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Obama’s Trip to Canada and Alberta Tar Sands

One that Obama needs to discuss with Canada is the status on Canada’s plan to drill in Alberta tar sands. The Alberta tar sands is where there is a huge area of oil deposits. When gasoline prices were spiking last year, there was significant effort to tap the reserves of the tar sands. However, there has been significant scheduling delays and cancellations of drilling

Environmentalists did not want that area to be drilled on because it would cause significant harm to the environment in Alberta. These projects are very expensive and any delays to them will results in the projects being shut down. Since the projects are expensive, the recent decline in energy projects has forced these projects to be sidelined because the oil companies would be incurring significant losses if they decided to drill there with oil being $35 a gallon. While the severe recession might has caused oil prices to decrease, it might have robbed us of a good source of potential energy.

It would be good idea if Obama to discusses this issue with Steven Harper because we are going to need all of the energy that we can get because the next spike in oil prices can occur at any time.

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