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Glenn Greenwald Tweet About MSNBC And Russiagate

So I have not blogged at what ages. Ages. Wow! Ages. But this Glenn Greenwald tweet caught my attention
“Not just NBC as a corporation made huge amounts of profit off this scam, but so did their stars & personalities. They become unimaginably rich for life by peddling a fraudulent story for three years while purposely ensuring their audience never heard from those who questioned it.”

It seems MSNBC reports Russia, Russia, Russia. Maybe that is why I am stopping watching it. I do not watch MSNBC because I do not have cable and there is other Youtube content creator that produce better reporting that network. I think Glenn Greenwald is wrong, but he does have a point.

Instead of reporting the issues, MSNBC has devoted much of their time to reporting the Russia scandal. Rachel Maddow has devoted countless shows to Russia. It is quite a shame because Rachel Maddow is a good reporter. There are plenty of issues where a centrist corporate media team could focus on abuses of the Trump administration while towing to the corporate line. It is not that difficult. There are lots of issues and behaviors that are not Russia that any ethical centrist would cringe at

But news media is about ratings today and not reporting, no matter ideological slant that you take and Russia was a great way to improve your standing over Fox News. So MSNBC bet on Russia scandal to become a primary profit center for the company. By drawing more viewers with the drip, drip, drip approach of the Russiagate scandal, MSNBC could then pull in higher advertiser dollars because more eyeballs were watching. Because reporting the issues could piss off one of the sponsors, they decided on Russia instead of focusing on the other reporting.

Now attention will turn to the 2020 campaign which will be another profit center for MSNBC. The horse race is a much more legit profit center for the network because you have real discussions about real issues.

MSNBC is not going to make apologies for their coverage of the Russiagate affair like Sean Hannity wants them to do. But Greenwald’s tweet does show that the network puts “infotainment” above the real reporting.

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