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Flying Lotus Video

This is a real chill video that I like a lot. The visuals are just amazing to see.

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Keith Olbermann Special Comment On The Tea Party

I believe that the Tea Party, especially, some of the very right-wing tea party memebers are danger to the Republic and must be stopped at any costs like Sharron Angle, Ken Buck, and Rand Paul. Maybe, I am wired different than the tea party mob but I had enough with these fools and therefore, Olbermann special comment speak to how I feel on the tea party.

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The Test

Tonight is my test for social dancing tonight.  I have spent the last three hours trying to memorize dance steps.  

For me, Mambo is the easiest dance to do and after that is the Waltz dance.  Swing is a difficult dance for me to do.

I found this website ( as especially helpful in preparing for the test.  I going to predict that the results will look marginal with the swing dance and an average performance on the waltz and the mambo.

The teacher is going to give me break because I have autism and that significantly impacts my ability to do the steps properly.

I wish that I found that website earlier because it would really helped with the class in the earlier stages.  I believe that I can easily pass the class because I will have the website

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Decom And Serenity

SD Decom has been very mellow event.  I have spent most of the day relaxing.   I spent most of my talking connecting with people that I knew. It feels like being in a quiet, calm sea of serenity in this crazy world we call the default world.  I think if people did the event sober, they would have the chance to experience a glimpse of serenity.
I will never get to feel the effects of ectasy. My friend told me that Ecstasy allows to feel the music instead of just listening to the music. It allows a person to stay up all night.

For me, E is no solution. It might feel good for a time, but it is not worth chasing the rabbit down the rabbit hole.  It places reliance on a chemical to feel good instead of working on my spiritual health. E is the temporary high; the spiritual path lead to permanent serenity.  It is better for me to work the  noble spiritual path to permanent serenity than risk the work that I have done for the last two years by taking that tab.

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How The Tea Party Can Improve My Productivity At Work

Right now, I feel that I am accountable to the angry taxpayer. He is angry at the government. He believes that the government is too large. He believes that my compensation is too high and he wants to cut the size of government. He believes that the private sector is the solution and not the government.

I have to pretend that I am accountable to this man. I need to significantly increase for my productivity to satisfy the mob. The mob is going to vote all of the Republicans into power. They are going to sweep the House and Senate and I have to be accountable to them

In reality, their policies are disastrous and the free market guided on its own power does not solve things. Conservatives put too much faith into free market as a higher power and worship like it is God. However, the free market is often driven by lust of money and power and therefore, needs to be stopped in its track by government. It has to be held accountable for its greed and excesses.

However, I have to realize that these people are to going to take power in the fall after the elections. I have to remember that I am a servant to the angry mob with their pitchforks. The angry mob that says "Socialist" about government and this mobbed needs to be satisfied. I am a person that their wrath because I am a government worker.

Do I really answer to pitch-fork mob? No, it is inside my head. The reality about the pitch-fork mob is that the pitch-fork mob is designed to use as a motivational tool to increase productivity and output. In the private sector, there is no pitch-fork mob that answers to.

However, if you work for the government and looking for techinques to increase performance and output, pretending that you answer to the pitch-fork mob of angry conservative taxpayers is way to enhance performance. It is sadistic method of motivation, but one that might work

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Jitterbug Steps

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Mamba Steps — Underarm Turn

Mambo Underarm Turn –

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