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Memorial Days Plan Scrapped

Problems With The Car Cost Me trip to Juwana’s party.

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The Death of Dennis Hopper And The Legacy Of Easyrider

R.I.P Dennis Hopper. As reported by the AP

“LOS ANGELES (AP) — Dennis Hopper, the high-flying Hollywood actor-director whose memorable career included the 1969 smash “Easy Rider,” has died. He was 74.

Family friend Alex Hitz says Hopper died Saturday at his Venice home, surrounded by family and friends. The actor had been battling prostate cancer.

Hopper’s roller coaster career also included “Rebel Without a Cause,” ”Blue Velvet,” ”Apocalypse Now” and “Hoosiers” as well as flops such as “The Last Movie.”

But the improbable success of the 1969 hippie-biker epic “Easy Rider” remained his biggest triumph. He not only co-starred but directed and co-wrote the film, which also starred Peter Fonda and Jack Nicholson.

Hopper, Fonda and Terry Southern were nominated for Oscars for best screenplay”

For me, I will always associate Dennis Hopper with the movie Easyrider. For me, Easyrider shows the beauty of America riding it through the haunting, beautiful desert and the majesty of the plains of Texas.  The end of the movie demonstrates the frightening, horrible results when the human soul taps into the hate of the fatal character defect of judgmental attitudes.  Judgmental attitude breed hate and resentment. It also brings death

As an article in the Nation puts it “The hate is that of Fonda, Hopper and Southern, they hate the element in American life that tries to destroy anyone who fails to conform, who demands to ride free. And it is quite right that they should“.    This is the type of attitude that breeds misogyny and racial resentments that still plague this country to this day.

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Gary Coleman

R.I.P Gary Coleman I sured loved you and Willis on Different Strokes.

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A major disaster

This is how bad the oil spill is

“WASHINGTON – Between 12,000 and 19,000 barrels of oil per day are spilling into the Gulf of Mexico from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, according to the best estimates of a federal technical group led by Marcia McNutt, the director of the U.S. Geological Survey.

That rate would mean that the spill, which followed the blow out at the well April 20, had released between 432,000 and 684,000 barrels of oil into the Gulf to date. That translates into between 18 and 28 million gallons of oil, making this spill by far the worst in American history, far surpassing the Exxon Valdez disaster, which dumped 11 million gallons into the waters off Alaska.

The new figure, produced by a group of government, industry and academic scientists, more than doubles the previous 5,000-barrel-a-day estimate produced by a unit of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration that BP had been using as its best guess. Independent researchers had estimated the spill could be closer to 70,000 barrels a day.

McNutt said the new estimate is based on the use of three separate methodologies by the Flow Rate Technical Group”

This is why we cannot have unfettered capitalism. Unfettered capitalism results in pure disaster and environmental destruction.

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Lindsay Lohn Turns Her Blonde? Who Cares

US Magzine reports that Lindsay Lohan has decided dye her hair blonde. Why the subject issue is considered to be news? Why we do care about her hair color? Really, I do not.

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Cruelity Towards Dogs

I cannot stand when people are cruel to dogs. Well, this one person was especially cruel to a dog as reported by CBS 2

“Police say a man, who allegedly kicked, beat and hanged his pit bull from a pole, was booked for investigation of animal cruelty and cultivation of marijuana.
Hawthorne police say 19-year-old Ricardo Salvador Plascenia was arrested Monday and the dog, named Mary Jane, was taken to the vet, where she was in good condition.
Police say they were called by neighbors who heard the 50-pound dog yelping, crying and screaming.
Investigators say the neighbors reported that the dog was slammed to the concrete, punched, kicked and hoisted onto a pole by a choke chain.
The dog had been taken down by the time officers arrived, but police said they saw Plascenia carrying one potted marijuana plant and found another in his garage.”

