Rachel Maddow are probably easier to work with than Olbermann and just as progressive as Olbermann is.  

Olbermann needs to start his own talk radio show and that is the direction that he needs go in.  He can either do sports talk radio show or a political show.  Olbermann would have absolute control of the content and would not answer to anybody.   People like Stephanie Miller Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Randy Rhodes, and Thom Hartmann syndicate their own shows and therefore, have control over the content. Olbermann seems to have a argumentative  personality and therefore, needs to be on radio where he has greater control over the content.


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Job? Got to Stay With The Job

The LA Times wrote today

“California’s unemployment rate will remain elevated for the next couple of years, according to a new UCLA forecast, and in some parts of the state won’t return to pre-recession levels until 2016.
Still, the state’s labor market is on the mend and is likely to heal faster than the nation as a whole, economists at the UCLA Anderson Forecast said Wednesday.
California’s jobless rate, which was 10.9% last month, is expected to fall to 7.7% by the end of 2014, just slightly above the U.S. average, the forecast said. Growth in the San Francisco Bay Area continues to outpace the nation, led by the technology sector. Even hard-hit areas such as the Central Valley and the Inland Empire are seeing job gains.
In contrast to other parts of the country, California’s labor force is growing, fed largely by workers who are encouraged by their employment prospects, said Jerry Nickelsburg, a senior economist at UCLA Anderson. That is keeping the state’s unemployment rate high even as the employers are adding jobs.

I guess that means job-hunting for another job will be easy.   Recently, I have been thinking about  leaving my job and going back to school.  Maybe, I will think twice about doing that even though job is considered to be a major relapse trigger.  I just going have to deal with the stress that jobs gives me and learn more healthier ways to cope than the methods that I used in the past.



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For Some, Obamacare Is the Greatest Threat of Liberty Since 1776

According to some religious conservatives, Obamacare is the biggest infringement of personal liberty around. From Online Athens:

“Religious conservatives gathered in downtown Athens on Friday to protest the Obama Administration’s requirement that health insurance companies provide free birth control.

Two anti-abortion groups held a Stand Up for Religious Freedom Rally, one of more than 100 nationwide, at the Robert G. Stephens Federal Building on the second anniversary of Democrats’ health care reform law.

U.S. Rep. Paul Broun, R-Athens, who spoke at the rally, called the law an attack on freedom of religion.

“Obamacare has the potential to be the greatest attack on our freedom since 1776,” Broun said:

Please tell me why Obamacare is infringing on your religious liberty.  Obamacare does not tell you that you cannot preach the gospel or what church go to.   It does not the worship of God. 

This is the biggest threat to liberty since 1776.  I would rank the Palmer Raids of 1920s and the Red Scare under Joseph McCarthy to be bigger threats of infringement of liberty.  What about the  Alien and Sedition Act of 1798 under John Adams.  And of course, we should not forget the Patriot Act of National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 which are recent laws designed to decrease the liberty of the American people.

Therefore, the person who states that Obamacare is the biggest threat to personal liberty since 1776 needs to brush off his old high school history textbook and get a lesson in American history.


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