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The Code to Launch the Nukes Was the Most Dumb-Ass Code That Ever I heard of

Gizmodo reports

Today I found out that during the height of the Cold War, the US military put such an emphasis on a rapid response to an attack on American soil, that to minimize any foreseeable delay in launching a nuclear missile, for nearly two decades they intentionally set the launch codes at every silo in the US to 8 zeroes.
We guess the first thing we need to address is how this even came to be in the first place. Well, in 1962 JFK signed the National Security Action Memorandum 160, which was supposed to ensure that every nuclear weapon the US had be fitted with a Permissive Action Link (PAL), basically a small device that ensured that the missile could only be launched with the right code and with the right authority.

There was particularly a concern that the nuclear missiles the United States had stationed in other countries, some of which with somewhat unstable leadership, could potentially be seized by those governments and launched. With the PAL system, this became much less of a problem.

Beyond foreign seizure, there was also simply the problem that many U.S. commanders had the ability to launch nukes under their control at any time. Just one commanding officer who wasn’t quite right in the head and World War III begins. As U.S. General Horace M. Wade stated about General Thomas Power:”

Who would think that 0000000 would make a good ;launch code?  You would expect the US Air Force to have the best cryptographers around would think of an awesome launch code that nobody could break.  However, that was not the truth and a bunch of dumbasses were involved with the launch.


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More Proof that the NSA is a bunch of creeps

The NSA is a bunch of dirty creep as reported by BBC News

“IIt published a document, leaked by former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden, identifying two Muslims said to be vulnerable to accusations of “online promiscuity”.

An official said this was unsurprising.

But campaign group Privacy International called it “frightening”.

“Without discussing specific individuals, it should not be surprising that the US government uses all of the lawful tools at our disposal to impede the efforts of valid terrorist targets who seek to harm the nation and radicalise others to violence,” Shawn Turner, director of public affairs for National Intelligence, told the Huffington Post.

Privacy International said: “This is not the first time we’ve seen states use intimate and private information of an individual who holds views the government doesn’t agree with, and exploit this information to undermine an individual’s message.”

The report came shortly after a group of United Nations experts adopted a “right to privacy” resolution.

What a bunch of dirty creeps!  Do these guys know any concept of the word privacy? Of course, they don’t.  It seems that our intelligence services has gone from the Cold War days of actually monitoring foreign agents to spying on domestic targets.

Congress should pass an explicit law that states that NSA cannot engage in this spying and the people who order this type of spying should be imprisoned for up to three years in federal penal institution.



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