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Louis Gomhert thinks that Obama is Some Batman Villia

Representative Louie Gomhert who is always known for saying stupid things has this to say about President Obama

Texas Republican Congressman Louie Gohmert picked a very Louie Gohmert way to end 2016.

Speaking on Fox & Friends on Friday, Gohmert likened President Barack Obama to the Batman villain Ra’s al Ghul for his handling of refugees.

A quick reminder: Ra’s al Ghul, in the movie “Batman Begins,” frees a prison full of dangerous criminals as part of a plan to destroy Gotham. And, just FYI: Ra’s al Ghul is Arabic for “head of the demon.”

Gohmert, known for some far out comments about his political opponents, claims Obama took direction from the Islamic State, who promised to deliver terrorists along with refugees.:

Are the Syrian refugees really criminal or people trying to flee a complex war that was started by the US and multiple actors in the Middle East.  To call them criminals is a baseless act

I do agree that there is plenty of Islamic radicals around but to call most Syrians criminals is an act of bullying in my opinion. .

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Subway Surfing is Dumb

Subway Surfing is a stupid hobby and really dangerous.  According to the New York Daily News,

“Surfing on the side of a subway car proved deadly for a man in the West Village on Saturday, officials said.

The unidentified man lost his grip along the side of a Brooklyn-bound F train as it rolled into the W. 4th St. station around 3 p.m., authorities said.

That’s when he fell onto the tracks and was crushed by the train, an NYPD spokeswoman said.

The man died at the scene”

Who takes risk like this? A junkie with a death wish.


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Defense Contractors Hiring In San Diego

I have noticed an uptick in defense jobs right now. None in the OC but in San Diego which all three that I can qualify for. That is a upbeat sign in a good way and bad way. Bad way means more wasteful spending on a bloated defense budget but they hire me despite my criminal record (no felonies) that is really good sign.

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