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It is Over

Finally, the general election is done with! None it is time to move on with life.

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The Limbaugh Effect

I wonder how of my friends are going to fall for “Limbaugh effect” especially my conservative Christian friends which I have lots of. The Limbaugh effect are Republicans who don’t it known they are voting for Obama.

I should do a Facebook poll to test my 101 friends to determine the impact of the “Limbaugh effect”. However, I do not think that I have time to put it together.

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Phonebank for Obama? Forget the Election is over with

The Obama people are just bombarded on my cell phone to help them out. Seriously, why I do want to waste four hours to campaign for Obama or fours day in Las Vegas. Orginally, I thought it would be a closer election until the economy tanked.

Now, the election is virtually over with you and I am focus on the propositions in California than worrying who is going to win for President. If somebody asked to phonebank aganist vote “No” on Prop Six or Prop Nine ( but I do not need call people in another states for four hours.

I was supposed to Vegas this weekend campaign but I only wanted to go for this weekend. Since it was Halloween in Vegas, I thought it will be fun to party on the strip and see all of the funny people dressed up. I would be in my playa formal outfit and than I would be helping out the campaign on all day Saturday. On Saturday night, I would play a few games of craps at the Slot’s of Fun and than go home. But no, they want to do work there for all four days and I had to work Monday or Tuesday so I declined.

But I get to go to two Halloween Parties instead,

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The End of the Word

The End of World! At if at least your on Wall Street. Are you we starting to Wall Street fatcats dive out skyscrapers. The voice and doom gloom began. (source:,3566,430021,00.html)

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