If I was a udge, I would be sentenced to one year probation for the cultivation charge and the other charge would warrant three years probation and 240 days in the county jail. I think this crime is heinous and when you hurt animals, you should sit in the county jail for at least six months for being cruelity to animals, If his probabtion is terminated, he could receive a trip up to Avenal, Chino, California Institution for Men state prisons for up to three years. And this man should never be able to own a dog again, period.

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I-Heart App And John and Ken

I just got my I – Heart to app to work on my HTC Incredible. I will now have a 24/7 live stream of KFI and KTLK. The only thing that I would wish is that John and Ken would have to face an aggressive progressive in drive time that is local talk station. If KTLK would hire Harrison, who hosts a local talk show twice a week on KPFK , it would mean John and Ken would have somebody to challenge the BS that sometimes comes out of KFI. John and Ken can be hilarous and informative but other times, I want throw something at the radio when they talk, especially when they deny climate change or use scapegoating to blame undocumented workers or state workers for the state’s problems. And that is when I want somebody to challenge their BS.

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Lindsay Lohan Goes To Court

It looks that Lindsay Lohan does not have right to consume alcohol as reported by the Associated Press. The AP reports

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. — A judge on Monday ordered Lindsay Lohan to wear an alcohol-monitoring bracelet and refused to ease restrictions involving drug and alcohol testing so the actress can film a movie in Texas.

Lohan, wearing a dark gray suit, arrived in court a few minutes late and appeared somber and concerned when she conferred with her attorney about the move to attach the bracelet to her ankle and require drug testing every week in the Los Angeles area.

Lohan’s attorney, Shawn Chapman Holley, told Superior Court Judge Marsha Revel that Lohan was planning to travel to Texas to film a movie, but the judge suggested the actress may have to delay the project.

Revel offered to spend a half-hour reading Lohan and Holley a list of reasons for ordering the bracelet, drug tests and an alcohol-education program. Holley declined the offer and accepted the judge’s decision.

Lohan, 23, did not address a throng of media outside the courthouse before joining Holley at the hearing.

The actress has been on probation since August 2007 after pleading guilty to misdemeanor drug charges and no contest to three driving charges.

Revel set a probation violation hearing for July 6 to address Lohan’s failure to appear in court last week for a scheduled progress report on the probation stemming from the two high-profile arrests.

Lohan spent more than two hours after the hearing waiting for a bracelet to be placed on her ankle. The device gets a signal through the skin if a person has been drinking and sends the signal to the company that monitors it, court spokesman Alan Parachini said.

Lohan must wear the bracelet until the July hearing, when the judge will decide if it will remain in place, Parachini said”

Lindsay just needs to realize that alcohol does not work and the party scene is over for her. The better life is to quit alcohol, attend AA meetings frequently, focus on acting, and live the spiritual life. Stay away from the spotlight. Learn that the universe does not revolve around you and that wealth and fame do not buy happiness. Rather, they cause you to drink.

Is she going to do that? The answer is no and the train wreck called Lindsay Lohan will continue to be a headache for America. The media should stop pay attention to her, and perhaps, that is the solution that she needs.

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No I-Pads Allowed Yankees Stadium

You want to bring a I-Pad to Yankee’s stadium. Forget it, you cannot bring an I-Pad to Yankee game. Personally, I do not see why people want to take a laptop to a baseball game. With the high cost of tickets, you expect people to pay attention to the game and not spend on a computer surfing the internet.

I can understand people using a smartphone to check scores of other games, to quickly check e-mail, or make status updates on Facebook during a game. But, to bring a bulky device to the game like an I-Pad to a game just does not make any sense. It just ruins the experience, period.

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Thomas Jefferson On Banks

Thomas Jefferson wrote “”I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies… If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around [the banks] will deprive people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.”

The banks are dangerous institutions with their reckless ways. Either they should have been nationalized and broken up with the Sherman Anti-Trust act or let market forces to let them collapse. The forces of creative destruction would taken them out and new banks would rise in their place.

Obama was too cozy to the bankers. And we will pay again for this mistake sometime in the future

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