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Guns: A Personal View Based on CNN Comment on Youtube at Jason Bourne Movie

viewed this quote while watching a CNN video on Matt Damon’s new movie. The commenter states – “So tough yet he doesn’t believe in our 2nd amendment. He can watch the movie by himself.”. The reality struck me that I almost agree with 100% on Matt Damon’s view on guns. However, I was raised in a liberal household in a suburban area with parents who worked in education. My parents did not own guns and were never gun enthusiasts. Therefore, it is much easier for me to for gun control laws than the commenter is. However, I probably need to understand that commenter probably has a conservative view of the world and a strong view of personal liberty where a personal liberty is often defined by the ability to own any firearm that is permitted by law. I might not like that view, but i have to take into perspective that other people put so much emotional attachment into a symbolic ability to own firearms especially high-powered firearms. It is hard for a lot of people to learn that by not owning such high-power weapons that you are actually saving lives and not letting those weapons be sold in the marketplace and eventually to placed in the hands of criminals. Freedom to the own these weapons is more important for having sense of personal liberty and individual ruggedness than any potential impact in saving lives in some mass shooting.
Well, I can understand these people viewpoints but I respectfully disagree with them

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