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Tiger Woods And The 12 Steps

I guess my eight and ninth step are going to be easier than Tiger Wood’s eigth and ninth step   I did not several mistress and betray the trust of my spouse.   I  am lazy, stubborn, selfish, and self-serving but I do not seriously emotionally hurt anybody with my drinking and do not have as much wreckage from the past.

For Tiger, working the eigth and ninth step is critical because when these two steps are performed throughly, this is how he will properly make amends to people that he harmed.  The general public wants an apology now but in reality, that apology needs to be delayed so Tiger will do the necessary introspection to identify his fears, resentments, and character defects.  In addition, he needs to trust the higher power of this universe rather than his ego as source of guidance.

When he learns humilty and starts to root out of his character defects, he have the power to make amends fearlessly. At that point, the wreckage of his past will start to go away and he will able to return play golf.  If he achieves  a spiritual awakening, Tiger will not only be a better golfer but a person people will learn to respect and will achieve role model status again.   This time he will actually be a role model based on character and not based on his ability to hit a golf ball.

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Seriously, this guy needs to work the steps of life. Because he is really tripping out there.

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I Hate LAX

I hate LAX.  Really I do.   The lines and traffic just drive me crazy at the airport.  I have missed one flight at LAX because the traffic is so bad.

LAX is so bad that it was rated 19th out of 20th place of major american airports.   The reason for the low rating was accessibility, checking in, terminal facilities, food and retail options, retrieving checked baggage, the security screening process and overall customer satisfaction.

The security screening process made me miss a flight to Chicago once.  The stand-by for the flight was for several days.  It was just terrible.

I choose to fly out of John Wayne any day of the week over LAX.  The only upside of LAX is that you can get airfare cheaper sometimes than LAX.

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Atheists Want To Repeal Church Tax Break

From UPI

WASHINGTON, Feb. 16 (UPI) — A tax-exemption for clergy members who live in free housing provided by churches violates the U.S. Constitution, an atheist group says in a lawsuit.

The Freedom from Religion Foundation, based in Wisconsin, has filed a court challenge to the exemption, arguing it discriminates against other non-profit organizations, The (Nashville) Tennessean reported. The tax break applies to clergy living rent-free in church housing, who do not have to pay income tax on the foregone rent, and to ministers who do not live in church housing and can deduct their housing expenses.

“We think the law is rotten at the core,” said Annie Laurie Gaylor, the foundation’s co-president. “It is not constitutional, it is not fair, and it is not necessary.”

Dan Busby, who runs the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability, acknowledges the law can be abused. But he told The Tennessean he believes it makes up for some of the financial disadvantages of being a minister, especially the many clergy who are considered self-employed.

Busby said he does not expect the foundation’s lawsuit to make any changes since Congress responded to similar litigation in 2002 with legislation to keep the housing tax exemption.

Personally, I find this challenge to the law to be unfair. Religious organizations help people to deal with life on life’s terms and provide for the social welfare in this country.

Many churches and other faith-based social welfare organizations run on shoe-strong budgets. Forcing them to submit to a tax just because they disagree with the concept of “New Atheists” would impact the church’s financial condition. While I might agree with “New Atheists” on issues on science, I really disagree with this group on trying to rid of the tax-exemption for the church.

A church is not a “for-profit” business and the purpose of a church is to serve the spiritual needs of the congreation. It is not designed to make a profit for its shareholders which is a primary purpose of a for-profit corporation. Therefore, I see no reason for Congress to repeal the tax-exemption for churches when the primary purpose of churches is help us to obtain spiritual fufillment and for some people  provides  spiritual salvation or enlightment.

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Improved Social Skills? We Have Medication For That

Reuters reports


They found patients who inhaled the hormone oxytocin paid more attention to expressions when looking at pictures of faces and were more likely to understand social cues in a game simulation, the researchers said in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Angela Sirigu of the Center of Cognitive Neuroscience in Lyon, who led the study, said the hormone has a therapeutic potential in adults as well as in children with autism.

“For instance, if oxytocin is administered early when the diagnosis is made, we can perhaps change very early the impaired social development of autistic patients,” Sirigu said in an email.

Sirigu said the study focused on oxytocin because it was known to help breast-feeding mothers bond with their infants and because earlier research has shown that some children with autism have low levels of the hormone.

That is good news for me because it would me with my social skills significantly. Making eye contact has always been difficult because I put significant effort towards to listening to verbal cues. Trying to put 100% focus with reading both nonverbal and verbal cues makes socialization a very tiring experience.

The only time where the subject level of intense focus would be applied is on a first date or a job interview.  . The focus required makes socialization with other people to be a chore. So usually, I put about 75% effort and that is usually enough.

However, to have a drug that allows me to put 100% effort into social skills would increase my ability to have improved relationships with friends and coworkers.

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24 Years

A guy took a 24 year chip in the program

My comment:Why can’t I do this? It is possible if I do it one day at time.

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One Creepy Guy

This guy meets the defination of a creep guy

From the Sacramento Bee

“Sacramento police have arrested a man in his 30s on suspicion of enticing young girls to pose nude.
A surveillance officer had been searching for a missing 13-year-old girl when he spotted her walking with a man Saturday night in North Sacramento. The man was stopped and the missing girl taken into protective custody.
When officers went to the man’s house, they found two 14-year-old girls who also had been reported missing. Authorities also found more than 200 Ecstasy pills in the house.
Police said the man appeared to have had young girls pose for nude photographs.”

I do not know how the sentences would be charged under existing California law but this guy should be sentenced between 16-22 years in prison less good time credit that cannot exceed more than 50% of the sentence.

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