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You got to be kidding?

So I reading the wires, than I found this headline

“Alan Keyes, AIP leaders sue in CA court to obtain Obama citizenship proof.  Stop Secretary of State from certifying Electors”

You got to be kidding me?  The evidence is clear that he was born here.   How would any honest court is going to accept their case.   I would reject the case and call them cool-aid sniffers

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The Free Mumia People are crazy

Look, I am one of the biggest supporters of Mumia but I am very realistic. I know that my boy saved if Ed Rendall commutes the death sentence to Life Without Parole and that is all want.

But, the free Mumia crowd is state of denial of the real truth.   The real truth to end the Mumia issue is very coordinated grass-roots movements to commute the death sentence to Life Without Parole. 

But Mumia is saved from the lethal injection will not happen unless you fight the system

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Budget Deficit

The Sacramento Bee reports massive gloom and Doom with the State Budget. Here something, axe prison spending.

But of course , that is taboo this state. Cuz we want our state to be tough on crime.

There is point where state fiscal resources have been stretched to the breaking point and we cannot no afford to warehouse criminals. That time has come and it either for an early release program and a repeal of the three strikes.


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More jail time for Jeffs

The AP reports that ( that Warren Jeffs have more jail time. Jeffs and his cronies now have first-class felonies which means up to life sentence with non-parole period of 30 years. Good these guys deserve some Texas justice

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Online Dating

Look, you believe those mail-order bride stories are scam artists, you are right.  The St. Peterburg Times reports that a Texas Man spent $7,000 on a website called   Of course, nothing came out of it.

So get his $7,000 back and plus help other people, this guy sued Gregory Peterson who owned the company.   The basis of the suit is the following

In the suit, Pearson alleges Shaw breached his agreement to “exert all reasonable efforts” to have the comments wiped from the Web and even posted more negative comments, which Shaw promised he would not do. Pearson said he’s suffered as a result.

Shaw said everything went fine when he first signed up with http://www.hotrussian He initially paid $30 a month in membership fees, plus additional money for “video chat credits” that allowed him to video-conference with Russian women.

The first red flag, he said, came when he sent some jewelry overseas as a gift to some of the women he had befriended. The envelope arrived, he said he was told, but it was empty”

Here is more

According to the Web site, Russian women who use it are not paid. It says they prefer American men because they are “dissatisfied with Russian men.” It also says Russian women outnumber “eligible” Russian men 4 to 1, and that they seek American men who are more family-oriented than their Russian counterparts.

But Shaw said none of the women he spoke to seemed interested in a long-term relationship.

According to the Web site, Russian women who use it are not paid. It says they prefer American men because they are “dissatisfied with Russian men.” It also says Russian women outnumber “eligible” Russian men 4 to 1, and that they seek American men who are more family-oriented than their Russian counterparts.

But Shaw said none of the women he spoke to seemed interested in a long-term relationship”

So Mr. Shaw was ripped off $7,000 and thrown a typical scam.  What I want to know is that common sense should you tell that websites like that are a scam.  (Note: I have checked out  which looks like to legit but most of these companys are not legit)

Here is my rule.  Never trust international dating websties unless you do some real professional research.  Just go with US woman unless you actually go overseas on a trip with reputable company that specializes in international matchmaking and you meet the match in person

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Sales Tax

One of the local talk hosts have talking how overtaxed that we are in California.  This post in a LA Times post shows that in LA County, the sales tax will be this

” But starting Jan. 1, just when consumers will need a real break, they’ll have to add the new MTA tax. Now tack on Schwarzenegger’s 1.5%, and here you are – sales taxes in Los Angeles County will be 10.25%, except in El Monte, where they will be 10.75%, and in Pico Rivera and South Gate, where they will be an astonishing 11.25%”

Now I totally understand why John and Ken are irate on the how much that are taxes are.  Normally, I usally support tax increases but 10% sales tax is unreasonable.

Here some other unintended consequence of that sales tax increase

“Schwarzenegger’s critics worry that people making large purchases will shuttle across the Nevada, Arizona or Oregon borders, or perhaps to Indian reservations, to avoid the tax. And they may. But it is even more likely that shoppers will turn more than they already have to the Internet. There is a point at which the cost of shipping, especially with large purchases, is exceeded by the local sales tax on the same items at the corner store. So adding sales taxes to raise revenue could end up just driving shoppers away from the revenue-producing local business.”

I wonder what is next is tax on booze.  Oh yeah, I do not care about booze because I have quit anyways. 



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Social Media and the Impact it upon my life

If anybody follows this blog, I put two posts on social media.  However, the power of social media to bring back to old friends is amazing. 

Social media in my life is not used to create an internet relationship.   Rather, social media is being used as a tool to bring me together face-to-face with other people.  Through social media, I located a Burning   Man OC, I am able to network with multiple prison reform groups, travel to South Carolina, New York, and Texas to see close friends, participate in a camp at Burning Man, and manage a very complex social network of Christians, Burners, and old friends from high school.

And my ultimate goal is do the impossible.  Dump California’s Three Strike law by using social media on aa platform of fiscal conservatism and bring back federal parole for non-violent offenders.

Obama was elected President on social media and now I will use it power to the max in my own life.

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Learning how to live life

Most of blogs focus on news-related subjects.  Now, I am about how I cope with life.

Most people do not know that I have a borderline case of High-Functioning Autism.  Life is difficult for me.  I have a very tough job and social issues are an uphill battle each day.

I deal with tremendous stress because the pressure to overcome my disorder and live a “dream” life.  Inside, I pressure myself to change but yet do not realize that its very tough and I will never live the lifes that others live.

In reality, I should not let stress get to me. I just need to accept who Iam and that I am very talented person but have lots of personal limitations.  Find friends is hard for me but I keep the friends that I make and I am especially loyal to the people that I know.

It is key for to understand that I never will be part in-crowd or be person where gossip is directed to.  I just do not have the skills to do it.  It is hard for me to find friends but at least, I do not consider my life lonely.  Structured activite groups like the OC Burners or hikes with the Sierra Club occupy my time.

I just need to accept and not let the pressure of trying to overcome disorder in my life.  Just deal with life’s circumstances and do not stress about things.  Relax and live life

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The stupid Dow went down -486.01 points.  There goes another 2% for my retirement account.

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It is Over

Finally, the general election is done with! None it is time to move on with life.

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